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A Unique Approach to the Distribution of Networking, Security, and Business Continuity Solutions.

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1 A Unique Approach to the Distribution of Networking, Security, and Business Continuity Solutions

2 Company History/Background

3 RAD Data Com. WAN/LAN Access Solutions Established: 1981 SILICOM Home Networking Established: 1987 RADVISION IP Voice and Video Conferencing Established: 1992 RIT Cabling Management Established: 1989 RADWARE Internet Access Management Established: 1997 CERAGON Wireless WAN Established: 1996 BYNET Group Distributor in Israel The RAD Group Coordinated Strategy Shared Marketing Channels Joint Development & Technology Sharing Some companies are Public RADirect Network Services Established: 2000 SANRAD Storage Area Networks Established: 2000 RADWIN Wireless Local Loop Established: 1997 WISAIR UWB – Ultra Wideband Communications Established: 2001 AXERRA IP Over Sonet/SDH Established: 1999 MODULES IP for the Home Established: 2000 RADCOM WAN, LAN and ATM Analyzers Established: 1991

4 RADirect Company History Established in 2000 Headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey Member of internationally renowned, $450+ million RAD Group of companies that develop, manufacture and market solutions for diverse segments of the networking and telecommunications industry Original charter: To increase sales & exposure of the RAD Group companies in the United States as a value-added online distributor of networking and internetworking products manufactured by these companies

5 RADirect Today

6 Three Primary Areas of Focus Networking / Infrastructure –Products from RAD Data Communications, FibroLAN Security / VPN / IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) –Products from Radware, Check Point Business Continuity Solutions –Products from Radware, SANRAD

7 Range of Solutions RADirect specializes in selling data communications and telecommunications access equipment, security & business continuity solutions including: –Fiber Access Solutions – Extending enterprise voice, data or LAN over fiber infrastructure –xDSL Last Mile Access Solutions – High capacity transport of data, LAN or voice over 2-wire/4-wire copper –Migration of Legacy Services to IP – Solutions for transporting legacy voice, video and more over IP Infrastructure –Voice & Data Convergence Applications –Load Balancing Solutions – For multiple ISP links, servers, firewalls and more –Firewalls, VPN Gateways & IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) –IP Storage Networks (IP SAN/iSCSI) Solutions

8 Technology Equipment Distribution Landscape RADirect

9 RADirect Customer Breakdown End Users: Government Military Enterprise Utility Small VARs: < 10 employees < $2 Mil Revenue Service Providers: Rural Telcos Small ISPs Tier 3 & 4 Markets

10 The RADirect Sales Cycle

11 The RADirect Sales Cycle: Marketing An e-commerce business model at inception Highly detailed, well-organized online catalogs that can be searched by product type or application (including application drawings) Majority of leads today are generated through Internet Search Marketing: –Paid listings –Unpaid (organic) listings Current marketing mix also includes a proactive targeting of lucrative and underserved rural markets

12 Internet Search Marketing Example Paid Organic

13 Rural Markets: Opportunity While customers in rural areas experience the same datacom and telecom challenges faced by their urban counterparts, they are often underserved due to: –Lack of local expertise / knowledge –Lack of local resources Funds and infrastructure readily available “Utelco” concept is proving successful

14 Targeting Rural Markets RADirect proactively targets rural VARs and service providers, and helps to “fill in the knowledge gap”. –Trade shows and events –Publications –Direct mail / cold calling –Targeted website content –Marketing collateral

15 The RADirect Sales Cycle: Systems Engineering RADirect’s systems engineers are among the most knowledgeable, proficient, and accessible in the industry: –Boast an average of 20 years of experience per systems engineer in RADirect’s narrowly focused area of operations –Offer free consultation to ensure customers always get the best solution –Are available for “live chat” online during business hours –Provide 2-hour or less response time on phone and web inquiries

16 The RADirect Sales Cycle: Account Management Dedicated account manager for every customer Quotes provided in 24 hours or less 85% of products ship in 24 hours Online account management –Order status –Tracking 30% of buyers are repeat customers!

17 Success Metrics - Revenue Projected

18 Success Metrics - Employees

19 Going Forward

20 Going Forward… Projected 2004 Total Revenues: $5.25 million How to accomplish? –Expand product portfolio in 3 target areas (networking, security, business continuity) –Increase Internet-based marketing activities –Penetrate key vertical markets

21 Recent Success Stories

22 RADirect Success Story: (Rural Utility) Pend Orielle County Public Utility District Washington State-based “Utelco” (utility that also provides communications services) Challenge: To provide T1 services to customers over a fiber Ethernet infrastructure Solution: Purchased RAD Data Communications’ IPmux TDMoIP gateways from RADirect

23 RADirect Success Story: (Rural Utility) Empire District Electric Company Joplin, Missouri-based rural “utelco” (utility that also provides communications services) Challenge: To provide managed T1 services over fiber Solution: Purchased RAD Data Communications’ LRS managed modem racks and Optimux fiber multiplexers from RADirect

24 RADirect Success Story: (Education) Illinois State University State University (enrollment: 20,000+) located in the heart of Central Illinois Challenge: Needed increased capacity for T1 voice extension across the campus. Required some unique features that are mostly found on higher-priced alternatives Solution: Purchased RAD Data Communications’ Optimux- T3 units from RADirect to transport T1s and E1s across their campus

25 RADirect Success Story: (Wireless/ISP) Heritage Internet Services Salt Lake City, Utah-based wireless ISP that recently launched one of the first citywide wireless networks in the United States Challenge: T1 Access - needed a reliable, easily managed, compact router for installation between wireless towers and their Internet backbone Solution: Purchased RAD Data Communications’ Web Ranger II T1 Routers from RADirect


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