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History of Ohio By Brian Mergler and Carmen Tucker i.

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1 History of Ohio By Brian Mergler and Carmen Tucker i

2 Ohio History Lesson Plan Grade level: fourth

3 Goal and Objectives The goal and objective of this presentation is to sample activities. Particular interest to Ohio, its past, its people and its institution.

4 Instructional Objectives

5 Materials Needed Ohio History Books Chalk board Computers Tape player Software Poster boards

6 Activities Take a field trip to the Ohio Historical Center Read and research the history of our state symbols Working in groups, make a collage of an Ohio city Pick an Ohio historic figure/person and write an autobiography, as if you were that person Make a family tree

7 Websites Http:// index.htmlHttp:// index.html Http:// tmlHttp:// tml Http:// Http:// Http://

8 People in Society

9 Activities Role play by using community helpers as the characters Make a web of the important people in our society Create a game as a class, incorporating different cultures and backgrounds Play the game! Make a scrapbook of your family, culture and background

10 Websites Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http://

11 World Interactions

12 Activities Do an internet research to find what influence Ohio has on other counties Find a resource that is rich in Ohio and what resources we are weak in Find the longitude and latitude of where Ohio and some of it’s geographical features are located on the globe Write a pen-pal from a Sister City. Give an oral presentation on a historical figure from Ohio that influenced the World

13 Websites Http:// w90.gifHttp:// w90.gif Http:// raphy.htmlHttp:// raphy.html Http:// Http:// Http://

14 Decision Making and Resources

15 Learn about the decision making processes that the state of Ohio uses, make a visual aid Research the demand for production and demands for goods Take a field trip to General Motors Plant Create a budget and explain how individuals and household use income to consume goods Play the board game “Life”

16 Websites Http:// mlHttp:// ml Http:// Http:// Http:// Http://

17 Democratic Processes

18 Guest speaker-Judge Visit Municipal Court Bldg. Use an internet site to view a court trial Role play, have a mock trial

19 Websites Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http://

20 Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities

21 Activities Students will research what their tax money is used for Students will study what rights they have as a citizen Students will look up the importance of voting and its history Students will take a field trip to Kidsvote Guest speaker: police officer to talk about citizens’ rights

22 Websites Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http://

23 Science & Technology

24 Activities Students will design their own website using links about Ohio Students will do research on the growing rate of technology Students will create a collage of the technology we use daily Students will have an interactive communication with a class in a different state

25 Websites Http:// Http:// ex.htmlHttp:// ex.html Http:// htmlHttp:// html http://www.personal.u-

26 Fourth Grade Performance Objectives The learner will select an individual or event from Ohio’s history and explain the significance of that individual or even for Ohio’s development The learner will identify various kinds of cultural groups that have lived or live in Ohio and describe their contributions to the development of the state

27 The learner will choose a foreign nation and provide examples of political and economic ties Ohio has with that nation The learner will locate places on a map by using a grid location system and a direction finder The learner will identify and classify the factors of production needed to produce a given good or service

28 Given an example of a state governmental activity, the learner will describe how the activity addresses a purpose or purposes of the government Given a series of statements about public issues or policies, the learner will identify whether each is a statement of fact or opinion

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