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2014 Spring Conference Winter Park, Florida Benchmarking in the “New Normal”

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1 2014 Spring Conference Winter Park, Florida Benchmarking in the “New Normal”

2 Agenda Introduction of Panel Members Session Objective  Benchmarking in the “New Normal”  Presenting Jurisdictions’ Information City of Winter Park (Small) Seminole County (Medium) Miami-Dade County (Large) Panel Member Presentations & Discussion Audience Participation: Q&A, Experiences & Comments

3 Panel Members Winona Stone – Collier County – Facilitator Peter Moore – City of Winter Park Lora Lei Hanson – Seminole County Ray Scher – Miami-Dade County

4 BENCHMARKING MANDATES? There is NO explicit statute or regulation demanding benchmarking, but there is an explicit OBLIGATION for local governments to assess reasonableness of fees and costs for services……….. BENCHMARKING is a logical, objective, cost effective and efficient means to conduct an assessment of reasonableness.

5 BENCHMARKING LOTS OF DEFINITIONS, BUT A SIMPLE CONCEPT--- Benchmarking is about being humble enough to admit that someone else is better at something and being wise enough to try and learn how to match and even surpass them at it!

6 “…Consists of:  Fewer resources  Smaller workforces  New ways of delivering services.”* *The “New Normal” for Local Government, Dr. Lawrence L. Martin, et al

7 Benchmarking in the “New Normal” Session Objective Today we will hear from small, medium and large local Florida governments about the tools utilized by their jurisdictions in adjusting to and thriving in the “NEW NORMAL!” Benchmarking has legitimately earned its new role as the “NEW NORMAL!” Benchmarking Tools – Processes – Measures – Methods – Best Practices – Software

8 Benchmarking Methods Matrix Technology Comparison Tables Graphs (pie chart, bar chart, histogram, etc.) SWOT Price/Performance Ratio Potential Analysis Life Cycle Analysis Market Growth Technology/Resource Strength Customer Satisfaction Revenue Share Etcetera

9 “New Normal” It’s not so new anymore! Councils/Boards have to make Hard Decisions Flip/Flopping Political and Management Priorities Postponed Infrastructure Maintenance Public’s Demand for Quality Services Constantly Emerging Technology Why don’t you Outsource? Loss of Historical Knowledge Changing Social Media Unfunded Mandates Aging Workforce Frozen Salaries No New Taxes NIMBY

10 Raising the Bar & the “New Normal” Dick Fosbury – “World’s laziest high jumper” 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist 1972 28 of 40 competitors had adopted the technique 1980 13 of 16 finalists were floppers Now Everyone Flops

11 Jurisdictions’ Comparative Demographics

12 Introduce Peter

13 Questions Your Experiences Coping with the “New Normal” General Comments

14 Panel Members Contact Info  Peter Moore, Budget & Performance Measurement Manager --- 407.691.6717  Lora Lei Hanson, Project Manager, Office of Organizational Development --- 407.665.1136  Ray Scher, Office of Management & Budget Assistant Director --- 305.375.5143

15 The following slides are if we have time at the end

16 Key Take-a-Ways #1 – Get the Definitions Right  Getting your definitions right is the cornerstone of successful benchmarking, Accuracy not precision, Involve the experts #2 – Decide Where to Focus  Where can you realize most value, what are your burning platforms? #3 – Get Buy-In  Involve your operational people, Don’t use benchmarking as a weapon, Understand the human reaction, Deliver the right message #4 – Go Beyond the Numbers  Show people the art of the possible, “show & tell” the story #5 – Celebrate Success  Yell, Shout, Make sure somebody hears!!!

17 17  Comparative analysis is often a beginning or means to an end, and not the end (result) itself  When selecting benchmarking partners, consider factors/differences but best to be open minded: Large vs. Small Government, City vs. County, Public vs. Private Sector, etc.  There are always doubters/naysayers that will not support comparative analysis  Comparative Analysis (Benchmarking) is an important and useful tool in the “New Normal”

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