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Starbucks Marketing Plan

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1 Starbucks Marketing Plan
Prepared By: Alison Buckley Lance Hill Laura DeSloover Kati Popielarz Leslie Gora Danielle Sanders Saginaw Valley State University MKT 336, FALL 2009

2 Executive Summary- Key Points
Largest Coffeehouse company in the world Based in Seattle > 16,000 stores in 49 countries Well known; internationally successful Target Market: Individuals with a higher disposable income seeking a unique experience

3 Mission Statement Principles to support statement:
“To inspire and nurture the human spirit— one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” Principles to support statement: Ethically source the finest coffee beans Embrace diversity Provide a human connection with employees Create stores where customers feel comfortable Take responsibility in each community

4 Starbucks Visit Results

5 Independent Coffee Shop Visit Results

6 Situational Analysis

7 Internet Marketing Website Twitter Facebook Videos
In-store wifi access

8 Internet Marketing

9 Internet Marketing

10 Internet Marketing

11 Market Summary Gourmet Coffee is Big Business
$11 Billion in sales in 2005 300 Million cups of coffee consumed 54% Americans daily coffee drinkers 15% Americans One specialty coffee a day 75% brewed at home

12 Market Summary Diverse Market Segment Young professionals Web workers
Strive to be there for all Young professionals Web workers Soccer Moms “Hipster-Types”

13 Market Summary Store Location Currently >16,000 Stores
Median household income of $60,000 Currently >16,000 Stores Closed 600 Stores in July 2008 Michigan stores closed: Detroit, Flint, Gaylord, and Ludington, among others

14 Market Summary The Anti-Starbucks Starbucks 4 Stores planned to open
First: 15th Avenue Coffee and tea




18 SWOT Analysis: THREATS

19 Competitor Environment

20 Marketing Goals & Objectives
42% of the coffee market share Ranked 4th of top 400 restaurant chains Focusing on future growth through their 160,000 partners Moving companies overseas Integrating corporate social responsibility

21 Marketing Strategy Alternatives to Current strategy
Focus on keeping competitive prices in retail outside of Starbucks stores More variety in desserts and lunch options Reassess online sales

22 Marketing Strategy Demographics, Psychographics and Geography
Middle-upper class predominately white areas Located in office buildings, college campuses and urban areas Suggestions Rely on brand and loyal customers

23 Marketing Strategy Product positioning and life cycle
High price, high quality for their market Boston Consulting Group Matrix Mature/established life cycle stage

24 Marketing Mix

25 Implementations & Control

26 Contingency Plan

27 Summary

28 References

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