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Name : Aaron Trosper Class Period : 5th Period. Context Clues WordSentenceCorrect Dictionary Definition Nary They never got nary a lick of labor. Not.

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1 Name : Aaron Trosper Class Period : 5th Period

2 Context Clues WordSentenceCorrect Dictionary Definition Nary They never got nary a lick of labor. Not one. Toil Weary toil under the blazing sun. To labor continuously or strenuously. Bureau Her bureau several trinkets. A chest of drawers. Vociferously She vociferously denied it. Making, given to, or marked by noisy and vehement outcry. Dehumanizing Humiliating chaos of slavery and it’s dehumanizing situation with a balanced writer’s touch. To deprive of human qualities.

3 He wrote it to explain what slaves did. The intended audience is anyone who wanted to know about the ex-slaves. Text Purpose

4 The author is informing us because it gives us feelings or emotions toward the things that happened to slaves. This makes me feel like I know a lot about slaves. Text Structure

5 Slaves start to rebel against slave owners or their masters. Text Representation

6 Author’s Perspective/Point of View Subject Author’s FeelingsText Evidence To be a SlaveHe wants to know more about the slaves and what they went through. “One of the greatest overlooked sources for information concerning slavery has been the one written of those who were slaves.”

7 Main Idea ParagraphsMain Idea Beginning-Page # 16How slaves began to come to America. Middle-Page # 76How a slave was enslaved. End-Page # 144When the KKK came into the lives of blacks and what they did to them.

8 Supporting Details DetailsPage #Comments Slaves were sold for joy. 51 This detail was included to tell how awful auction blocks could be. Slave’s points of view were grim. 63 This detail was included to tell how devastating life was for African Americans back then. When slaves left the field (Plantation) work was far from finished 73 This detail was included to tell how hard slaves worked, how they never got a brake, and how work never ended.

9 Draw Inferences What the Book SaysConclusions Drawn Situation: White men needed more laborers Character Actions: They traveled to Africa and gathered African slaves for laborers. Work went efficiently, but the laborers probably got tired and wanted to go home very quickly. Situation: The slaves were abused and mistreated everywhere in the South. Character Actions: They endured it, but felt sorrow for those that had died. Slaves probably disliked white men especially the Confederate men.

10 Compare-Contrast Title: To be a Slave 1. Autobiography’s from slaves that experienced slavery. 2. Talks about how slaves were treated and what they did because of that. 3.Why slave owners wanted slaves and how they got them, they treated them, and why they treated them that way. 5. What slaves did to stop the growth of slavery. Title: How Slavery Really Ended in America 1. Tells about three slaves that row to a union fort when their master wasn’t looking. 2. How the North and South viewed slavery. 3. What abolitionists, or even northerners did what they did to stop slavery. 4. How a union general dealt with the slaves that came to his fort. 5. The cause for how slavery really ended in America. Both: 1.They both talk about what slaves did to get out of slavery. 2. The lengths slaves went to just to get out of being enslaved. 3. How abolitionists viewed slavery. 4. How slave owners were either nice or very cruel. 5. The different points from the North and South.

11 Facts Page #Comments If you want to hear negro history you’ll have to get it from someone who wore the shoe… 12 He was trying to say if you want to hear the real story you’ve got to hear it from an experienced person. Through songs slaves would make fun of their masters. 114 It was a good way of saying they had time to give their masters attitude. Blacks were killing their masters for revenge. 128 It would be kind of scary If you were a slave owner. Slaves rejoiced when they heard they were free. 136 They were worked to death then they were freed. Everyone was separated then confined when white men bought them into slavery. 24 This was included to tell what happened to the slaves when the white men bought them.

12 Opinions Page #Comments No slave had an age or name.30I bet that was true for most slaves, but that is just inferring. Drivers were very clever and smart at some times. 35Some slaves got lucky when it was whipping time. Indians didn’t have a complex way of life. 17This shows us the perspective of the white men toward the slaves. Every slave broke free when they heard the news. 136Every slave was excited to be free. All slaves could vote and were equal. 144-145It states that almost every slave was being counted as equal or at least human being.

13 Slaves being whipped-#35-There is no way I can say I can relate to being whipped, words are like whips. I have been whipped with words many times in my life. I didn’t like it at all because it made me feel like I was being whipped just by hearing it. Slaves treated differently-#16-17-I can relate to being treated differently because I was from a weird, foreign state. I feel like everyone is equal and should be treated the same. I dislike this because I think everyone’s equal. We might have different skin colors, but we are all brothers and sisters at heart. Slaves rebel against their masters-#117- I didn’t ever rebel against slavery, but it did make me feel as if the slaves got the justice they deserved. I liked this because whites couldn’t boss blacks around anymore; it made blacks free. Why did slaves dislike whites but got safety from them. Reading Response

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