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Chapter 7 Study Guide 6 th Grade. 1. What was the Hebrew religion called?  Judaism.

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1 Chapter 7 Study Guide 6 th Grade

2 1. What was the Hebrew religion called?  Judaism

3 2. What events happened before Abraham left Mesopotamia?  God spoke to Abraham

4 3. Moses led his people out of _________ to escape slavery.  Egypt

5 4. What did the Hebrew call themselves after returning to Canaan?  Israelites

6 5. How were King David and King Saul different?  David was a stronger king.

7 6. What shows that Hebrew women had few rights?  A women’s father chose her husband.

8 7. What Hebrew woman was seen as a model of devotion to one’s family?  Ruth

9 8. Why did the pharaoh decide to free the Hebrews?  A series of plagues struck Egypt

10 9. What is monotheism?  Monotheism is the belief in one God.

11 10. What are the Jewish beliefs concerning business dealings?  Jews are expected to be fair in business dealings.

12 11. What is a synagogue?  A synagogue is a Jewish house of worship.

13 12. Who are Prophets?  Prophets are people who are said to receive messages from God which are to be taught to others.

14 13. What is the Talmud?  The Talmud is a set of commentaries and lessons for everyday life. The Talmud’s purpose is to explain Jewish laws.

15 14. What religion helped shape Western cultures?  Judaism helped shape Western cultures.

16 15. What does the Hebrew Bible contain?  The Hebrew Bible contains commentaries that explain Jewish ideas.

17 16. What did the Zealots do?  The Zealots hoped to overthrow the Romans.

18 17. What ended the first Jewish revolt against the Romans?  The burning of the Second Temple was responsible for the ending of the first Jewish Revolt against the Romans.

19 18. What happened after the second Jewish revolt against the Romans?  After the second Jewish revolt against the Romans, many Jews moved throughout the Mediterranean region. See the Map on page 217

20 19. What is Hanukkah?  Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple.

21 20. What is the Exodus and how is it celebrated?  The Exodus is when Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt and is remembered by celebrating the Passover.

22 21. What did the Ten Commandments do to the central message of Judaism?  The Ten Commandments state ten moral laws. By accepting these moral laws, the Hebrews promised to worship only one God as well as agree to other moral laws outlining murder, adultery, and envy.

23 22. Give two examples of how present Jewish culture is strongly connected to its past.  Jewish people today celebrate Hanukkah in December every year and Passover in March or April each year. Also celebrated by Jewish people are the High Holy Days, which help today’s Jews feel more connected to their past.

24 23. What are the five books and most sacred text of Judaism called?  The Torah

25 24. What do the scholars call the dispersal of the Jews outside of Israel and Judah?  Diaspora

26 25. What religion greatly influenced other cultures, especially in Europe and the Western Hemisphere?  Judaism

27 Which group of people were the first to have the belief that there is only one God?  Hebrews  Monotheism is the belief in only one God.

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