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Controlling the Dash Dance Game Playing against Marth.

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1 Controlling the Dash Dance Game Playing against Marth

2   Recap last week  Punish/Neutral Game  Playing against Marth  Effective Range  Dash Dance Outline

3   Forming a character gameplan against Falcon  Closing the Gap  Taking away options Last Week’s Recap

4   Marth tests…  Your footsies/spacing game  Ability to Zone  Ability to punish off the grab Emphasis

5  3 Positions

6   Three Key Variables  Percentage (The Punish)  Stage Control  Momentum Tug of War

7   Center Stage is (generally) better  Gives you a buffer if you  Get hit  Make a Spacing Error  Access to corner Center Stage Even though Hbox gets grab, this is no threat to Shroomed

8   Getting Cornered  No access to dash away, forced to shield or get hit  Your Attacks are less (horizontally) powerful Cornered

9  Momentum (Dribble)

10  Effective Range

11  Effective Range 2

12   KirbyKaze vs The Moon   KirbyKaze vs PewPewU  w Momentum

13  Momentum (Losing) When you lose your momentum, your effective range and options significantly decrease, making you very reactable

14   Low commitment check to  Control Space  Force a reaction  Get reads  Bait Dash Dance

15   Run up just outside their range and see how they react The Check

16  With Marth closing in, this forces Sheik to make a tough decision Shield? Roll? Spot Dodge? Ftilt? Jump? Dash in? Meanwhile, Marth can react (in theory) to everything Sheik does. Marth is looking for Sheik to hang herself and then react/punish

17  So why dash away? So why would Marth want to dash away? 1. If he stays still too long, then he loses his momentum (and options), so Sheik gains some initiative (Forward air) 2. Marth can dash away, potentially also baiting a laggy maneuver from Sheik and then dash in punish

18   Marth Corners Sheik  1.) Sheik throws out an attack  Marth dash dances away and punishes (BAD)  2.) Sheik waits  Marth dashes away  Punish Marth by taking space (Minor good)  3.) Marth throws out an attack  A bit risky, can be counter poked, leads into footsies Decision Tree

19  The Dash Away When Marth is forced to dash away, it’s a minor victory for you 1. You can take stage and threaten 2. Force him to lose momentum

20  The Dash Away  When your opponent is forced to dash away, you take (minor initiative). You can…  Take stage by walking/running forward  Dash Attack  Boost Grab  Wave Dash Forward Tilt

21  Spacing Footsies  Sheik  Fair  Ftilt  Dtilt  Grab  Jab  Marth  D tilt  Fair  Grab  Jab It’s important to understand how these moves interact. Study how to counter attacks

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