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Title of Book: To be a Slave Author: Julius Lester Name: Hannah H. Class Period: 5 th.

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1 Title of Book: To be a Slave Author: Julius Lester Name: Hannah H. Class Period: 5 th

2 Context Clues WordSentenceCorrect Dictionary Definition Vivid They knew, and when given the opportunity, they would talk in vivid, fresh, and alive language. Strikingly bright or intense as color or light. Whig He was a Whig who owned slaves, but was against slavery. To move along briskly. Sow He called up an old sow that had thirteen pigs all different colors. To scatter (seed) overland, earth. Henceforth You are to call me papa henceforth. From now on. Lenient Other drivers were more lenient.Agreeably tolerant.

3 Text Purpose I think the author wrote this book to explain. The reason why is to tell us how life was for a slave. They were treated very badly. The intended audience for this book would be whoever wants to learn about the history of slaves. If they were interested, this book would be good for learning about them.

4 Text Structure The author uses description in this book. When you read the author actually describes what it was like back then. He puts actual facts that slaves wrote, who were actually slaves.

5 Text Representation Slave Owner Slaves They would buy slaves Whip the slaves if they didn’t listen Treated the slaves like they weren’t human Had a plantation for a slave to work on They got separated from their families They would starve and get dehydrated lack of water and food. Try to run away from master. Most of them don’t get educated. Both human Both meet New slaves month Both might have been separated from their families

6 Author’s Perspective/Point of View SubjectAuthor’s Feelings Text Evidence To be a SlaveHe’s wanting to give true feelings on what the slaves endured. Sometimes the slaves were kept overnight and longer at a specially built slave jail.

7 Main Idea ParagraphsMain Idea Beginning-Page # 59The author describes how the plantation looks. Middle-Page # 69 The author is saying, basically a slave worked from dawn to dusk, doing the same thing every day. End-Page #75The slaves were forced to work everyday. Their moans sounding like the living deaths.

8 Supporting Details DetailsPage #Comments Some preferred to kill themselves if they were being captured or returned to their masters. 122 He told us their opinion on what the slave would rather do if he/she ever got caught or returned. It was uncommon for slaves to hide out in the woods. 121 He’s telling us where it was uncommon for a slave to hide if he/she ever ran away. I’ve labored you for 40 years now. 127 The slave is telling us he’s old and can’t work anymore.

9 Draw Inferences What the Book SaysConclusions Drawn Situation: Missus threw her apron over her face. Granma knew it was true then. Character Actions: Granma yelled, "I'm free! Ain’t got to work for you no more.” The slaves left the house. Situation: The news said that they were free. It was the fulfillment of the dream they had taken to bed each night and risen with each morning. Character Actions: They were happy slavery ended. They would tell everybody they were free. They stopped working and left.

10 Compare-Contrast Title: How Slavery Really ended in America 1. Listed the top 5 slave states 2. The article said three black men rowed across the James River 3. The article said that the fugitives had a new name: contrabands 4. Lincoln and his cabinet met to discuss matters 5. Slaves began flocking to union lines Title: To be a Slave 1.The slaves would sing 2. In the book it said a slave would kill themselves than be caught if they ran away 3. In the book it said if a slave had to pick cotton, they would fill cloth in their shoe 4.In the book it said slaves would get the day off on special occasions 5. They would have religious meetings Both: 1. Emancipation Proclamation 2. Slaves all around joined the union 3.The slaves shared stories 4.They got separated from their families 5. They helped out the union

11 Facts Page #Comments Laws were made governing every aspect of a slave’s life, giving the slave no legal rights and the owner all. 102 The slave should have all rights not their owner. These laws gave the slave owners control over the bodies of their property. 103 I wish the slaves didn’t have to go through this. White men were hired to patrol the plantation to catch any slave escaping or gathering. 103 They should let them go. Slaves brought several instruments to this country. 112 Is that how we got most of our instruments? They used music as means at expressing their joys. 112 That’s a clever idea.

12 Opinions Page #Comments The slave determined right and wrong very easily. 102 That would be helpful. The prayer meetings, the parties, and holidays did not make being a slave pleasurable. 111 At least they got day offs. Often the words of a song are meaningless. 112 How can words from a song be meaningless? If slaves had had weapons whites possessed, they would not have used them effectively. 129 Did they not know how to use the weapon? They were only held as salve because they did not have the necessary means to make themselves free. 129 So they could’ve been free if they had the necessary means to make themselves free?

13 Reading Response And through the religious songs made up from biblical stories, they expressed their real feelings about slavery.- page 84- I like singing, me calm down when I get mad. It’s really brave of them to sing about their feelings through song. Not all slaves had to march in a coffle.-page 56- Why did the slave have to walk in coffles? Was it easier for the owners to see all of them? I’m glad not all of them had to walk in a coffle. On many plantations house servants were hated by the slaves who worked in the fields.-page 90- I could relate to that if I had to work in a cool house instead of being under the sun, I would work in the house. Working in the house is probably the easier job too.

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