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1 Report My Changes Training Presentation

2 Training Support Questions while viewing the training material? Contact the Training Call Center at: Call (608) Option #2, or

3 Introduction Starting on September 6, 2006, customers will be able to report job changes through the ACCESS website ( and workers will use CWW to view and process these changes. Like the other ACCESS tools, this initiative is the result of three overarching DHFS departmental goals: the desire to increase customer access to the programs we administer, the need to increase payment accuracy, and the need to decrease the workload for those who administer those same programs.

4 What is Included? This training will provide an overview of these new tools: ACCESS Report My Changes The Change Report Inbox in CWW Change Processing in CWW

5 Customers’ ACCESS Experience
Since August 2004, customers have been able to complete an eligibility self-assessment on-line. The ACCESS website was then enhanced in September 2005 to allow customers to check the status of their benefits on-line.

6 Since June 2006, customers have been able to apply online for FoodShare, Family Medicaid/BadgerCare and the Family Planning Waiver Program. On September 6, 2006, we will launch the first phase of Report My Changes (RMC). During this initial phase, customers will be able to report only job changes through ACCESS. In 2007, we will expand RMC to include changes in address, household composition, and expenses.

7 Who Can Report A Change? Report My Changes (RMC) is part of the existing Check My Benefits (CMB) component of ACCESS. RMC uses the same security framework used in CMB, which provides two levels of access to information: Full-View for the Primary Person and Primary Person’s spouse Targeted View for all other adults on the case. Note: minors may not access CMB or RMC unless they are the Primary Person or the Primary Person’s spouse. To use RMC, a customer must create a secure account with a user ID and password. Once an account is created, the user can log in anytime with the user ID and password. If a customer already has an account for CMB, s/he will be able to use the same account for RMC. For whom can the user report changes? Full-View users can report changes for anyone in the household Targeted-View users can report changes only for themselves When can a user report changes? In order to report changes for a case, someone on the case must: be receiving benefits, OR have received Medicaid in the last 30 days

8 Report My Changes Client View: Getting to RMC
Note that the “Check My Benefits” icon is used to get to “Report My Changes”. Let’s take the example of Trina and Stan Park, who are both eligible for FoodShare. Trina has two jobs and needs to report a change in one of them. Stan needs to report a new job. From the ACCESS homepage at Trina will click on “Check My Benefits”.

9 Report My Changes: Account & Login
The first time Trina visits CMB/RMC, she’ll need to click on “Create Account” to set up her user ID and password. The next time she visits CMB/RMC, she can simply click on “Login” to log in with her user ID and password.

10 Report My Changes: Account & Login
To create an account, Trina must provide: Her SSN (or CARES PIN only if she doesn’t have a SSN) Her date of birth And one of the following: Forward Card ID number QUEST card or case number.

11 Report My Changes: Account & Login
Then, Trina will create a user ID and password, answer a secret question for future password recovery, and accept the User Acceptance Agreement.

12 Report My Changes: Logging In
To log in to CMB/RMC, Trina will enter the User ID and password she has just created.

13 Report My Changes: Tabs
From the MyACCESS summary screen, Trina can click on the Report My Changes tab or on the “click here” link on the page. This will take her to RMC. Note: In some situations, another tab called “My ACCESS Folder” may also appear here to track the history of Trina’s interactions with ACCESS.

14 Report My Changes: Choosing to Report a Change
She’ll also get a special message about her reduced reporting threshold. On the RMC home page, Trina can check the box to report a job change. She can also view information about the change reporting process for her county, and a list of change reporting requirements specifically based on the programs that she is currently receiving.

15 Report My Changes: Reporting a Job Change
Note: both job changes and jobs ending are reported as a “change”. ACCESS will then connect to CARES electronically to get a list of the current or recent jobs on file for Trina and Stan’s case. Trina wants to report a job change and a new job. She’ll check the box for the job that has changed. She’ll also check the box to indicate that Stan has a new job.

16 Report My Changes: Employer Information
1) ACCESS will first display a page with Trina’s Walton Enterprises employment details pre-populated from CARES. 2) On the right side of the page, Trina will be able to see the information currently on file. This will stay the same, even if she makes a change on the left side of the screen. 3) Trina will make changes to the fields on the left side of the screen to update the information. .

17 Report My Changes: Pay Information
In this example: Trina is reporting An increase in her regular rate of pay As well as the addition of weekend pay.

18 Report My Changes: Report Additional Change
Then, ACCESS will display a blank employment details page for Stan’s new job, allowing Trina to enter the new job information.

19 Report My Changes: Report an Additional Change

20 Report My Changes: Review and Summary
Before submitting her changes, Trina will review the information that she has provided. She can edit, erase, or add changes as needed.

21 Report My Changes: Submit
Then, Trina will submit the change.

22 Report My Changes: Proof, Tracking & Printing
Similar to the ACCESS online application, Trina will receive: A Change Report confirmation A list of the proof types she may need to provide A tracking number for the change report And a printable copy of the changes she submitted. The PDF version of the change report will be available online in Trina’s MyACCESS Folder. The MyACCESS summary will also show the status of the change.

23 Reported Changes Like the ACCESS on-line application, Change Reports are submitted to CWW right after the customer hits submit. But, if the customer electronically submits the change after 4:30pm on a business day or anytime on a weekend or holiday, the reporting date will be set to the next business day.

24 The Change Report Inbox
The Change Report submitted by the customer will be electronically transmitted to CWW. CWW now has a set of new screens that make up the Change Report Inbox. The reported change will go to the Change Report Inbox and await worker action. It will be assigned automatically to the primary worker for the case. Keep in mind that the Change Report Inbox is similar to but separate from the RFA/ACCESS Application Inbox.

25 The Change Report Inbox
You can use new Change Report Inbox screens in CWW to: View a list of changes that have been assigned to you Search for change reports using basic and advanced searches; View a list of reports that meet specific criteria; Select the report(s) you want to work with; or Re-assign reports to workers as desired. Remember: change reports will be automatically assigned to the primary worker when they are submitted to the agency.

26 Getting to the Change Report Inbox Listing
The Change Report Inbox Listing page can be accessed via: The My Tasks box on the worker’s CWW Home page (click the magnifying glass to see an Inbox listing of the Change Reports that have been assigned to you), or The Change Report Inbox Search page (use the basic or advanced search to view a listing of the Change Reports that meet your criteria.) In this example, Trina’s change report has been automatically assigned to the worker for her case. That’s why it appears under “My Tasks.” If you have the RMC tracking number, you can also enter it in the Quick Select field.

27 Change Report Inbox If you are in an agency with a change center, workers will see the count of change reports associated with their cases on their home page but they should not take action on the changes. Change center staff should search the inbox to find change reports to process. Agencies can either reassign a group of Change Reports to change center staff or each change center staff member can reassign the change report to themselves as they begin processing it.

28 Search the Change Report Inbox
Use the Basic search to: Find a list of all Change Reports assigned to you, to view and process or re-assign, Find a list of all Change Reports in your agency’s Inbox, to view and process or re-assign, or Find the number of Change Reports in your agency’s Inbox.

29 Advanced Search To narrow your search, use the Advanced Search portion of the Search Criteria page. Use as many or as few of these criteria to refine your search. Change Report Status (Received or In Progress) Office or Supervisor Unit Specific Case Worker Change Reporting Date (The date the report was received in your agency)

30 Advanced Search If appropriate, remember to save your desired search criteria; hit the Save Search Criteria button at the top of the Advanced Search box before moving off the page. Then, select an action in the What would you like to do? section at the bottom of the page to get the specific Change Reports you are looking for.

31 The Change Report Inbox “View”
By clicking on these headers, you can sort the list by the same criteria you used in your search. To process the change report, select using the radio button and click Next. Choosing the “View” option on the Inbox Search page allows you to view and select specific change reports to process on the “Inbox Listing – View Change Reports” page. In this example, the only change report assigned to this worker is Trina Park’s change report. To start processing it, the worker would select it using the radio button and click Next. Workers can also choose the radio button that says “Select Next Inbox Item Meeting the Above Criteria…” to process the next item on the list. Important notes: The Change Report Inbox listing will always display the Primary Person, even if another adult on the case submitted the report. Items in the RMC inbox will display in bold if they are older than 5 days, and in purple after 10 days.

32 Select to Re-assign 1 There may be a time when you wish to re-assign a Change report to another worker for processing. From the Inbox Search Page, select “Change Report to view and Reassign” action and click next. The Inbox Listing – Reassign Change Reports page will display. If you are only going to assign select change reports, and not all of them that you searched for and brought to the list, select the Change Reports to reassign. If you are only going to assign select change reports, and not all of them that you searched for and brought to the list , then click the Add button to add the selected change reports to the list of Change Reports to re-assign. 2 3 4 5 4) Enter the new worker ID number 5) Make a selection at the bottom of the page to re-assign only the selected Change Reports to another worker, or to reassign all of the inbox items meeting the search criteria you used to get the list.

33 Process a Change Report
After selecting Trina’s Change Report, the Change Report Summary page will display the Change Report detail information at the top of the page. When necessary, click on the Change Report Details View icon to view the PDF file that contains details of the changes Trina submitted. Click here to view the PDF

34 Select a Processing Option
Start Processing Change Report – if you are ready to process the Change Report Or No Action Required on Change Report – when you have viewed the PDF file of the Change Report and decided that no action needs to be taken (e.g. it is a duplicate report).

35 Processing A Change Report
When you click the button to start processing the Change Report: The Change Report status will change from Received to In Progress in CWW. The RMC/CMB component of ACCESS will also reflect this change in status. The worker processing the Change Report will be recorded as the Change Report Worker. This action will not change the primary worker for the case. The Case Summary page for the case will display and show an event panel stating that the Change Report has been linked to the case. Click Next at the bottom of the Case Summary page to start the Change Report driver.

36 Multiple Change Reports
CWW keeps track of all Change Reports received for a case. If another Change Report has been received with a receipt date prior to the one currently being processed, the following event panel will display:

37 Employment Summary Page
The information Trina provided will be displayed on the Employment Summary page as the worker processes the reported change.

38 Employment Summary Page
Review each item listed in the Change Report Information section and make a processing decision. Click on the down arrow in the What would you like to do? action box within the Change Report Information section to see the list of action items. The drop down box will show the possible following options

39 Employment Summary Page
Match with...- This option will display as the default option when a change is reported for a job already known to CARES. As mentioned earlier, at the customer’s request, ACCESS RMC draws current Employment information from CWW on which they can report changes. Since we already know that the changes being reported are for a specific sequence, Match with ... is the default. However, you can change the selection if you are certain this is not a match. Add this information - Select this option to add the new job information to the case. Do not add this information - Select this option to not add the information to the case.

40 Existing Employment Page
For each matched employment, an event panel will appear at the top of the Employment sequence noting either new information was reported by the customer or a conflict exists between the information reported and what is already known to CARES. Read each item listed in the event panel and decide what action needs to be taken. Update or change the information when you decide that the new information should be changed. In this example shown on the next slide, since you chose to match the new information with this employment sequence, the event panel appears on the top of the detail page and shows the new information reported by the customer or a conflict between the new and existing information. After looking at the information, if you choose to use the income amount submitted via ACCESS, simply change the begin month to the month the change was reported, update the income and if no verification was submitted, pend the case and request verification by entering <?> in the verification field. You could also decide to use the old data, or use a different amount based on other information the customer may have reported outside of ACCESS. Note: if there are employment sequences that haven’t changed, they may appear in the driver flow before you reach the sequence for which a change has been reported.

41 Employment Page Example:

42 Add New Information When you have selected to Add New Information, an event panel will display on the Employment page and tell you this is new information and some action is needed on the page. Review the information on the page and enter the appropriate verification codes as outlined in policy.

43 Example

44 Finished Change Report Processing
Click Next when you have reviewed all of the information on the page and entered all of the appropriate verification codes. The Eligibility Access page will be the last page in the Change Report driver. If you chose not to add some reported information, a message will display so you can make sure this is what you wanted to do. Click the Eligibility button to complete processing (run eligibility) for the reported change. If you do not click this button you will not be able to run eligibility. This will also change the Change Report status from In Progress to Finished and remove the Change Report from the Inbox. The RMC/CMB component of ACCESS will be updated to indicate that the change has been processed. Go to the CARES Mainframe through the Eligibility Access link or through HOD to run SFEX/SFED and confirm the case.

45 No Action Required Use this option on the Change Summary page when you have viewed the PDF file of the Change Report and decided that no action needs to be taken (e.g. for a duplicate change report). Click Next and the Change Report status is changed from Received to Finished and the Change Report is removed from the Inbox. Clicking Next will also take you back to the Change Report Inbox view page where you can select another Change Report to process. When the No Action Required on Change Report button is used, enter comments on the Case Comments page noting why you felt no action was required.

46 Change Report Companion Case
Remember, if you see a companion case flag on the Change Report, you may need to communicate the change to the companion case worker.

47 Change Report Details Page
To see all of the Change Reports associated with a given case, click on the Change Report Details link under Query in the Navigation menu. The Change Report Details page will list all Change Reports submitted on this case and presents the following information about each report: Report Tracking Number Reporting Date Report Status Change Report Worker Companion Case Flag Click on the magnifying glass icon to navigate to the Change Report Summary page for that individual report.

48 To Recap Starting September 6, customers can report a job change online, The Change Report will go into the agency’s Change Report inbox. The Change Report will be automatically assigned to the primary worker for the case, A worker can start processing the change. New data will be identified on the appropriate CWW pages.

49 CWW Process Help and System Help
Additional Resources To see the customer view go to the ACCESS Handbook And For help in accessing the Change Report Inbox and processing a Change Report check out the CWW Process Help and System Help

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