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MCCVLC Project Update Appropriations Subcommittee Presentation March 7, 2014 Monroe County Community College.

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1 MCCVLC Project Update Appropriations Subcommittee Presentation March 7, 2014 Monroe County Community College

2 MCCVLC - What is it? The Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative is a project which allows students from anywhere in Michigan to take any one of the over 2100 online courses from the on-line catalog; courses which may be offered by one of the 27 “Provider” community colleges… with the support services of their “Home” college.

3 MCCVLC Mission Statement “To connect the teaching and student support capacity of participating Michigan community colleges so that learners and clients can access affordable, high-quality learning opportunities whenever and wherever desired.”

4 MCCVLC Student Website

5 Currently…. Issues with current model: Built around institutions and not the students - using old technology Best kept secret – students are unaware Greater competition from outside of state Identifiable unmet need Low institutional incentive for new online offerings The name, Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative, is obscure - students don’t know what it means.

6 Recommendations Outcomes – defined to provide value for students and member colleges Quality – Student focused Collaboration – Better resource management Market Share – Move to complete degree/certificate programs, addressing unmet need

7 Michigan Colleges Online Initiative

8 Project Deliverables Purchase of hardware/software – includes servers, operating software and security software. Course Aggregator Widget – software that provides an aggregated list of queried courses available in the MCCVLC database, integrated into college online registration systems.

9 Project Deliverables Revised online registration – automation of MCCVLC registration to colleges’ system, to support smoother functionality of the registration process. Analytics/Data warehouse – dynamic data reports based on specific queries requested by colleges showing courses/programs that have the highest demand and/or requests through MCCVLC.

10 Project Deliverables Course/Object Repository – A cloud-based repository of digital assets, textbooks and perhaps courses that are open and shareable among all college faculty. Digital Credential Pathway & Early Alert System – software that guides a student through discovery of career options, degree selection, course options and early alert system for student success.

11 Project Deliverables Services Help Desk – A collaborative shared services help desk for students that is developed and staffed by colleges to assist students with technical issues. Marketing – Develop a new logo and marketing plan that includes co-branding options for colleges. The plan includes integration with the statewide initiative funded by the MCCA.

12 Development Update Design Considerations Development Model Timelines Examples

13 Design Considerations Design Aspects Mobile First UX (User Experience) Don’t Make Me Think Integrated Experience Flat Design Standards Based HTML5 Open Source Stack REST API Functionality Aspects Build In Data Analytics Collaborative – Social Tools Login Credentials Social Media Links Assessment Tools Organization Tools Scheduling Messaging Dashboards Contextual Tools Search Engine Optimization

14 Development Model Building & Mock Construction (Inception Phase) Requirements definition w/Stakeholder Input Validation Production Construction & Integration Phase Incremental approach - Iterate soon, often and report. Continued stakeholder inputto validate Implementation (Transition Phase) Deploy Solution in Beta Site before wide adoption Ongoing Goals Leverage/Enhance Existing Infrastructure Build Common Knowledge system around solution Address Risk Refine Processes and Environment Manage Quality and Security Essentials

15 Stakeholder Input Enrollment Administrators/Registrars Student Services Administrators Chief Academic Officers Financial Aid Administrators Chief Information Officers Business Officers Faculty Architectural Review Board

16 Timeline MilestoneStatusCompletion Schedule (Estimate) Hardware/software acquisition RFP Development Q2 2014 Course Aggregator WidgetInception Phase Q3-2014 Analytics/Data warehouseInception Phase Q3 2014 Revised online registrationInception Phase Q3 2014

17 Timeline Milestone StatusCompletion Schedule (Estimate) Course/Object Repository Q3 2014 Digital Credential Pathway & Early Alert System Mock Development Q4 2014 Student Services Help Desk Q3 2014 MarketingLogo developed - marketing plan will integrate with statewide initiative. Q3 2014

18 Stakeholder Website

19 Requirements by Example – Course Aggregator Tool





24 Ronda Edwards Executive Director – MCCVLC Thank you and Questions

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