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Political Canvassing 101 Dickinson College Democrats Fall 2006.

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2 Political Canvassing 101 Dickinson College Democrats Fall 2006

3 A Presentation by Sam Meller and Alex Stout

4 What is canvassing and why do we do it? Whether by phone or on doorsteps, canvassing is speaking directly with voters Canvassing gathers basic information, such as who they are planning on voting for and what issues they find important Still the most effective way of reaching voters and changing their minds Personal contact gets voters involved

5 Who do we talk to? Our goal is to talk to every individual registered as a Democrat Independents are a much lower priority We never have time to talk to Republicans – convincing a disbeliever takes too long

6 Where do we start? Walk-lists – printed out by DCD Officers or the campaign we’re working for

7 At the Door Ring the doorbell, then back away from the door about 5 feet Introduce yourself, using a modified version of the script Goal #1: Find out who they’re voting for Goal #2: Find out what issues they care about

8 Basic Tips: Dress professionally – comfort and class Drink water – dehydration can happen in October

9 Tips continued No literature in mailboxes – EVER X Sketchy house? Stay away Stay with your buddy

10 You should not: Answer questions to which you do not know the answer Try to memorize every fact ever Get frustrated and yell at Republicans

11 You SHOULD NOT do this:

12 You should: Be passionate Know why you support Casey and Rendell Smile a lot Be polite

13 You SHOULD do this:

14 Always remember why you do it – You believe America can do better!

15 And do it for these guys!!!

16 Help them beat these guys!!!

17 Have Fun Relax Be Confident Change America

18 Questions? To see this presentation again, visit the “Members” section of our website:

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