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American History Chapter 17-2

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1 American History Chapter 17-2
The Spanish-American War

2 Unrest in Cuba Cubans wanted independence from Spain. 1890s
Jose Marti: Cuban rebel leader exiled to the U.S. Marti returned to lead Cubans in revolt but was killed. Thousands of Cubans were dying in prison camps. Americans began to support the idea of aiding Cuba. William Hearst & Joseph Pulitzer, newspaper publishers used yellow journalism to rile Americans. Using sensationalist articles& pictures to excite. Hearst refused to use Spanish sources to show support for the Cubans.

3 Valeriano Weyler Executed rebels

4 Cuba Continued: The U.S. gets involved:
de Lome letter: Hearst published a letter written by the minister to Spain, insulting President McKinley. USS Maine battleship exploded in Havana Harbor. McKinley insisted that Spain give Cuba independence. Spain refused. April 25, 1898 Congress declared war on Spain.

5 USS Maine

6 Spanish – American War George Dewey attacked the Spanish fleet in the Philippines. The U.S. fleet destroyed the Spanish ships in a few hours. Emilio Aguinaldo & an army of Filipino rebels attacked & captured the capital city of Manila. Dewey

7 Battle of Manila Bay

8 Spanish – American War Continued:
War in Cuba: Rough Riders: Famous volunteers led by Theodore Roosevelt. Battle of San Juan Hill: Gave the Americans control of the ridge overlooking the city of Santiago. U.S. navy sank the Spanish fleet near Cuba. Spain surrendered Cuba and Puerto Rico.

9 Results of the War Terms of Peace: Cost of the war for the U.S.:
Spain gives up Cuba. Spain cedes Puerto Rico & Guam to the U.S. Spain sold the Philippines to the U.S. for $20 million. Cost of the war for the U.S.: $250 million price tag. 5400 deaths.

10 The Philippines? Discuss – Don’t write. 
Debate in the U.S. over annexing the Philippines. In favor: Good location, would help our economy. How? It would help the Filipinos. How? Another country might take them over. Who? Against: Violates democratic ideals. How? Fix problems at home. Explain. Immigration problems. What?

11 Final Decision Feb. 1899 Congress voted to annex the Philippines.
Filipino nationalists were outraged. Rebelled against the Americans. 1917 – Filipinos were given the right to self-govern. Given full independence on July 4, 1946.

12 Imperialism c. 1900


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