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CERMIS Curriculum and Enrollment Management Information System Presentation to the Council of Deans October 24, 2002.

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1 CERMIS Curriculum and Enrollment Management Information System Presentation to the Council of Deans October 24, 2002

2 10/24/2002 CERMIS Sept1994Sept1995  FAS initiates an extensive discussion with the Provost’s Office about the need for a planning tool to link course offerings, faculty availability, and student demand.  Provost appoints CERMIS Project Team to explore range of options, which includes formal consideration of replacement of ISIS.

3 10/24/2002 CERMIS Nov1996June1997  Chancellor appoints SOLARS (Student On- Line Academic Resource System) to consider implementing new student information system.  CERMIS becomes a subset of SOLARS.  SOLARS develops criteria for new system and issues RFP.  SOLARS selects Buzzeo from among responses to RFP and University enters into a six-month agreement with Buzzeo.

4 10/24/2002 CERMIS Dec1997Jan1998Feb2000  Buzzeo fails to meet expectations and Provost recommends that contract be terminated.  ITSC recommends that SOLARS be concluded and that the University await further developments in the market.  Provost continues CERMIS to develop intermediate solutions to improve access to student information. PittSTAR and Pitt Info result.  CERMIS reconstituted and charged with conducting a comprehensive review of current student information systems.

5 10/24/2002 CERMIS June2001  Following intensive investigation, CERMIS recommends that the University await further market developments before selecting a new system.  CERMIS also recommends that the University take a number of actions to improve its information technology environment to enhance student access to information and to provide better management tools to administrators.

6 10/24/2002 CERMIS June2001(cont) ITSC recommends funding a series of specific actions to accomplish that goal over a two-year period.  Conduct comprehensive workflow analysis and process redesign of student systems.  Purchase and install Recruitment Plus to strengthen admissions processing.  Redesign and expand Student Info.  Develop enterprise campus portal.  Develop enterprise student data warehouse.

7 10/24/2002 CERMIS All projects are on schedule and on budget.  Workflow analysis has been completed, and produced 114 detailed process maps.  Recruitment Plus is fully operational.  Student Info is significantly improved.  Campus portal is being utilized heavily by students.  Student data warehouse is built and ISIS data transferred.

8 10/24/2002 CERMIS May2002  CERMIS reestablished to review current student information systems market.  Membership: Patty Beeson, FCASBirney Harrigan, Student Affairs Sam Conte, RegistrarDick Howe, FCAS Denny DeSantis, SFSJackie Lever, Nursing Rick Esch, UPBRobert Pack, Provost’s Office Ed Palascak, CBABetsy Porter, OAFA Joe Philips, AuxiliariesJinx Walton, CSSD  Cornelius and Associates, who had developed the workflow analysis and understood University processes and needs, retained as project consultant.

9 10/24/2002 CERMIS July2002  CERMIS adopts detailed project plan.

10 10/24/2002 CERMIS July-Aug2002 Focus groups held with some 150 participants broadly representative of diverse constituencies from throughout the University, who identify 250 “requirements” for a new student system: -- Undergraduate admissions and financial aid -- Undergraduate admissions and financial aid -- Registration -- Student Financial Services -- Registration -- Student Financial Services -- Technology -- Regional campuses -- Technology -- Regional campuses -- Graduate admissions -- Student advising -- Graduate admissions -- Student advising -- Enrollment management -- Data analysis -- Enrollment management -- Data analysis -- Transfer admissions -- Continuing education -- Transfer admissions -- Continuing education Requirements reviewed extensively and divided into “mandatory” and “desirable.” These will guide consideration of vendor products.

11 10/24/2002 CERMIS Sept2002Oct-Nov2002  RFI’s to major vendors requesting detailed information on functionality, support, vision, ability to execute, technology, costs, and references.  RFI responses received from four vendors.  E-mail references solicited from four universities similar to Pitt that had recently implemented products.  CERMIS reviews RFI responses and references and decides to move forward with two vendors.  Six-member team scheduled to conduct day-long site visits to two institutions.

12 10/24/2002 CERMIS Dec2002Jan-Mar2003  Selected vendors will conduct extensive demos on campus to broad array of knowledgeable groups.  Selected vendors will conduct detailed fit-gap analyses, utilizing the University’s workflow charts.  CERMIS will review results and recommend any changes in policies or procedures in response to fit-gap in order to make implementation faster and less costly.

13 10/24/2002 CERMIS April2003May2003  RFP will be issued to select vendor requesting detailed implementation proposal and cost estimate.  CERMIS will recommend acquisition of student information system and propose implementation schedule, process, and budget.

14 CERMIS Curriculum and Enrollment Management Information System Access to the portal requires a valid University computer user ID and password

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