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Eating Right When Money’s Tight Presented by: Esther Bush Worksite Specialist (213) 351-7819.

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1 Eating Right When Money’s Tight Presented by: Esther Bush Worksite Specialist (213) 351-7819

2 Today’s Agenda 1.Tips to use when you are at the store, at home, or out and about 2.Nutrition Tips: Add Health, Subtract $’s 3.What’s in the Bag? 4.“Find a Solution” Worksheet

3 At Home – before shopping Take an inventory Keep an ongoing list on the refrigerator Check websites, circulars, and newspapers for sales Build a weekly menu plan around sales what you already have Based on your plan, build a shopping list

4 At the Store Take a list to the store – and stick to it Loss leaders and sales Shop the perimeter; Convenience costs more

5 At the store … Don’t stay too long in the store Don’t pay extra for individual serving sizes Shred your own cheese VS

6 At the Store… Look high and low Stock up when non-perishable favorites are on sale, such as frozen and canned foods. Buy fresh products on season and freeze Buy store Brands – National Brands spend lots on marketing – Store brands are less expensive and just as good Compare the ingredient list

7 At the Store… Buy one, get one free Buy day-old bakery items and freeze Use loyalty cards Visit local farmers’ markets

8 Compare Unit Price Which product is less expensive?

9 Buyers Beware ! Watch for –Displays place at the end of aisles –Food items at eye level –Items advertised on children’s TV programs –Non-food household items Remember ! – Store managers jobs are to get you to spend money !

10 Final notes Pay special attention at the check out. Check your receipt! Make sure all of your groceries get into your bag, your cart and into your car. How did you do?

11 At home – when cooking Repackage food that you bought in bulk Make it yourself and save Cook extra and make “frozen dinners” Be creative, make substitutions to recipes Use a crock pot to tenderize harder (often cheaper) meat

12 Protein sources Protein SourcePrice Per Serving Eggs.13¢ per egg Ground Beef.25¢ an ounce Dried Beans.04¢ for ¼ cup Canned Beans.12¢ for a ¼ cup Peanut Butter.07¢ per tablespoon Walnuts.21¢ per ½ an ounce

13 At home Handle and store food properly to avoid waste. Know expiration dates and never allow leftovers to go bad. Be creative and make substitutions to recipes. Involve your family in food preparation. Grow a garden. Eat less


15 Out and about Pack Breakfast. Pack Lunch and snacks Go out for breakfast or lunch, not dinner Ask for a “To go” box at the beginning Share! Early bird specials- between 5-6 (am or pm) Order water with lemon Invest in a coffee pot at work Start a water club at work Have a potluck to celebrate

16 Health at what cost? Nutritious choice PriceversusSnack Choice Price Banana.25versusCandy bar.69 Orange.28versusSoda1.39 Apple.33versusChips (small bag).59

17 Health at what cost? 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4 grams A 20 ounce Coca-cola has 68 grams of sugar How many teaspoons is that? 17 teaspoons!

18 Improve Nutrition for 0$ Make half your daily grain whole grains - Read the ingredients: WHOLE WHEAT. - Read the Nutrition Fact Label: 3 or more grams of fiber per serving. High fiber foods =Fuller longer = Eat less food Include fruits & vegetables in your diet - Add to box mixes, sauces, frozen pizzas. - Use fresh, frozen or canned. Choose milk, cheeses and yogurts fat-free or low-fat

19 Improve Nutrition for 0$ Select meat cuts and ground meats that are low in fat or rinse off fats after cooking Try grilling, broiling, poaching, or roasting = no added fat Use vegetable oils instead of butter or lard Drink water rather than sodas or sports drinks Choose and prepare foods with little salt, use half of seasoning packages

20 What’s in the Bag? Making food from scratch almost always saves money. Compare the two bags of groceries –Cost is the same, but the food in bag 2 provides many more nutritious meals Processed vs. fresh foods


22 BAG 1 (Purchased from Albertson’s on Via Campo) Stouffer’s Teriyaki Chicken Skillet$6.99 Tropicana Juice, ½ gallon$4.39 Hamburger Helper$2.99 Chocolate Milk, pint$0.89 Fresh Ground Beef, 1 lb. (from meat case)$3.49 Pillsbury Biscuits in a tube$2.39 Hormel Canned Chili, 15oz$2.49 Ready to Eat Chocolate Pudding, 4 pack$1.99 Progresso Canned Chicken Soup, 19 oz$3.19 Total Cost of Bag 1 $28.81 TOTAL: $28.81

23 BAG 2 (Purchased from Albertson’s on Via Campo) Whole Chicken $2.80 Fresh Carrots, 2 lbs$1.29 Fresh Broccoli, 1 lb$0.99 Water Chestnuts$0.69 Fresh Red Bell Pepper$1.29 Long Grain Brown Rice$2.69 Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate, 12 oz$2.00 Frozen Hamburger, 1 lb $1.99 Whole Wheat Noodles$1.67 Canned Mushroom Soup $0.79 Non-fat Milk, quart$1.69 Dry Kidney Beans$1.50 Diced tomatoes, 15 oz$0.80 Tomato Sauce, 15 oz$0.80 Low-Sodium Chili Seasoning$1.69 Jiffy Baking Mix$2.99 Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding Mix$0.69 Fresh Celery $1.69 Yellow Onion$0.87 TOTAL: $28.92 Use Market Club Cards for additional savings Total Cost of Bag 2 $28.92

24 What you can make with the contents of BAG 2: 6 servings of chicken stir-fry Orange juice: 6¢ / ounce 4 puddings, 35¢ each 12 servings of chicken soup 12 servings of chili 8 servings of hamburger/noodles ~50 homemade biscuits What you can make with the contents of BAG 1: 2 servings of stir-fry Orange juice: 13¢ / ounce 4 Puddings, 49¢ each 2 servings of chicken soup 2 servings of chili 5 servings of Hamburger Helper 10 biscuits

25 Eating Right When Money’s Tight Don’t Look for Name Brands Fresh vs. Processed –Fresh is healthier –More servings Not about “Good Bag” or “Bad Bag” –Bag 1 – some food items seem to be healthy –Important to see number of servings of nutritious food

26 Worksheet Do you want more nutrition information?

27 Questions? Thank you! –Visit USDA Websites for Tips: or Pubs/FoodPlansRecipeBook.pdf (directly to the cookbook) Pubs/FoodPlansRecipeBook.pdf –Visit –Call 211 For information about Food Stamps, or any other programs

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