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Do You Know What You ’ re Drinking? Choose healthy beverages!

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1 Do You Know What You ’ re Drinking? Choose healthy beverages!

2 Family and Community Health Sciences For more healthy lifestyle information contact your local Rutgers Cooperative Extension Office or visit the website

3 Drink Healthy Beverages - 8 ounces is a portion size - Look for healthful nutrients such as calcium, vitamins, and minerals - Limit beverages high in natural or added sugar. [4 g = 1 teaspoon = 15 calories] - Choose low-fat beverages and coffee lighteners [4 g fat = 1 teaspoon = 45 calories] - Caffeine is not appropriate for children

4 Symbol Key = 10 Calories = 4 grams (g) sugar or one teaspoon = 4 milligram (mg) Caffeine = Good Choice in a Beverage = Beverage Choice Needs Improvement 

5 Cola How many calories are in your cola? How much sugar? How much caffeine? Flip to find out!

6 Cola In one 12 oz can of cola: 150 Calories 41 g of sugar 99 mg Caffeine Better Choice = 8oz caffeine free, regular soda or diet soda or calorie-free seltzer 

7 Energy Drink What ’ s in your Energy drink? How much caffeine do you think they fit in that tiny little can (8.2 oz)? Can you guess how many calories it contains? How many teaspoons of sugar are hiding in there? Flip to find out!!

8 Energy Drink That 8 ounce can contains: 108 Calories 24 g of Sugar And a whopping 72 mg of Caffeine! Contains high amounts of sugar and caffeine is not for children! 

9 1 % Milk Have you ever gotten a Milk Mustache? Find out what was in that tasty drink. But first, can you guess how much: Calories Sugar Caffeine Any other health benefits? Flip Over to See!

10 Milk An 8 oz glass of 1% Milk has: 100 calories 13 g of sugar And no caffeine! Health Benefits: Vitamins A & D and Calcium & Phosphorus. Milk keeps bones strong. Best Choice = 1% or non-fat milk for everyone over the age of 2 years

11 Orange Juice Wake Up!! Its time to guess what ’ s in that yummy breakfast drink, the one and only OJ! Do you know how many calories a glass of OJ has? How about how much sugar or caffeine? Want to know? Just flip!

12 Orange Juice That 8 oz glass of OJ has: 112 Calories 27g of sugar And no Caffeine! Health Benefits: OJ is great source of Vitamin C & folate. Some OJ has fiber and/or added Calcium. Read the label to find out! Even Better Choice: reduced sugar varieties

13 Diet Cola What ’ s in that diet drink? Can you guess how many calories? How much Sugar? Caffeine? Flip over if you want to know!

14 Diet Cola That 8 oz can of Diet soda has: 0-1 Calorie O grams of Sugar 43 mg of Caffeine

15 Kid ’ s Juice Drink Can you guess what ’ s in that after school drink? How many Calories? How much Sugar? How much Caffeine? Flip over to see!

16 Kid ’ s Juice Drink That 8.45oz box of juice drink (only 10% juice) has 140 Calories 32 grams of Sugar And 0 mg ’ s of Caffeine Better Choice: 100% Juice 

17 Sports Drink After working up a sweat, its nice to take a big gulp of a sports drink. But was exactly are you gulping down? How many calories? How much sugar? How much caffeine? Flip over to find out

18 Sports Drink Your 16 oz bottle contains: 120 Calories 26 grams of sugar 0 mg ’ s of Caffeine! Water is best for most active youth and adults. 

19 Café Latte Ever wondered what ’ s in your morning pick me up? Take a guess at how many Calories and How much Sugar and Caffeine it contains. Now flip over and see if your right!

20 Café Latte A large (16 oz) Cafe Latte contains: 607 Calories 19 Grams of Sugar 137 mg ’ s Caffeine. Latte ’ s also have Calcium! Better choice: 8 oz, non-fat milk latte. 

21 Coffee Can you guess? How many Calories? And how much Sugar and Caffeine? In a black, 8 oz cup of coffee? Flip over if you want to know!

22 Coffee That brewed delight has 2 Calories 0 g of Sugar 92 mg of Caffeine! Another Choice: decaffeinated coffee.

23 Vitamin Water Vitamins, minerals, & calcium, Oh My! Ever wondered what ’ s really in that vitamin water you drink? Do you know? How many calories? How much sugar? How much caffeine? Want to find out? Just flip!!

24 Vitamin Water Your bottle of vitamin water contains: 50 Calories 13 grams of Sugar 0 mg ’ s of Caffeine Health benefits: Vitamins C, B3, B6, B12, B5, Calcium & & Potassium. Plain water is best. Get your vitamins from food. 

25 Iced Tea Ah, nothing ’ s better on a hot afternoon that cold glass of iced tea. But what are you really downing to quell your thirst? How many calories? How much sugar? How much caffeine? Just flip and find out!

26 Iced Tea That 16 ounce ice cold drink has: 95 Calories 24 g of Sugar 76 mg of Caffeine Better Choice: unsweetened or artificially sweetened tea 

27 Yogurt Fruit Smoothie Drink A few strawberries, and little banana, throw in some yogurt and you ’ ve got yourself a smoothie! Find out how Many calories Much Sugar Much Caffeine Just flip over and learn!

28 Yogurt Fruit Smoothie Drink – 20 ounces 496 Calories 84 g of Sugar O mg ’ s of Caffeine Health benefits: Vitamins A, D, & C; & Calcium Best choice: Low-fat, reduced sugar varieties in 6 to 8 ounce portions.

29 Cranberry Juice Cocktail Refreshing Cranberry juice, the perfect breakfast companion. Do you know what ’ s in it? Guess How many calories? How much sugar? How much caffeine? Just flip over and see!!

30 Cranberry Juice Cocktail – 8 oz. 137 Calories 30 g of Sugar 0 mg of Caffeine Health benefits: Vitamin C & healthy phytochemicals! Better Choice: reduced sugar varieties.

31 References All nutrient amounts, except vitamin water and café latte, from “What’s In the Foods You Eat”, a searchable document listing 13,000 foods Found at the USDA/ARS website: Other beverage information from product information on website or food label.

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