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Planning for Success.   Tech Skill  Bread n Butters  Mindset  Gameplan General Training Plan.

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1 Planning for Success

2   Tech Skill  Bread n Butters  Mindset  Gameplan General Training Plan

3   Melee is a tough game full of little nuances  Aim to ask yourself questions that center around “why” and “how”  Why am I getting hit?  Why am I stuck in shield?  Why am I cornered?  How can I continue the combo?  How can I cover more options  How can I get the kill? The Early Days

4   As you play better players, they will form a punish/take control 3-5 seconds before they get their hit.  Aim to work gameplans to control your opponent before you get your checkmate Chess not Checkers

5  Gameplans Grabs Low % Mid % High % Stages? Position, Platforms As you become more proficient, think of the nuances

6  1.How do I rack up damage? 2.How do they rack up damage? Character Specific Plans

7  Sheik vs. Falco Sheik  At low %s, Sheik wants grabs  tech chases  At high %s,  Grab  throw offstage  Strong Aerials  Can be set up via tilt Falco  At low %s, Falco wants shines  combos  At high %s, Falco wants setups into a strong aerial  (up tilt, shine, bair)

8  Neutral 1.What should I be looking for in a raw neutral position? 2.What’s the game state (Stocks, time, %s)?

9   Macro Decisions  Horizontal Zoning  Falco’s goals are to laser, so you’re in lock. Watch his SH running aerial distances Sheik vs. Falco Approximate Distance

10  89 7 4 12 3 6 Zoning for success, Understand what areas that your character is strong in Falco can threaten with dair and better aerials, if sheik is directly below The best move is for Sheik to move left and compete with “bair” if Falco drops

11  Positioning What are Falco’s Options here?

12  Adding a Combo Falco has to land on Platform, How do I position myself for success?

13  Tech Chasing 1.When you get a grab, ask yourself - What is my opponent’s % - Where on the stage did I get the grab? - Can they get a platform/go offstage? 2. Start the D-Throw -Pay attention to the DI -Position yourself to react easier with as few movements as possible


15  Tech Chasing 3. If you positioned correctly, look for the following indicators: - If you see green off the ground, that means he didn’t tech: If he didn’t tech, check % -Low, go for jab reset -Mid/high -Double Jab -Jab  Ftilt -U tilt -Note how they DI for future reference -Really High -Ftilt/Dsmash -(50/50 mixup for a kill)

16  Tech Chasing 4. If no green stuff hits the ground, then he/she teched, which means one 3 things: Tech in Place Tech Left Tech Right PREP for the Tech in Place, REACT to the roll. Teching in place has shorter animation and a harder reaction window

17   5. As they are higher %s, opt to switch to Launchers to get a finishing move  (ex. If they tech roll, use dash attack into  fair)  (ex. If they tech in place, opt for ftilt  fair) PAY ATTENTION: to their DI. If they are DI-ing your dash attack away, do run up down-smash as a mixup Tech Chasing

18   D-Throw Tech Chase  Hold position and fair If you are late…

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