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Bill Armstrong Assistant Coach Guelph Storm. Creating Scoring Chances Off of…Forecheck, Dumps, Entries, Oz Play Power Play.

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1 Bill Armstrong Assistant Coach Guelph Storm

2 Creating Scoring Chances Off of…Forecheck, Dumps, Entries, Oz Play Power Play

3 Forecheck How to pick a forecheck - Team speed? - Puck hounds? Checkers? - How active are your D? - How well does my team read plays?

4 1-2-2 F Smart Land sharks, Smart Solid D Objectives: –Make teams go through the middle –Create turnovers around blue line –Patient and safe –Energy conservation –Play with a lead

5 1-2-2 F FI F2 F3 D1 D2

6 1-2-2 F F1 Hard pressure Inside out / cut off net Separate puck from man Recovery above puck F2 Strong side support / Take away rim Stay above pile F1 support Recovery F3 Middle support / Reads play Pinch down / cover rim Soft lock Support pinching D D1 and D2 Get up, close gap Prepare to pinch Safety and support

7 2-1-2 F Fast checking team Objectives: - Immediate pressure - Create turnovers - Finishing checks - Instant reward for hard work

8 2-1-2 F F1 F2 F3 D1 D2

9 2-1-2 F F1 –Hard pressure no glide in stride on D1 –Finish check, separate puck from body –D side of check –Support F2 F2 - Pressure on D2 - Read play - Responsibility same as F1 F3 –High slot to start –Cover rim –Strong side, turn, up –Option to pinch or soft lock D –Get up and close gap –Prepare to pinch –Safety valve –Recovery immediate

10 Drill - Continuous F 3 Fwds start with puck on Blue go in shoot. Coach spots puck, get red line Dump vs. 5 man unit. Original 3 forecheck 5 man unit breaks out vs. forecheck Breakout group goes and shoots at far end, coach spots them puck for dump. Group who originally forechecked Changes along with D Soon as group changes, new 5 man unit gets on ice to Accept forecheck. Note: can modify # of forecheckers FFF DD BF

11 Dumps Cross Corner Rim Dumps Soft Side dump - which suits you ? - what is your Forecheck ?

12 Drill - Continuous Dump D1D2 FFF D3D4 3 F’s dump puck in on d1 and d2 Breakout other way, dump on D3 & D4 Breakout, Dump back in on D1 & D2 – change D3 & D4 New F line ready for Breakout with 2 new D accepting dump

13 The New Dump to goalie –Allows goalies to handle pucks –Shot on net, have to make save –Transfer from save to stick –Decision making –Extra time

14 Puck Possession Cycles –Where? (hash, net, inside) –Use net to your advantage –Puck to the net –F’s find soft spots

15 Entries Themes –Enter with speed –Wide drive –Middle / net drive options –High guy –Pull up The new -- New rules

16 Drill 3-2 Continuous x x x D D Y Y Y DD 3 on 2 below circles starts drill X’s try to score, D get puck to waiting Y’s Y’s can use sticks to check X’s but have to wait for puck to come above circles. Y’s get puck then take off 3-2 down ice. X’s now change. Stress puck getting deep. Once Y’s get past blue, 2 new D new line of fwd’s jump to top of circle, waiting for puck to come to top of circles. Back 3-2. Note: if goal, D get puck from net, pass to waiting fwd’s.

17 Power Play Goals –Quick efficient breakouts –Setup in ozone –Create triangles and 2 on 1’s –Scoring chances –Outnumber opponents –Execute puck movement

18 Breakouts Double swing wingers stretch Five man swing breakout –Roles –Swings –Zone entry –Change point of attack

19 Breakout – Double Swing C D1D2 LW RW

20 Breakout - 5 man swing D1 D2 C RW LW

21 Umbrella / Overload Characteristics Set up Roles Goals The New –Stretch breakout

22 Overload F1 F2 F3 D1 D2

23 Umbrella D1 F1 D2 F2 F3

24 The New- Quick Breakout D D2 F FF D goes back hard for puck Snaps pass up immediately D2 has 4 options; Back to d Cross ice Up wall Breakaway pass through middle Objective is to stretch out pk Try to catch aggressive pk forecheck Back D of blue line Catch pk in change

25 5-3 Personnel Setup Options D FF D F BOX + 1 F & D have same rolls on Both sides.

26 Drill – PP both ends Power play and Penalty kill Run out of both ends. Direct competition. Play with one puck, if PK dumps Puck out, opposite end starts PP. Once puck is dumped out PP & PK Personnel change roles. Can put in as many or as little penalty killers as desire. Keep track of goal amounts. Most goals win. Note: great way to have all players Have chance to play on PP and PK F F F DD X X X X D D F F F X XX X

27 Game Preparation What we do? - Video Breakdown (PP, PK, systems) -Meetings (Specific, Team) - Line combos, matching (keeping certain personnel away from top lines)

28 What can minor hockey coaches do? Without video…have asst. coach watch systems, tendencies. Any repetitive things can be taken advantage of… Lines etc…

29 Thank you coaches! Bill Armstrong Assistant Coach Guelph Storm

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