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Healthy Eating on a Budget Ashlee Lamar Student Dietitian, KSU.

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1 Healthy Eating on a Budget Ashlee Lamar Student Dietitian, KSU

2 Objectives Meal Planning to Save Money Meal Planning Basics Waste Less Plan around produce Cooking Store bought vs. Homemade (Time vs. money) Eat at home Frugal foods Shopping Lists Unit Pricing Buy in bulk Stretch your dollar


4 Meal Planning Basics Plan meals the week ahead Takes less time than going back to the grocery store for forgotten item Think about your schedule

5 Meal Planning Basics Plan based on whats in your refrigerator/pantry Ask: What can I make with foods I have? What needs to be used up first? Can I mix foods together to make a meal? Is this healthy?

6 Meal Planning Basics Plan some meals that dont have meat Goal: Twice a week Use beans, eggs, peanut butter Check grocery ads Circle foods you need Make a list

7 Plan Ahead: Reduce Waste Keep food safe Put cold foods in cart last, refrigerate immediately Look for older expiration date Waste less Use oldest first Recreate foods that are about to spoil Throw away spoiled food!

8 Plan Ahead: Leftovers Leftovers Eat Freeze for another meal Recreate Example: Cooked ground beef, tacos, chili, meatloaf

9 Shopping: Plan Ahead! The average shopper spends 40% more on impulse purchases when shopping without a list KSU Research and Extensions

10 Shopping: Make a List Make a list and stick to it! Organize based on store layout Keep list in a central area Copy for future weeks Shopping when you are hungry can cause you to buy more!

11 Shopping Discounts only save you money if the product is something you actually need and would normally buy!

12 For about $13.00 you could buyOR that same $13.00 could buy 1 pound bag cookies4 bananas 10-ounce bag chips3 apples 2 liter soda3 pears ½ gallon ice cream3 oranges 12 broccoli stems 10 long carrots 1 pound raisins 1 jar apples 1 large can frozen orange juice concentrate Either a jar of peanut butter or ranch dressing for dip

13 Shopping: Compare Unit Prices The unit price tells you the cost per ounce/pound/quart, etc… Use to compare sizes and brands Look on the shelf edge under the product Example: canned pears $0.80 ÷ 12 ounces = $.07 / ounce Unit Price: $.08 12 ounce can: $0.80Unit Price: $.07

14 Shopping: Unit Pricing 16 oz. box = $2.50.15 /oz. 32 oz. box = $3.00.09 /oz. Cereal

15 Shopping: Buy in bulk! Take advantage of sales Buy in bulk Cook in bulk. Freeze leftovers for future meals. Coupons Ask for rain check if store is out Caution: sometimes coupons are for store brands. Off brands may still be cheaper.

16 Shopping: Tips to Stretch your dollar Purchase fruits and vegetables from produce section, not salad bar Purchase fruits and vegetables in season Add vegetables to costly dishes with meats

17 Grocery bargains: often on top and bottom shelves, and in out of the way spaces. Most store or generic brands are cheaper If you buy name brands- look for coupons in the paper, store ads, or online. Only use coupons for foods that are already on your list

18 Tips to Stretch your dollar Lean cuts of meat provide more for your dollar. Less tender cuts are cheaper. Marinade or cook with liquid in a slow cooker. Chuck, round, flank, plank, brisket Prepare meat yourself Hamburger patties Kabob pieces Cooking meat

19 Cooking on a Budget The average adult purchases a meal/snack from a restaurant 5.8 times per week! Why? Time Convenience Certain foods

20 Cooking on a Budget Consider eating more at home Time factor: prepare ahead of time Freezer meals Pack to go meals Purchase snacks and bag yourself Start small: Eat 1-2 less meals per week at restaurants to save money and a whole days worth of calories!

21 Cooking: Homemade or purchased? Beware of frozen dinners (TV dinners) Make your own frozen dinners Double the recipe of main dish youre making Freeze in meal sized portions Cool quickly and freeze Discard food left out longer than 2 Label package Keep a list

22 Make the most out of boxed meals Decrease Fat Use half the margarine macaroni and cheese, rice, stuffing, potatoes Hamburger helper: Drain & rinse meat Brownies: substitute unsweetened apple sauce for vegetable oil Use 2 egg whites for 1 whole egg

23 Make the most out of boxed meals Decrease Sodium Use half the seasoning packet Add vegetables Canned soup (low sodium soup) Pasta sauces Add canned fruit to yogurt, jello or pudding

24 Frugal Foods Eggs Usually less than $2 / dozen High in protein Potatoes High in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium Bake, boil, roast, add to casseroles or soups Rolled oats ~14 cents /cup 4 grams dietary fiber

25 Frugal Foods Nonfat dried milk Chill before drinking Great for cooking Beans Usually 23 cents / serving Peanut butter High protein Canned Tuna High in protein and vitamin D Sandwiches, salads casseroles

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