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The Leaders of the Mexican Revolution. Francisco I. Madero 1873 - 1913.

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1 The Leaders of the Mexican Revolution

2 Francisco I. Madero 1873 - 1913

3 Francisco I. Madero 1873 - 1913 Ran for president of Mexico against Diaz and was arrested and then released, on bail, after Diaz had been declared President. Saw the need to improve conditions in Mexico. Jumped bail and fled to the U.S. In 1910, he led a revolt against the Diaz administration. Elected president in 1911.

4 Had support in North Central Mexico. Elected president in 1911. Many groups became disenchanted with Madero's handling of Mexico's problems and in 1913, revolted against him. Madero was overthrown and killed.

5 Poncho Villa 1878 - 1923

6 Poncho Villa 1878 - 1923 Became a fugitive when he killed an hacendado for attacking his sister. He was a bandit and fugitive. Joined the Madero revolution in 1910.

7 Poncho Villa 1878 - 1923 He controlled the Coahuila and Monterrey. Joined the Madero revolution in 1910. When Orozco rebelled against Madero, Villa returned to the field of battle. Villa continued to fight until 1920 when he surrendered. He was ambushed and killed on July 23, 1923 in Parral.

8 PASCUAL OROZCO, JR. 1882 - 1915

9 PASCUAL OROZCO, JR. 1882 - 1915 Joined the revolutionary movement in October 1910. After Diaz resigned, was named commander of the rurales in Chihuahua.

10 Rebelled against Madero in March 1912. When his ally, Huerta, fled to Europe, Orozco rebelled against the Carranza. He fled to the U.S. where he plotted rebellion in exile. Orozco was arrested with Huerta and charged with violating U.S. neutrality laws.

11 Victoriano Huerta 1853 - 1916

12 Huerta's career advanced during the Diaz presidency. Huerta was allowed to remain in the army when Madero became president.

13 Victoriano Huerta 1853 - 1916 He joined Orozco and rebelled against Madero. In February 1913, Huerta overthrew Madero and assumed control of the government. Huerta was “elected” president in October of 1913 and immediately began having problems with the economy and Constitutionalist opposition.

14 Victoriano Huerta 1853 - 1916 Resigned on July 15, 1914 and went into exile in Europe. In June 1915, Huerta tried to return to Mexico through the U.S. Was arrested with Pascual Orozco and detained at Ft. Bliss. Huerta became ill and died January 14, 1916.


16 VENUSTIANO CARRANZA 1859 - 1920 Served in Diaz’ regime as a civil servant and held various political positions. Joined with Madero in 1909 to plan an armed rebellion against Diaz. Minister of war in Madero's provisional government and later interim governor of Coahuila. Elected governor in December 1911.

17 Assumed leadership of the rebellion against Huerta. Elected president in 1917 but tried to install a candidate favorable to him in the 1920 presidential election. Had control of Chihuahua and Sonora provinces in Mexico.

18 Had control of Chihuahua and Sonora provinces in Mexico. Obregon, who was a candidate for president, rebelled forcing Carranza tried to flee to Vera Cruz. On May 20. 1920, he was killed as he slept in a small wooden hut in San Antonio Tlaxcalantongo.

19 Àlvaro Obregón 1880 - 1928

20 Obregón was elected municipal president of Huatabampo in the fall of 1911. He volunteered for Madero’s army when Orozco and Zapata revolted against Madero.

21 Àlvaro Obregón 1880 - 1928 When Madero lost, Obregón threw his support with Carranza in an effort to unite Mexico against Huerta and create a more democratic county. His armies helped the Constitutionalist defeat Villa and Zapata. Became president of Mexico and helped bring an end to the revolution.

22 EMILIANO ZAPATA 1879 - 1919

23 EMILIANO ZAPATA 1879 - 1919 Conscripted into the army for seven years attaining the rank of sergeant. As president of the village council, he campaigned for the restoration of village lands confiscated by hacendados. His slogan was "Tierra Y Libertad."

24 Zapata sided with Madero and had control of South Central Mexico. Between 1910 and 1919, Zapata continued his fight for land and liberty, rebelling against anyone who interfered with his Plan of Ayala which called for the seizure of all foreign owned land, all land taken from villages, confiscation of one-third of all land held by "friendly" hacendados and full confiscation of land owned by persons opposed to the Plan of Ayala.

25 On April 10, 1919, Zapata was tricked into a meeting with one of Carranza's generals who wanted to "switch sides." The meeting was a trap, and Zapata was killed as he arrived at the meeting.

26 Maps of Madero’s Territory

27 Maps of Huerta’s Territory

28 Map of the Huerta Revolt

29 Maps of Carranza’s Territory

30 Selected Bibliography ult.htm. Postcards of the Mexican Revolution. February 2002. Postcards of the Mexican Revolution. ult.htm

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