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Day 52 Turmoil and Change in Mexico Homework 388-393 (1-8)

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1 Day 52 Turmoil and Change in Mexico Homework 388-393 (1-8)

2 Santa Ana and Mexican American War Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana Leader of Revolt 1821 and 1829- 1833 President Leads army against Texas Revolt Anglo Population moved to Tejas but did not follow Mexican Culture or Law (religion and slavery) Alamo Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

3 La Reforma 1831 Benito Juarez – a Zapotec from Oaxaca becomes President Rose in power even in a system that did not give many opportunities to Indigenous La Reforma- land redistribution, separation of church and state, and increased education Conservatives and liberal civil war- Juarez becomes President

4 French Invasion 1862 – The Battle of the Pastries Cinco de Mayo Napoleon III names Archduke of Austria (Maximillian) as Emperor 1867 seen as to costly so French pull out- Maximilian is executed Juarez is replaced as president- dies of a heart attack in 1872

5 Porfirio Diaz 1876-1911 Diaz takes over militarily as caudillo Policy of “Pan o Palo” Eliminated Mexican Constitution Supported by foreigners Industrial Progress but severe gap between rich and poor. Wages decline. Hacienda- virtual slavery Average life expectancy 30

6 Revolution Francisco Madero – called for democracy and was exiled Sectional Warfare breaks out against Diaz North (Sonora, Chihuahua) Francisco “Pancho” Villa South (Oaxaca, Chiapas) Emiliano Zapata- Demands Agrarian (farm land) reform

7 Emiliano Zapata “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

8 Francisco Madero caught between too radical and not revolutionary enough becomes president but resigns Victoriano Huerta has him assassinated Villa and Zapata support Venstiano Caranza – defeat Huerta then Caranza turns army against Villa and Zapata US supports Caranza and invades Veracruz to stop weapons shipments Alvaro Obregon is assassinated PRI- becomes stable party from 1930-2000

9 The Zapatistas by Jose Clemente Orozco

10 The Execution of Emperor Maximilian by Edouard Manet

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