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Note Page 15 “John Quincy Adams”

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1 Note Page 15 “John Quincy Adams”
By Morgan J. Burris

2 The Election of 1824 Henry Clay of KY William Crawford Gen. Andrew
Jackson John Quincy Adams

3 A Battle of 4 “Favorite Sons” of Republican Party
Candidates Principles’ Clay (KY) Support: West Crawford (GA) South Adams (MA) New Eng. Jackson (TN) West Favored the National Bank, the protective tariff, and internal improvements nicknamed the American System Favored State’s Rights and strict interpretation of the Constitution Favored internal improvements but did not support the tariffs No specific issues. Ran on his fame and heroism from the Battle of New Orleans

4 The Corrupt Bargain Jackson won the popular vote, but no candidate won the Majority in the Electoral College Top 3 Moved on, Clay was eliminated Clay and supporters (National Republicans) backed Adams because Clay hated Jackson ADAMS wins the 1824 Election****

5 The Corrupt Bargain Clay only supported Adams in return for a favor
When Adams took office, he appointed Clay as his Secretary of State Agreement and favor called the “Corrupt Bargain” Jackson and his followers (Democrat-Republicans) cried Foul and showed resentment to Adams and Clay Jackson founded the new Democratic Party My thoughts Exactly!

6 John Quincy Adams Launched an Ambitious National Program called the “AMERICAN SYSTEM” to use federal money for: 1. Internal Improvements 2. National University 3. Astronomical Observatory 4. Scientific Research

7 John Quincy Adams His opponents disliked his National Programs
They thought it was too costly to use taxpayers money for such programs Allowed him to improve rivers and harbors and to extend the National Road west but granted him no other funds

8 Election of 1828 J.Q. Adams VS. Andrew Jackson
Bitter Campaign, Jackson wanted revenge from corrupt bargain in 1824 MUDSLINGING Jackson wins clear victory because voters in the South and West thought he would represent their interests

9 Mudslinging Examples Definition: when candidates criticize
each other’s personalities and morals Attackers of Jackson accused him of murder, gambling, slave trading, and treason. They said his mother was a prostitute, his father a mulatto, and his wife was a bigamist Attackers of Adams accused him of installing gambling tables in the White House using tax money, padding his expense account, and even pimping women for the Tsar of Russia

10 Jackson Wins in Sorrow Rachel Jackson died a month after Andrew was
elected President It is suggested that Rachel died from a massive heart attack caused by the stresses from the dirty campaign of 1828 Andrew adamantly blamed his political enemies for her death and once in office he sought retaliation for his loss

11 Note Page 15 “John Quincy Adams”
The End Note Page 15 “John Quincy Adams”

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