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Manifest Destiny Legacy of American Expansion 1820-1860.

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1 Manifest Destiny Legacy of American Expansion 1820-1860

2 Smart Start: Quick Write  2 minutes: write what has been going on in the United States SINCE the nation’s victory in the War of 1812

3 Map time  Label the map according to what is stated on your handout  30 mins. to get as far as you can.  Due: Tomorrow at start of class. All or nothing point value.

4 US has growing pains:  Sectionalism  Nationalism  Industrialization  Compromising  Expansion  “Necessary Evil”  Presidents

5 President Review  1 st -4 th “Founding Fathers  1791-1817

6 Presidents of 1817-1837  MonroeJQ Adams Jackson

7 Presidents of 1837-1845 Van Buren HarrisonJohn Tyler

8 Predictions Predictions: Take a look through Chapter 12  What do you think the title of this Chapter “Manifest Destiny” actually means?  What is going on in this chapter? Take a closer look  Create a list…Develop own definition..partner…small group..whole group

9 Definitions…

10 John O’Sullivan  John O'Sullivan journalist and founder and editor of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review (1837-1846).  He was also the editor of the New York Morning News (1844- 46).  O'Sullivan became the first person to use the term "manifest destiny" to encourage the spirit of expansionism.

11 Primary Source Read aloud John O’Sullivan 1839 “America is destined for better deeds. We have no interest in the scenes of antiquity, only as lessons of avoidance of nearly all their examples. The expansive future is our arena, and for our history. We are entering on its untrodden space, with the truths of God in our minds, beneficent objects in our hearts, and with a clear conscience unsullied by the past. We are the nation of human progress, and who will, what can, set limits to our onward march? Providence is with us, and no earthly power can. We point to the everlasting truth on the first page of our national declaration, and we proclaim to the millions of other lands, that "the gates of hell" -- the powers of aristocracy and monarchy -- "shall not prevail against it." Who, then, can doubt that our country is destined to be the great nation of futurity?”

12 Manifest Destiny Picture: American Progress Small groups:  What do you see in the painting? List the people, animals, objects, colors.  What do you notice about each of these components?  What is the painter’s message?  How does the painting relate to John O’Sullivan’s quote?  Look at the class definition of “Manifest Destiny.” How does the painting relate to the class definition? Does it add to it, or detract from it?


14 Essential Questions:  What were some reasons America wanted to expand its boundaries?  Why do you think the US needed justification to expand through the theory of Manifest Destiny?

15 Expansion up to this point:  Louisiana Purchase (1804)  War with Britain (Rev. and 1812) though still had part of Oregon  US =Florida from Spain (1824)  Russia gives up land south of Alaska (1825)  What’s left??????

16 Time to Teach!  Each group will get a section of Chapter 12.  Develop a poster with information about section. See white board.  Before you can get poster everyone in group needs to read and have notes on section. Everyone needs to place items in all three areas of poster.  Will have rest of hour plus first 30 mins. tomorrow if NEEDED.  Will be graded! (On information, organization, group work, etc)

17 Posters of each section  Oregon  Texas  California  Utah  3 panels  Notes, Picture, and Summary (2 paragraphs)  Must show notes before you can move on

18 Oregon Country  Includes: Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana  Mountain Men  Mountain Men responsible for exploring and trading of fur and other valuable resources in this region  Pushed forth the movement of others to come to the region (Oregon Trail/Missionaries)  Problem  Problem: America not the only ones interested in this region

19 Why Oregon?  Access to Pacific (1819 Adams-Onis Treaty with Spain. Spain gives up Oregon)  Worked out an agreement with Britain to share Oregon  Many Americans flocked to Oregon New opportunities Wealth(John Jacob Astor of New York) Resources(Furs, Timber, etc) Bring religion to Natives(Whitman Mission)

20 Polk sets the goal to get Oregon and does it !!  Next on his Agenda is Texas!!!!

21 Texas  Land of many cultures  Spanish, American, Mexican(Tejanos) Native Americans  Very fertile land to farm, resources, etc.  Mexico advertises the land to new settlers (Americans) to have them then become Mexican Citizens in all aspects  Stephen F. Austin

22 Austin…..  Recruits Americans to settle in Texas.  Helps Texas gain independence.

23 QUESTION:  What would be some problems that would arise due to lots of US settlers moving into Texas?

24 Texas a touchy issue  Jackson did not want to have Texas as a state because it would upset the balance between slave and free  Battle of Alamo (1830’s) Battle of Alamo  Same for Van Buren-Harrison  Tyler liked the idea, but was not liked himself to get Texas to be a state  Let to Pres. Polk

25 MEXCIO and their LAND!!!!  Pres. Polk wanted more land for USA and wanted to be know for something BIG!!!  Tried to buy lands from Mexico  They said NO!!!!!!!! WHY??????

26 James K. Polk 1845-1849  Responsible for the Completion of Manifest Destiny Watch video clip Napoleon of the Stump

27 Polk gets Tough! $30 million dollars  Pres. Polk tries to get Mexico to give up lands of California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, etc. by offering them $30 million dollars SAID NO!!!!!  Mexico: New nation. Won independence from Spain. Had own ideas of being a dominate nation: SAID NO!!!!!  How do you think Pres. Polk took this rejection?

28 He didn’t take it well at all!!  Upset: He decided to go to war with Mexico to obtain the land Thinking in Polk’s ways, why would war be the only way to get the land? Wouldn’t war cost more than purchasing it? How do you think Polk gets the nation to be on his side in this effort to obtain more land through war?

29 Let Mexico start the fight and then play the victim  Polk provoked Mexico to start the war  1846-1848  Read handouts of the quote by Pres. Polk  Mexican American War Mexican American War

30 USA wins: but problems arise  The conflict caused great resentment in the North  People felt that it was unjustified and motivated by the South wanting expand the area of slavery.  The fighting lasted about a year and a half and resulted in Mexico's complete defeat. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo  The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ended the war on February 2, 1848.

31 The continental USA is complete  Rio Grande became Texas' southern boundary.  California and the New Mexico Territory  As well as Nevada and Utah and most of Arizona and New Mexico  The United States paid Mexico $15 million and canceled the $3 million in U.S. claims.

32 CaliforniaCalifornia and Utah

33 New Problems Again  Tension between North and South grows  Gold is discovered in California 1849 (FREE)  California wants to be a state (FREE) (SLAVE)  According to the Missouri Compromise all this new land acquired in the war belongs to the South (SLAVE)

34 Manifest Destiny Rap

35 Exit Ticket:Reflection  Explain your understanding of Manifest Destiny (Be sure to state the significance of this movement)  Explain two problems that arose from this movement  Write a two paragraph journal entry as if you were a person who lived at this time moving out West. Talk about your experiences, challenges, rewards, and why you are moving West etc.

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