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Pent house. pent house Lesson Seven The Libido for the Ugly.

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2 pent house

3 Lesson Seven The Libido for the Ugly

4 Pre-Text Questions What do you know about the author?
What kind of writing is this one? Why does Mencken uses such a pathological term like libido? What does the title the libido for the ugly mean? Who has the so-called libido for the ugly? Who or what is the target of Mencken’s verbal attack? What kind of writing is this one? What is the theme of this essay?

5 Detailed Study of the Text
About the author Pittsburgh Steel City / Smoky City Westmorland county What route did the author take in this traveling? Here was the very heart of industrial America, the center of its most lucrative and characteristic activity, the boast and pride of the richest and grandest nation ever seen on earth—and here was a scene so dreadfully hideous, so intolerably bleak and forlorn that it reduced the whole aspiration of man to a macabre and depressing joke. Notice the many literary devices employed here. What are they? metaphor parallel construction hyperbole antithetical contrast

6 the boast and pride of the richest …on earth
the U. S., the richest and grandest nation ever seen on earth, both boasts about and feels proud of this center of industrial activity it reduced the whole aspiration of man to a … joke that this scene makes all human endeavors to advance and improve their lot appear as a ghastly, saddening joke be reduced to begging/tears/silence/despair/obedience shadow/subjection they would have disgraced a race of alley cats even homeless, mongrel cats would feel ashamed to live in What does Mencken describe in paragraph 1? What is his purpose? What is the purpose of Mencken saying I am not speaking of mere filth at the beginning of the second paragraph?

7 agonizing ugliness ugliness that caused great pain to the viewer What literary device is used here? transferred epithet that did not insult and lacerate the eye How could a house insult and lacerate the eye? What’s Mencken’s real intention of saying so? What literary device is used? they were among the most pretentious marked by an extravagant outward show one blinked before them as one blinks before a man with his face shot away What kind of image will be initiated in the readers’ mind by reading this clause? What effect does the author intend to produce?

8 A few linger in memory, horrible even there:
Some of the houses remain in one’s memory and later when one pictures them in one’s mind, they still appear to be horrible After the colon, what does Mencken go on to say? How many examples does he give us? What literary device is used when describing the building? dormer-window a bare leprous hill a hillside was bare and looked as repulsive as the skin of a leper What will a bare leprous hill look like? Could you describe the church and the hill in your own words? rat trap

9 There was not one that was not misshapen, and there was not
one that was not shabby. What literary device is used in order to emphasize misshapen and shabby ? double negatives repetition of the same structural pattern not uncomely litotes an affirmative is expressed by negating its opposite The country itself is not uncomely, despite the grime of the endless mills. The country itself is pleasant to look at, despite the sooty dirt spread by the innumerable mills in this region. It is, in form, a narrow river valley, with deep gullies running up into the hills.

10 solid blocks What’s the function of the if clause? What is Mencken’s idea of decent houses in this area? chalet What did he find instead? What do the houses look like? on their low sides they bury themselves swinishly in the mud What are these houses compared to? They lean this way and that, hanging … precariously. They tilt in one direction or another, clinging to their foundation unstably. with dead and eczematous patches of paint peeping through the streaks In this phrase, what is compared to what?

11 All the houses are smeared with sooty dirt, and some paint
which is not covered up by the soot looks like dried-up scales formed on the skin by eczema. Now and then there is a house of brick. What can we infer from this sentence? patina What kind of egg would it be which is long past all hope or caring ? Red brick, even in a steel town, ages with some dignity. Red brick, even in a steel town, looks quite respectable with the passing of time. What is the author’s suggestion about the color of houses? But in Westmoreland…that uremic yellow. But it seems that people in Westmoreland county prefer that yellow color produced by the disease uremia.

12 How many places are mentioned in the following sentences?
Pullman the malarious tidewater hamlets malaria infested small village near the sea affected by the rise and fall of tides They are incomparable in color, and they are incomparable in design. What literary device is used in this sentence? sarcasm The color and design were so bad that one couldn’t find any which was worse. It is as if some titanic and aberrant genius,…the making of them. It is as if some genius of great power, who didn’t like to do the right things and who was an inflexible enemy of man, employed all the cleverness and skill of hell to build these ugly houses.

13 But in the American village and small town the pull is always
toward ugliness,…an eagerness bordering upon passion. But in the American village and small town, the drive/drawing power is always towards ugliness, and in that Westmoreland valley people have given in to this appeal eagerly or almost passionately. What literary device is used? sarcasm It is incredible that mere ignorance should have achieved such masterpieces of horror. It is hard to believe that people built such horrible houses just because they did not know what beautiful houses were like. What does ignorance mean here? What literary device is used? sarcasm irony

14 It is impossible to put down the wallpaper…to mere
inadvertence, or to the obscene humor of the manufacturers. to attribute sth. to sth. It is impossible to attribute the wallpaper that makes the average American home at the lower middle class look so ugly to mere oversight, or to the indecent humor of the manufacturers. Such ghastly designs, …give a genuine delight to a certain type of mind. It’s clear that the horribly ugly designs on the wallpaper give real delight to a certain type of mind. They meet, in some unfathomable way, its obscure and unintelligible demands. These ugly designs, in incomprehensive some way, satisfy the hidden and unintelligible demands of this type of persons. What kind of people does Mencken mock at?

15 What kind of demands do these people have?
Why does Mencken classify their demands as obscure and unintelligible ? Guest, Edgar Albert What opinion does Mencken have toward theology and Edgar A. Guest’s poems? Thus I suspect What can we learn from this thus ? Why does Mencken call the residents in Westmoreland the honest folk and the 100% Americans ? sarcasm irony with eyes open with full understanding of what is involved Mencken uses this word “mellow” ironically. What does he really mean? to let deteriorate, to let it go from bad to worse

16 Parthenon besides it, the Parthenon would no doubt offend them Parthenon is noted for its perfect simplicity of design and the harmony of its proportions and remains a masterpiece of Greek architecture. Why would such a building offend them? They like things ugly and do not know what is beautiful. If one were to put a beautiful building like the Parthenon there, they would feel offended. they made it perfect in their own sight by putting a completely impossible penthouse, painted a staring yellow, on top of it. penthouse not capable of being endured; hard to tolerate one will feel uncomfortable as embarrassed to look at What rhetorical device is used in this sentence? ridicule

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