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Starbucks Coffee Company

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1 Starbucks Coffee Company
Alicia Brogan Natalie Lefebvre Evelyn Ruiz Chanel Tabares Balazs Zavaczki

2 Company Information Starbucks Coffee Company
Started in 1971 and in 2010 it is the largest coffeehouse company in the world It is an International business Known for it’s delicious drinks Starbucks also serves baked goods and breakfast/lunch sandwiches Offers free Wi-Fi internationally

3 Competitors Starbucks’ competitors consists of anyone who sells coffee and even all natural food. But McDonalds has been one of Starbucks’ biggest competitor since they now have a “McCafé” and free Wi-Fi as well.

4  Collaborators You can find Starbucks coffee and goods at Target, Barnes & Noble, and Airports Publix also offers Starbucks’ line of ice cream Other groceries stories such as Publix, also sell Starbucks’ whole bean coffee

5 Costumers Anyone can come enjoy Starbucks, especially since the company offers more than just coffee

6 Communication Climate in Business
Starbucks is very involved with the environment, on their website it states “We’ve always believed that business can – and should – have a positive impact on the communities they serve”. Starbucks has community work, ethical sourcing, diversity help regarding ideas, always finding ways to minimize their environmental footprints and wellness in offering balanced food and beverage options.

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