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six kingdom power point

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1 six kingdom power point
By chase thompson

2 plant All plants have cell walls
Plants mostly get there energy from the sun They contain chloroplasts which makes them green Asexual reproduction thousands species Some plants only bloom once Used in medicines and drugs Also a can be used for food

3 plants

4 animal They are multicellular They are eukaryotic organisms
Heterotroph Most are motile Reproduces sexually They develop They under go metamorphosis Kingdom animalia or metazoa

5 animal

6 protist In the kingdom protista unicellular Photosynthetic
They are algea In the ocean they are plankton Cause disease They have no tissue Primary producer

7 protist

8 fungi They are eukaryotic They are bacteria EX: yeast and mold
They have cell walls The cell walls are made of chitin Used in antibiotics They can mold on about any food Fungus means mushroom

9 fungi

10 Archaebacteria They are methane-producing bacteria
They have a protein like cell wall use minerals instead of organic compounds Can tolerate heats up to88 degrees Eukaryote cells Archae and bacteria are quite similar in size and shape few archaea have very strange or unusual shapes lived in harsh environments

11 Archaebacteria

12 Eubacteria eubacteria have a wide range of shapes
Prokaryotic microorganisms Eubacteria were among the first life forms to appear on earth Eubacteria are vital in recycling nutrients Eubacteria cells don’t contain a nucleus Asexual reproduction Eubacteria are the cause of many diseases Reproduce very fast

13 Eubacteria

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