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PowerPoint Presentation Social Studies Strands Grades 10-12 By: Justin Chrisman Ed. 439 27 February 2001.

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1 PowerPoint Presentation Social Studies Strands Grades By: Justin Chrisman Ed February 2001

2 American Heritage Web Activity –Pick 3 Presidents and list at least 3 domestic or foreign policies they implemented during their term. –Under the recreation room link, complete the President’s quiz.

3 American Heritage ml Web Activities –Briefly describe what each of the photos mean to you

4 American Heritage Web Activity: Go to Early America review and pick 2 articles and write a one page summary. Web Activity: Go to Battles and Skirmishes and make a map of the battle field.

5 People in Societies

6 Web Activities: –Take Level I quiz. –Select two important African-Americans and briefly describe their contributions to the advancement of African-Americans.

7 People in Societies Web Activities: –Go to How to Trace and attempt to trace your Native-American ancestry –Select 2 former Ohio tribes and compare/contrast their histories.

8 People in Societies Web Activities –Construct an African-American timeline, citing important dates and figures in history. –Read at least 2 Martin Luther King Jr. speeches and be ready to discuss their meaning and significance.

9 World Interactions Web Activities: –Select two articles from the NATO review and write a one page summary. –Write a 2-3 page paper on NATO’s role in Kosovo during the latest incident.

10 World Interactions Web Activity: –Read about at least 2 volunteer stories and be prepared to share them with the class.

11 World Interactions global.htm g.html Web Activities –Briefly describe what NAFTA is and why it is or isn’t important to trade. –Create a Pros and Cons list concerning NAFTA

12 Decision Making & Resources Web Activities: – Describe George W. Bush and Al Gore’s stance on welfare reform – Compare United States policy on welfare with at least two other nations. Cite the similarities and differences.

13 Decision Making & Resources _of_pigs.html Web Activities: –Go to situation room and read at least 3 letters written between Kennedy and Khrushchev. –Take the Quiz.

14 Decision Making & Resources Web Activity: –After visiting each of these sites, briefly describe your position on the situation.

15 Democratic Processes

16 Web Activities: –List at least 5 ways citizens can get involved in government. –Compare/Contrast the governments of the United States, Russia, and Cuba.

17 Democratic Processes Web Activities: –Briefly describe kids voting –Within the next 9 weeks, visit a local city council meeting and write a 1-2 page summary. –In groups of 5-7, create a class presentation describing your section of the Constitution.

18 Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities

19 Citizens Rights & Responsibilities Web Activities –Compare the voting rights in the United States and Australia. –Describe whether or not you believe that people should vote even if they are completely unaware of the issues and beliefs of the candidates

20 Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities c.html Web Activities: –Describe how an amendment to the U.S. Constitution is passed. –Describe your feeling on Internet voting. Do you believe it is a good idea or not? What are the advantages and disadvantages? –Compare the voting rights of U.S. citizens during the Civil War and the voting rights of citizens in 2001.

21 Conclusion The use of the six Social Studies strands will aid in student learning. Also, developing performance and instructional objectives based on these strands will also increase student learning. The implementation of technology based on the strands is also a valuable teaching strategy.

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