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Age of Exploration & Isolation

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1 Age of Exploration & Isolation

2 God, Glory, & Gold Europeans had not been isolated from the rest of world before 1400s 1110 European Crusaders battled Muslims for Holy Lands in SW Asia 1275 Marco Polo reached court of Kublai China Before 1400s Europeans had not desire or capability to explore foreign lands Desire to grow rich & spread Christianity, combined with new sailing technologies spurred age of European exploration

3 Europeans seek new trade routes
GOLD #1 reason- to seek new sources of wealth was main reason for exploration By sailing, Europeans hoped to find new/faster sea routes to Asia GLORY Goals were to Win access to these lands (BY SEA) Bypass the Muslims & Italians who currently controlled trade European monarchs got tired of paying Italians high prices for Asian goods Spices (nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, pepper) Luxury goods Merchants could take these back to Europe and make huge profits re-selling them GOD- Spread of Christianity Motivation for Europeans to explore Crusades left Europeans feeling they had a sacred duty to fight the Muslims but to also convert non-Christians in Asia mostly


5 New Technologies Caravel- new ship
Long voyages were impossible because European ships could not sail against the wind Caravel- new ship Stronger built than older ships Triangular shaped sails allowed better navigation & ability to sail against the wind (Arab invention) Astrolabe- used to determine sea used to calculate latitude (determined location North/South) Magnetic Compass More accurately calculated direction Invented by Chinese

6 Portugal Leads the Way Leaders in applying new technologies
Strong support to explore by government Prince Henry- Kings Son Conquered Muslim city of Ceuta- captured spices/jewels 1st country to establish trading posts along west coast of Africa Eventually pushed farther into the Indian Ocean

7 Exploring Africa Prince Henry
went to Africa in 1415 Discovered wealth beyond Europe- (pepper, cinnamon, spices, gold/silver, & jewels) Determined to reach the source of these treasures in the east (Asia) Also wanted to spread Christianity 1419- Founded navigation school on Portugal’s SW coast Mapmakers, instrument makers, ship builders, scientists, & captains came to perfect their trade Within years the Portuguese had established many trading posts along the west coast of Africa Trading for gold, jewels, & spices Traded for Africa captives to be used as SLAVES Started attempting a voyage to Asia

8 Portuguese Reach Asia To reach Africa they believed they had to sail around tip of Africa Bartolomeu Dias 1488 ventured down the west coast until they reached the tip Storm battered them for days and pushed them to East coast His crew was exhausted an low on supplies so he turned around and headed home Vasco da Gama 1497 began exploring Africa’s east coast 1498 reached port of Calicut in India Amazed by the spices, silks, and gems they found Filled their ship with 60 times what the voyage cost and headed back to Portugal His 27,000 mile trip established a direct sea route to Asia

9 Spain Gets Involved Spanish monarchs began to desire a direct route to Asia Christopher Columbus- 1492 Convinced monarchs that he could find a route to Asia by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean October- he reached the Caribbean Islands (Bahamas) He thought he had reached the East Indies Opened door for colonization of Americas Increased tensions between Spain & Portugal Portuguese believed Columbus had reached Asia Pope Alexander 6th Stepped in to keep the peace Suggested an imaginary dividing line North/South through the Atlantic Ocean Lands West were Spanish- most of the Americas Lands East were Portuguese- Asia/Africa


11 Treaty of Tordesillas Portuguese argued that Spain was given too much territory Lined moved farther west for Portuguese Gives them Brazil Portugal signs Treaty of Tordesillas Started era of exploration & colonization

12 Trading Empires Clash European nations scrambled to established trading posts along South/SE Asia Battled each other and region’s inhabitants Portugal 1509 defeated Muslim fleet off coast of India Became masters of Indian trade Captured islands of Moluccas- Spice Islands Spices now cost Portuguese now cost 1/5 of what they used to cost Spain-1521 Ferdinand Magellan arrived in Philippines Settled them in 1565 Died during Civil war in Philippines crew made it home First person to circumnavigate the world***

13 Nations Challenge Portugal
Netherlands- Dutch Worlds largest fleet 20,000 ships Battled mostly the English for control of lands in Asia Dutch East India Company Mint money Make treaties Raise armies Richer/more powerful than English Eventually drove English and established dominace over region

14 Dutch Dominance Seized the spice Islands
Increased control over Indian Ocean Amsterdam- Netherlands capital Became leading commercial center Established trading outposts in several Asian countries Controlled Cape of Good Hope Southern tip of Africa

15 England/France Started establishing trading posts
Started East India Company Never showed much profit Limited influence in this region other than India European traders began to seek new riches in China and Japan

16 Ch.3 Sec.1 Questions How did Ferdinand Magellan die? Lost @ Sea
Killed in Philippines during civil war Heart attack Starved to death

17 Ch.3 Sec.1 Questions What Dutch city became the trading capitol of the world due to exploration? London Amsterdam Rotterdam Luxemburg

18 Ch.3 Sec.1 Questions Which European country dominated Indian trade and controlled the Cape of Good Hope in Africa? Spain Portugal Netherlands Chinese

19 Ch.3 Sec.1 Questions Which Asian country was influenced by England and France during the 1400s Age of Exploration? Africa Philippines Australia India

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