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THE PEOPLES CHOICE. Andrew Jackson Political Cartoons.

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2 Andrew Jackson Political Cartoons


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5 Inauguration of Andrew Jackson March 4 th 1829  10,000+ went to witness the inauguration of their hero! --Overwhelmed the hotels and drank the city dry of whiskey 1 st time voters- until 1820’s the right to vote was only limited to white men with property (only ones educated) - New states west of the Appalachians challenged voting rights; they thought all men should have the right to vote  Who was left out? - Election of Jackson reflected a shift in power to the west, farmers, and small business owners - After inauguration, crowd went to the White House and celebration almost turned into a riot.

6 From the Frontier to the White House The “People’s President” was the first Self Made man to occupy the White House ----------  achieved wealth/influence through one’s own efforts rather than being born to a privileged family.

7 Father died, lived in poverty; loved sports, schoolwork; joined the Rev. War at age 13 and captured (scar on his face from saying “NO!” to a British officer who wanted him to wash his boots!) After American Revolution Jackson became a lawyer  Moved to Tennessee and made $...Self-made man!

8 Never outgrew his temper  A slave trader called Jackson a “worthless scoundrel” and insulted his wife Rachel. Jackson challenged him to a duel with pistols -----------  Charles Dickinson was said to be the best shot in Tennessee. Dickinson shot first and hit Jackson in the chest, 1 inch away from his heart! ………Jackson, stiffened, raised his pistol and shot Dickinson  Killing him. The bullet in Jackson was so close to his heart it could not be removed.

9 The People’s Choice Served in the House/Senate 1824- Ran for President (Henry Clay, William Crawford and Jon Q. Adams) – Won the popular vote/electoral vote, but didn’t have a majority – What happens when there is no majority in Electoral college? Who gets the vote? – Clay  told his supporters to vote for Adams: Adams won and Clay became Secretary of State

10 Birth of the Democratic Party Jackson’s supporters built a whole new strategy for the next election and built a new political party known as the DEMOCRATIC PARTY

11 Who were they? Party represented ordinary farmers, workers and the poor, not the rich and well-born who had taken over the Republican Party. Supporters of Jackson wanted to reach the nation’s new voters: organized huge parades, picnics, and rallies. They sang “The Hunters of Kentucky”– nation’s first campaign song, wore badges, chanted slogans

12 Results VICTORY for Jackson! Also victory for the idea that regular, common people should control their government  JACKSONIAN DEMOCRACY!!!

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