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Trick-or-Vote 2006 Canvass Training. WALKING & KNOCKING for DEMOCRACY! We will be knocking on doors to get out the vote. Its the best way, on the best.

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1 Trick-or-Vote 2006 Canvass Training

2 WALKING & KNOCKING for DEMOCRACY! We will be knocking on doors to get out the vote. Its the best way, on the best day! Everyone going out today gets a map and walklist. Thats your TURF. Each turf is for a PAIR of Trick-or-Voters. You can choose to walk separately (for example, on different sides of the street), or walk together. Stay on your turf so you dont overlap other Trick or Voters.

3 WALKING & KNOCKING for DEMOCRACY! There are three kinds of turf – RED: lots of apartment buildings – YELLOW: a mix of apartments and houses – GREEN: mostly houses

4 GREEN & If youre on a green or yellow team, youll get a map that highlights your assigned turf. You will also get a walk-list of voters who HAVENT YET VOTED (as of Thursday). Focus on knocking on those doors. Each turf is for two people, and contains between 100 and 150 doors. YELLOWTURF

5 YELLOW TURF Yellow turf includes both houses and apartments. Knock on doors until you get to an apartment complex. If its locked, try your best to get in! YELLOW TURF

6 RED TURF If you are on a RED team, you will have a map of APARTMENT BUILDINGS (not houses) that are assigned to you. Each pair of Trick or Voters will be assigned between 1 and 5 apartment buildings. You will also get a list of registered voters in each building. ( NOTE: Unlike green & yellow turf, your turf will NOT tell you whether people have voted in this election.)

7 Some buildings have openers. Some do not. If you have an opener, please dont share their name with anyone else in the building. If your turf is mostly students, you will have student-specific voter guides to leave for people. Be subtle, polite, and persistent, like a ninja. RED TURF

8 Materials TO DISTRIBUTE: Nonpartisan ballot measure guide + ballot drop site info Door Hangers A few Trick or Vote flyers Candy TO USE: Clipboard & pen Volunteer sign-ups Candy

9 What to do at the door… TRICK OR VOTE! Hi, Im a volunteer with Trick or Vote and were all over the city today reminding people to vote in the November 7th election. Have you turned in your ballot?

10 What to do at the door… Well, heres some information about ballot measures and a list of your local drop boxes. If you wish to turn in your ballot tonight, I can call a ballot collector to come pick it up. Happy Halloween! If the answer is NO…

11 What to do at the door… Super! Heres some information -- please give it to someone who hasnt voted yet. Have a Happy Halloween! If the answer is Yes…

12 What to do at the door… The Bus Project volunteer team does this sort of thing regularly. Wed love to let you know about future events. Do you have an e- mail address? In EITHER case, if the person at the door is friendly, or says something like, Trick-or-Vote? Thats a great idea…

13 What to do at the door… You can, but do it SOON. Ballots must be RECEIVED by Nov. 7th. Friday Nov. 3 rd is the last day to mail it in. Its easy for one of our ballot collectors to get it today. If the person asks, Can I still mail my ballot in?

14 What to do at the door… Ill call our ballot collector right away! If the person at the door would like their ballot collected tonight… You can call this number and a ballot collector will be by to get it right away! OR

15 13 Tips

16 1 Walk Quickly, Talk Slowly More doors = more votes turned out. Move quickly from door to door and from house to house, but dont rush when you talk to someone.

17 2 Use Your Map and Walklist This will keep you from getting lost or double-knocking doors, and will make you more efficient.

18 3 Knock Three Times Give residents time to get to the door.

19 4 Smile This will put residents at ease and make them more open to talking to you.

20 5 Listen This makes residents feel like you really care…

21 6 Give Literature You will have nifty and informative stuff to hand out so use it! - Leave the ballot measure & drop site guide at EVERY door you knock - Leave a door hanger too, if no one is home - Giving candy is discretionary

22 7 Be Comfy and Safe A comfy canvasser is an effective canvasser, so take care of your needs. Use your judgment on the street; never put yourself in a situation where you do not feel safe.

23 8 Leave No Trick-or-Voter Behind Meet up with your team before you leave the turf. Make sure everyone is accounted for. Dont leave your partner behind.

24 9 No Mailboxes It is against the law to leave material in mailboxes. Dont break the law. Leave hand-outs on the porch, rolled up between the door-knob and door- jam, or under the door.

25 10 Leave Things Nice You are a guest in the neighborhood you canvass in, so act like it. Respect property.

26 11 Sign em Up! If anyone seems remotely interested in the idea of Trick-or-Vote (or getting the vote out period), then sign them up to get more info about other events like this one. Always ask!

27 12 ID Yourself as a Volunteer Identify yourself as a volunteer…you will usually be welcomed.

28 13 Stay Focused, Keep Moving You will run out of time before you run out of turf! Try to hit as many doors as possible.

29 Hand Out Turf and Practice! Trainers -- give out turf! Trick or Voters -- Pair up and try it with a buddy … and have fun!

30 Trick-or-Vote 2006

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