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Andrew Jackson American Lion.

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1 Andrew Jackson American Lion

2 “I was born for a storm and calm does not suit me.” Andrew Jackson
Born without a father (he died right before Andrew was born) – Jackson’s mother was a servant for her relatives in exchange for a place to live for her and her three sons. His parents immigrated from Ireland. First president to be born in a log cabin (in South Carolina).


4 Revolutionary War When Jackson was 12 his oldest brother, Hugh, was killed in battle At 14, he and his other brother, Robert, were taken prisoner by the British After refusing to clean the officer’s boots, the officer slashed him with his sword, giving Jackson a scar on his face and fingers. The officer struck Robert over the head when he also refused to clean his boots

5 Revolutionary War cont.
Being treated horribly in the prison camp, Robert became very sick. Their mother was able to get them released, but Robert died shortly afterward, and she died just a few months later caring for her cousin’s children. Jackson harbored a hatred for the British the rest of his life!


7 Jackson the Professional
Although he had limited formal schooling, he devoted himself to legal studies and became a lawyer at age 20. He served as a public prosecutor in North Carolina He served as Tennessee’s first Representative in Congress He also served in the Senate He served as a Justice of the Tennessee Superior Court And he was Major General of the Tennessee Militia

8 Jackson the Protector Jackson was married to Rachel Donelson, who was originally married to Capt. Lewis Robards – he was a cruel, jealous man. Jackson & Rachel fell in love and married, believing that Robards had divorced Rachel. They lived together for about 2 years until they found out that Robards had not officially divorced Rachel. They re-married but Jackson’s political opponents accused him of stealing another man’s wife and called her an adulterous.

9 Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson

10 Jackson the Protector cont.
Protecting Rachel’s reputation was extremely important to him, and if any one dare say anything against Rachel, Jackson was ready to duel and defend her honor. Jackson was involved in 13 duels Jackson vs. Charles Dickinson – Jackson took a bullet in the chest, but killed Dickinson! The bullet stayed in his chest the rest of his life!! Jackson took a bullet in the arm while defending a friend in an argument. He was wounded so many times in his duels that it was said he “rattled like a bag of marbles” and some called him “Old Piggy Bank.”

11 DUEL!

12 Jackson the General Jackson defeated the Creek Indians after they had perpetrated the largest massacre of American settlers at Fort Mims, Missouri Territory. Jackson defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 – became a national hero. Jackson was instrumental in obtaining Florida from Spain after he defeated the Seminole Indians and overthrew the Spanish governor. Jackson was known as “Old Hickory” for his determination and strength because he was as “tough as hickory”

13 General Jackson

14 Jackson the Politician
Jackson ran for President in 1824 against John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay Jackson won the popular votes and 99 electoral votes, but there was no majority so the House of Representatives chose the president – AGAIN! With Clay’s lobbying, Adams won the Presidency. When Adams appointed Clay as Secretary of State, Jackson claimed it was a “corrupt bargain.”

15 Jackson the President 1828 Election – Jackson and John Quincy Adams face off again Jackson was seen as the “Man of the People” – born poor and rose to success by his own hard work Vicious mudslinging – Jackson was portrayed as an ignorant barbarian who was “covered with the blood of helpless Indians, and countless victims of dueling pistols.”

16 President Jackson

17 Jackson the President cont.
Jackson was again accused of stealing another man’s wife and Rachel was portrayed as an adulterous and a bigamist. Jackson won the election with 178 electoral votes to Adams’ 83 votes. However!! The cruel things that the politicians said about Rachel was more than she could bear and she died of a broken heart shortly before Jackson took office.

18 Andrew Jackson – Life Facts
The first president to ride on a railroad train The first president to be nominated by a political party – Democrats *That’s where we get the Donkey symbol! He survived the first attempt to assassinate a president Known historically for creating a strong executive branch Jacksonian Democracy


20 One of the most interesting presidents of U.S. History

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