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Customer Service 101 The Principles Fire Department.

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1 Customer Service 101 The Principles Fire Department

2 What's happening on the inside? CHANGE! More & more unpredictable faster (lots) murders sacred cows “white water” change dreaded by most insider lots of stress Is an process vs. a event

3 The Effects on Organizational Life More complicated more political standards of correctness/ fear special interest groups more screwballs (on and off duties)

4 Other Issues Huge financial reviews bigger risk/ bigger opportunities risk adverse managers

5 Fire Service Change Many times –we are “dumb” on the front end. –we get “smart” in the back end. We tend to change at the last moment! We sometimes mistake opportunities for threats!

6 Where have we been? Our basic mission keeps us going! 250 years old simple, clear mission lots of maybes empowering-inspiring highly accepted

7 Our Basic Mission Respond quickly solve the problem be nice go home as the same way you left home! (sitting up)

8 How do we deliver those basics? Hardware Software Liveware

9 Hardware Tools equipment apparatus …..(Stuff).

10 Software Systems regulations guidelines …….SOPs \more stuff

11 Liveware Humans Firefighters ……(people).

12 Service Delivery (1990s) Customer service focus: –new character: Mrs... Smith –new routine:be nice –new focus:her needs –new mgmt:inside approach determines outside services

13 Labels,labels and more labels What are labels? How do they effect us? How do they effect our customer? Do they become self fulfilling? What impact do they make on the emergency scene? Who are we to judge?

14 Where should we focus our efforts to improve? Which part of your system will Mrs... Smith remember?

15 We’ve Always Done Customer Service! What’s New? Customer’s expect high quality service. Growing competition (internally /externally). It is the majority of our job. It’s the right thing to do. A new Fire Service direction. If we don’t, somebody else will! The circle of influence concept. It’s the mint on the pillow approach.

16 The problem is we’re playing “Catch up” Traditional hardware being used in non traditional ways. We take everything we have everywhere we go.

17 Customer must fit the system…. In some cases, we call their use of our resources “system abuse” a major part of that “system abuse” definition involves using traditional vehicles in non- traditional ways.

18 Time to “Catch Up” Our system must reinvent itself to match current/actual service delivery ……simply, our system must be designed to fit the customer’s needs-----not the reverse.

19 Who Is the Customer? Customer==any Person You Provide Service to That Could Have a Effect on Your Ability to Continue to Deliver That Service! Internal External Special customer

20 Customer service areas Locations People Conditioning

21 Human Relations What is your opinion of Labels and the effect they have on group interactions? One size does not fit all. The changing workforce’s effect on customer loyalty.

22 Customers Interactions Sworn vs. Civilian Other city departments. The media and you! Fire and life safety programs. Inspections. Speaking engagements. Station tours. Public places. The Emergency scene.

23 Customer service 101 tactical priorities When dealing with customers have a plan! Locate Inform Assist

24 Group Exercise #2 Your Perspectives! What will you be doing for Mrs... Smith in 10 years?

25 Our Competitive Future Inside competition External competition

26 Concepts! The goal is make yourself so important to outside customers, that you avoid or minimize the internal politics. The key to getting what you want, is giving enough people what they want!

27 Real Life Open discussion on customer service issues! (War stories) The changing paradigm. Practices vs. Principles.

28 How do we make a difference? Circle of influence concept? Remember Mrs. Smith Set-out to make a difference!

29 Customer Service Manual Our essential mission and number one priority is to deliver the best possible service to our customer.

30 Customer Service Manual Always be nice--treat everyone with respect, kindness, patience, and consideration.

31 Customer Service Manual Always attempt to execute a standard problem-solving outcome: Quick/effective/skillful/safe/caring/managed.

32 Customer Service Manual Regard everyone as a customer.

33 Customer Service Manual Consider how you and what you are doing looks to other.

34 Customer Service Manual Don’t disqualify the customer with your qualifications.

35 Customer Service Manual Basic organization behavior must become customer-centered.

36 Customer Service Manual We must continually improve our customer service performance.

37 The Future (Change) Must emerge out of today –……where else will it come from: hard for us to make big systems “skip” into the future huge momentum in the status quo: –institutional budget –mgmt. Commitment –the “weight” of our inventory

38 Fire Service Change Timetable Minor hardware 1-2 yrs major hardware 3-5 yrs major liveware habits 3-5 yrs major culture 10 yrs

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