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American History Chapter 17-2 The Spanish- American War.

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1 American History Chapter 17-2 The Spanish- American War

2 Unrest in Cuba Cubans wanted independence from Spain. 1890s – Jose Marti: Cuban rebel leader exiled to the U.S. Marti returned to lead Cubans in revolt but was killed. – Thousands of Cubans were dying in prison camps. Americans began to support the idea of aiding Cuba. – William Hearst & Joseph Pulitzer, newspaper publishers used yellow journalism to rile Americans. Using sensationalist articles& pictures to excite. – Hearst refused to use Spanish sources to show support for the Cubans.

3 Valeriano Weyler Executed rebels

4 Cuba Continued: The U.S. gets involved: – de Lome letter: Hearst published a letter written by the minister to Spain, insulting President McKinley. – USS Maine battleship exploded in Havana Harbor. – McKinley insisted that Spain give Cuba independence. Spain refused. – April 25, 1898 Congress declared war on Spain.

5 USS Maine

6 Spanish – American War George Dewey attacked the Spanish fleet in the Philippines. – The U.S. fleet destroyed the Spanish ships in a few hours. – Emilio Aguinaldo & an army of Filipino rebels attacked & captured the capital city of Manila. Dewey

7 Battle of Manila Bay

8 Spanish – American War Continued: War in Cuba: – Rough Riders: Famous volunteers led by Theodore Roosevelt. – Battle of San Juan Hill: Gave the Americans control of the ridge overlooking the city of Santiago. – U.S. navy sank the Spanish fleet near Cuba. – Spain surrendered Cuba and Puerto Rico.

9 Results of the War Terms of Peace: – Spain gives up Cuba. – Spain cedes Puerto Rico & Guam to the U.S. – Spain sold the Philippines to the U.S. for $20 million. Cost of the war for the U.S.: – $250 million price tag. – 5400 deaths.

10 The Philippines? Discuss – Don’t write. Debate in the U.S. over annexing the Philippines. – In favor: Good location, would help our economy. How? It would help the Filipinos. How? Another country might take them over. Who? – Against: Violates democratic ideals. How? Fix problems at home. Explain. Immigration problems. What?

11 Final Decision Feb Congress voted to annex the Philippines. – Filipino nationalists were outraged. – Rebelled against the Americans. – 1917 – Filipinos were given the right to self-govern. Given full independence on July 4, 1946.

12 Imperialism c. 1900


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