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“A splendid, little war”- Secretary of State John Hay.

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1 “A splendid, little war”- Secretary of State John Hay

2  Rebellion broke out in Cuba in 1895 seeking independence from Spain. (imperialism)  Jose Marti-Hero of the Cuban independence movement.  Traveled to the U.S. to gather money, arms, and troops.  In 1895 he led his people in a huge revolt against Spanish occupation.  Some Cuban people were being held in concentration camps and being treated very poorly.  United States became concerned about Cuba’s people and we got concern (here starts the world’s policeman theory)  Yellow journalism (exaggerated writing) whipped the American public into a hostile frenzy.  Hearst  Pulitzer

3  The battleship U.S.S. Maine exploded in Havana harbor in 1898 killing 260 American sailors.  Most believed at the time that Spain blew up the Maine.  U.S. declared war on Spain.  Congress declared Cuba independent.

4  Manila (Philippines)  Commodore George Dewey launches a surprise attack— Destroys the whole Spanish fleet in a few hours.  Thousands of miles away…first military action starts here  U.S. troops and Pilipino rebels capture the city of Manila.  Havana Harbor (Cuba)  U.S. Navy destroyed Spanish fleet in Cuba.  Teddy Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” won the battle of San Juan Hill.



7  Emilio Aguinaldo-Filipino rebel.  Fought with the U.S. to defeat the Spanish.  Then, fought against the U.S. for a independent Philippines.  Commodore Dewey- U.S. naval leader in the Philippines.  Defeated the Spanish fleet at Manila Bay and was an instant hero.

8  5,462 Americans died (379 in battle) Most killed by malaria, typhoid, dysentery, or yellow fever  Wool uniforms and diseased, rotten, or poisoned rations.  War ended less than 4 months after it started:  U.S. annexed Puerto Rico and Guam (also, was a “protectorate” of Cuba and occupied the Philippines)  Cuba was given independence w/ Platt Amendment

9 Now, what should we do with the Philippines? Anti-Imperialists in the U.S.- ~America’s rule of the Philippians went against the democratic principles on which the U.S. was founded. --Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie Imperialists- ~Philippines would provide the U.S. with another naval base in the Pacific and a large market for American goods. This would help the “uncivilized people of the word.”

10  Now, what did happen with the Philippines?  The U.S. learned that controlling the new empire (the Philippines) was more difficult than expected.  They were now fighting Emilio Aguinaldo’s rebel troops for independence.  Finally, the U.S. decided to prepare the Philippines for self-rule.  In 1946, the Philippines gained its independence from the U.S.

11  1895 -Jose Marti returns to Cuba to lead a revolt  January, 1898-McKinley sends the Maine to Cuba  February 15 th, 1898-The Maine blows up in Havana Harbor  April 25 th, 1898-Congress declared war on Spain  May 1 st, 1898-Dewey launched a surprise attack on the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay  July 1 st, 1898-Rough Riders defeat the Spanish in the Battle of San Juan Hill  July 3 rd, 1898- Spanish Fleet is destroyed in Santiago Harbor, Cuba  August 12 th, 1898- Spanish signed an armistice, or peace agreement with U.S.---Treaty of Paris


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