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China: 20th Century Political Change

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1 China: 20th Century Political Change
Questions: What type of change occurred? Why the need for change?

2 Basic Tenets of Confucianism
Leaders adhere to high moral standards “Mandate of Heaven” Hierarchical structure in society Leaders well-versed in Confucius principles

3 Why did the dynastic system collapse?

4 Political Change – 20th Century 1911 Revolution
Three People’s Principles: Nationalism Democracy Equal distribution of wealth (socialism) Sun Yat-sen and KMT

5 Political Change – 20th Century 1949 Revolution
Chiang Kai-shek (KMT) Mao Zedong (CCP) Themes: Nationalism Establish new political system Socioeconomic development

6 Basic Tenets of Maoism 1. Collectivism 2. Struggle and Activism
3. Mass-line 4. Guardianship 5. Self-Reliance 6. Egalitarianism How does Maoism differ from Confucianism? Similarities?

7 People’s Republic of China: Periods of Political and Economic History
: USSR-PRC Alliance : Mao’s unique “brand” of communism 1978 – Present: Market socialism

8 Mao’s Mass Mobilization Campaigns
Great Leap Forward ( ) Cultural Revolution ( )

9 Deng Xiaoping – Four Modernizations (1978-1997)
Industry Agriculture Science Military Goal: Create “socialist market economy” – gradual infusion of capitalism into China

10 Jiang Zemin – Three Represents (2000 – 2003)
The CCP should always represent: “Development needs of China’s advanced productive forces” “Onward direction toward advanced culture” “Fundamental interest of majority of Chinese people”

11 Hu Jintao – Scientific Development Concept (2004-2013)
What policies did he pursue during his tenure? Read article.

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