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YEAR 7 ORAL HEALTH & NUTRITION SESSION 1 Nutrition and Dietetics.

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1 YEAR 7 ORAL HEALTH & NUTRITION SESSION 1 Nutrition and Dietetics

2 To improve oral health knowledge and to promote a healthier you. The Learning Objective

3 What is Oral Health What is oral health to you? It’s about… being able to eat without pain, speak and socialise without being embarrassed about what your teeth look like.

4 Why is Oral Health Important 1.Why do you think it is important to have a healthy mouth? 1.What can we do to make sure we have a healthy mouth? Refer to page 5 in your workbook.

5 Brush your teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Spit out, don’t rinse! Eat a healthy balanced diet, limiting sugary food/ drink to mealtimes only! Visit a dentist regularly – get a mouth check! Key Oral Health Messages

6 How many teeth should we have? Refer to page 6 in your workbook.

7 The Anatomy of a tooth Refer to page 7 in your workbook. E entine P G B R D namel ulp um one oot canal

8 Brushing & Flossing We should brush our teeth for two minutes, twice a day, every day. Remember to spit don’t rinse. We should also floss our teeth at least once a day using a floss, tape or interdental brush. Refer to page 8 in your workbook.

9 The Eatwell Plate Quiz 1. How many food groups make up the Eatwell Plate? a)4 b) 5 c)6 2. It is important to eat breakfast. True / False Refer to page 9 in your workbook.

10 3. Which of these count towards your five a day? 4. Sugary food and drinks should be limited to how many times a day? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 Refer to page 9 in your workbook.

11 5. How many teaspoons of sugar are there in a 380ml bottle of sports drink? Approximately 10.5 teaspoons* 6. Name 2 starchy snacks ? Rice cakes, breadsticks, plain popcorn, teacakes, crumpets, crackers & toast *Correct at time of going to print, April 2014

12 Healthy Eating for Oral Health Eating a healthy balanced diet made up of foods from the Eatwell plate will Help to protect teeth Provide you with energy Give essential vitamins and minerals Support growth and development

13 Sugar and Oral Health Bacteria in Plaque + Sugar = Acid Acid + Healthy tooth = Tooth Decay (caries)

14 Effects of Acid on Oral Health What has happened to these teeth? Acid in foods and drinks (like fizzy drinks) wear down the enamel on teeth and makes them more sensitive and more likely to decay Warning! Enamel can not be replaced

15 YEAR 7 Refer to page 11 in your workbook. ORAL HEALTH & NUTRITION SESSION 2

16 The Workstations Workstation 1 - The Scientist Workstation 2 - The Nutritionist Workstation 3 - The Designer Workstation 4 - The Chef Workstation 5 - The Narrator Don’t forget to complete your workbook and the feedback form once finished.

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