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His Imamah 40 Questions A.S. Hashim, MD Questions about Al-Askari.

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1 His Imamah 40 Questions A.S. Hashim, MD Questions about Al-Askari

2 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah2 In which year was Al-Askari born? a.Al-Askari was born in Medina in the year 232H. b.His father Al-Haadi said the Athan in his right ear and the Iqaama in the left, c.A+b+ and performed the Aqeeqah as was done to every newborn in the family. d.Al-Askari was born in Mecca.

3 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah3 What is the lineage of Imam Al-Askari. a.Al-Askari's lineage came from the line of Ahlul Bayt through Al-Haadi b.a+ His mother was Sowsan, a woman of piety, worship, chastity, and generosity. c.a+ His mother was Zainab d.a+ His mother was Umm Kulthoom

4 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah4 Describe the relationship between Al- Haadi and his son Al-Askari. a.From the beginning the two were very close to each other. b.Al-Askari, along with his brother frequently enjoyed going out with their father to various places in Medina, especially to the Prophet's Mosque. c.a+b+ In the Mosque they noticed their father pray devotedly and often say Du'aa which left a lasting impression on them. d.Like his predecessors Al-Askari had an investigative mind.

5 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah5 Discuss what Imam Al-Haadi said about Al- Askari of the subsequent Imam after him a.Abu Bakr Al-Fahfaki's narration stands out. He said quoting Imam Al-Haadi's writing to him, b.Abu Muhammad, my son [Al-Askari], is the soundest in meritorious qualities and the firmest as a proof. To him is (the matter of) the Imamah directed. Whatever you used to ask me about, ask him. He has what you need. c.This was quoted by Hutchinson.

6 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah6 Specify what Al-Askari had learned in early childhood. a.By an early age Al-Askari had already memorized the Holy Quran and learned the meaning of its various parts, the historical background of some Ayahs, and many of the Ayah's intricacies. b.a+ Al-Askari loved to hear his father explain, whether it was Quranic verses, Hadith, or Ah'kaam. c.Al-Askari was interested in poetry d.Al-Askari was interested in chemistry

7 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah7 Discuss the importance of Ij'tihaad, and why it was continued by the Imams. a.During the first year of his rule Khalifa Al- Mutawak'kil suspended Al-Ij'tihaad. b.Ij'tihaad was practiced for about 2 centuries c.Ij'tihaad stimulates the religious thoughts in such a way as to apply the Shari'ah to the needs of the time. d.a+b+c+ It is a form of accommodation of the needs of the time to the Shari'ah.

8 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah8 What is the disadvantage of suspending Ij’tihaad? a.By suspending Ij'tihaad the public will suffer in the long run, and since many changes take place in the society, These changes would lead to new problems. The problems would need Fiqh solutions which have to come by way of Ij'tihaad. b.a+ Without Ij’tihaad there will be stagnation of Jurisprudence c.It might lead to suicide bombing d.It might lead to terrorism

9 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah9 What ways does Imam’s knowledge come from? a.Imam’s knowledge come by way: of the Corpus of Knowledge that Imam Ali had written also by way of the Un-Erring Inspiration and by way of Al-Muhad'dith. b.Imam’s knowledge comes through intuition c.Imam’s knowledge comes by guessing d.Imam’s knowledge comes by inheritance

10 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah10 What kind of information does Al- Muhad'dith give the Imams? a.Al-Muhad'dith gives answers to happenings, be they events, concerns, or situations. b.Al-Muhad'dith's information is always accurate. c.Al-Muhad'dith can be heard only as needed, yet cannot be invoked. d.a+b+c+ Al-Muhad'dith cannot be seen, he whispers, and the answer is also crystal clear.

11 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah11 Give examples of such predictions. a.When the Prophet (pbuh) said to Ali that `he would be forced to fight off the Renouncers, the Malicious, and the Deviants, it came to be true about 30 years after he said it. b.a+ When Ali said that: “women will command Benu Abbas, and so will the slaves, then the blacks”. This came to be true about 200 years after he had said it. c.The woman in power was Khayzaran, the mother of 2 Khalifas, and the slaves with power were the Turkics and the blacks were empowered after their revolt.

12 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah12 What does the Unerring-Inspiration disclose to the Imams? a.As an Imam, Allah inspires him with answers to many Islamic matters, intricacies, or issues, no matter how intricate they are. b.As an Imam, the Divine Light will guide him, no matter his age. c.The Imams trust this power of inspiration, it is unerring. d.a+b+c+ Al-Saadiq was quoted saying “We have Al- Naq'ru fi Al-Asmaa' and Al-Naqt fi Al-Quloob”, meaning the Muhad'dith and the Un-Erring Inspiration

13 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah13 Give the difference between the Revelation and Un-erring Inspiration. a.In Un-erring Inspiration, Allah inspires the Imam with answers to many Islamic matters b.Revelations are specific to Prophets only and they are revealed by way of Jubra'eel c.a+b+ Therefore, Un-erring Inspiration is different from Revelation, since Revelations are specific to Prophets only and are revealed by way of Jubra'eel. d.Un-erring Inspiration comes by genetics

14 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah14 Why were Benu Abbas frightened of Al- Mahdi the awaited one? a.Benu Abbas were frightened by the advent of Al- Mahdi because: b.The Prophet (pbuh) had talked about Al-Mahdi in many Hadiths, and so did every subsequent Imam having talked about him. c.They said repeatedly that a son would be born to Al- Askari, who would be the Al-Mahdi. d.a+b+c+ Benu Abbas are petrified of his coming, since the Prophet (pbuh) had said that Al-Mahdi will fill the world with Virtue and Righteousness as it will have been full of injustice and evil.

15 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah15 Discuss Yazid of Benu Abbas (Al- Mutawak'kil). a.Al-Mutawak'kil is a weird and an eccentric man, influenced by As'haab Al-Hadith, b.He devastated the Mu'tazila, but more so the loyalists, the Shi'a. c.a+b+ The people were extremely distressed during his rule and very anguished; they were so unhappy, they called him Yazid of Benu Abbas. d.Al-Mutawak'kil did what he did in self defense.

16 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah16 How was the vehemence of Al- Mutawak'kil against the Shi’a? a.The vehemence was such that the Shi’a could not even proclaim their identity, practice their belief in the open, hold Majlis, or carry out the usual obligations as human being. b.Their rights were trampled upon by the zealots and ill educated. c.Al-Mutawak'kil even put orders to destroy the shrines of Imam Ali and Al-Husain. d.All the above.

17 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah17 Describe the crisis in the Khilaafah at the time of Imam Al-Askari. a.The Turkic slaves collaborating with Al-Mutawak’kil’s son, killed Al-Mutawak’kil. b.Khilaafah was in crisis, being in the hands of inept and insecure child-like men solely interested in their personal pleasures. c.Al-Mun'tasir lasted for about 6 months, killed by the Turkic slaves at the age of 25. d.a+b+c+ Al-Mus'taeen ruled for a short time then was killed at age of 33 by the Turkic slaves too. And so was of the Al-Mu'tazz.

18 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah18 In what manner Imam Al-Askari was similar to his forefathers? a.Al-Askari's Imamah had started when he was 22 years old. b.He was most meritorious and the greatest erudite, with distinct qualities, high personal caliber, and a total devotion to Islam. c.He was the replica of his father in knowledge, generosity, piety, and all other noble character. d.a+b+c+ If seen with fine clothes on, he put coarse ones underneath; for the fine clothes were for the public but the coarse ones were for the Almighty.

19 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah19 Mention the discourse activities of Imam Al-Askari. a.Learned men as well as the common man held Al- Askari with reverence b.They were very attracted by his discussions. c.a+b+ He was well known for answering numerous questions about Sunnah, Fiqh, Al-Ah'kaam such as Halal and Haram, quoting the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), Tafseer, and other Islamic sciences. d.His activities had halted because of the politics of the time.

20 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah20 Describe the personal habits of Imam Al-Askari. a.Al-Askari was a kind person, known for his compassion. b.The needy and disadvantaged, and those under financial pressure were gladly assisted. c.He cared for the feeling of others and was most gracious to them. d.a+b+c+ The poor had allowances of charity, and Al-Askari's deputies gave allowances to the needy too.

21 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah21 How was Al-Askari described? a.The Minister of Aw'qaaf, an adversary of Al-Askari described him in the following manner: I do not know of anyone who is more distinguished than Al-Hasan Al-Askari. None can surpass him in dignity, knowledge, piety, and forbearance, nor can anyone match him in points of nobility, majesty, grandeur, humility, and honesty.” b.It was the Minister of international affairs who said it.

22 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah22 Al-Askari was the embodiment of high character and virtue. a.The outstanding merit (Al Fadhl) and b.Perfection of character were gathered in him. c.He was pious, a man of virtue. d.a+b+c+ He educated the Ummah in Islam as Muhammad (pbuh) had taught it, no matter the hurdles or obstacles put in his way, whether the rulers liked it or not.

23 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah23 Give a historical perspective of Imam Al-Askari. a.Al-Askari was born during the reign of Khalifa Al-Waathiq b.He lived throughout the reign of 7 Benu Abbas' Khalifas. c.a+b+ Al-Askari's life-span coincided with the precipitous deterioration of Benu Abbas' rule. d.a+b+ His life-span coincided with the height of Khilaafah power.

24 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah24 Discuss some dilemmas facing Al-Askari at the beginning of his Imamah. a.He had to deal with erratic Khalifas struggling within their Khalifa Court. b.The internment, house arrest, and even compulsory residence in Samurra by the erratic Khalifas. c.a+b+ To carry out his duties as an Imam in guiding and counseling in the true ways of Muhammad (pbuh). d.Being forced to announce his support to Benu Abbas.

25 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah25 What other dilemmas did face Al-Askari at the beginning of his Imamah. a.The fact that Al-Askari's wife, Narjis, was pregnant and he: had to conceal the news from everyone even his aunt. had to conceal the news from all media of Benu Abbas for such was the danger to the expected new born. b.a+ and that is despite the harassments and incarceration he was subjected to c.He was so happy that he invited the Khalifa for a party. d.There were no dilemmas.

26 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah26 Discuss Imam Al-Askari's teaching. a.Al-Askari's mission was explaining the Quran and Sunnah as Ahlul Bayt had understood it: Quoting the Hadith Teaching Tafseer of the Holy Quran, the Fiqh and other Islamic sciences of Tradition (I'lm). b.Al-Askari was the seat of knowledge and 11th link in the Chain of Golden Narration. c.Al-Askari had to communicate with his devotees by writing. d.a+b+c+ Besides, his devotees were spread over, hundreds and thousands of miles away, and in the millions.

27 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah27 Describe the role of Ahlul Bayt in the educational effort. a.The Prophet's message remained unchanged for the two centuries since the Prophet had died, A large part of that was due to the efforts of Ahlul Bayt. It was the Imams who tirelessly preserved the ideal Islam over this long period. b.a+ This was necessary, for to assimilate authentic Islam, the society needed a prolonged period. c.It was individuals like Bukhari who did that. d.It was individuals like Abu Hurairah who did that.

28 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah28 What delegations did Imam Al-Askari receive? a.When the circumstances were less harsh, Al-Askari used to receive delegations from all over, be it from Qum, Basrah, Kufa, Wasit, Baghdad, Yemen, Egypt, Khurasan, or others. They came to learn and clarify Islamic matters, and hear him explain various aspects of the Sunnah as Ahlul Bayt knew it. b.a+ These representatives used to come as delegations, visit him at home, bring the funds of Khums and ask questions. c.There were no delegations, since he was in detention all of the time.

29 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah29 Give an evaluation of the Tafseer of Quran. a.Tafseer of the Holy Quran was paramount in the Imams’ teachings. Explanations of different Ayahs, the abrogated from the abrogators, and often explained the inner meaning, outer meaning, and reason for revelation for some of the Ayahs. b.a+ But what Al-Askari specifically did was to leave great works of Tafseer, extant till today. c.The Tafseer does not exist nowadays.

30 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah30 Furnish an evaluation of the Tafseer of Imam Al-Askari. a.Tafseer by Al-Askari was the first to systematize the writing of the Tafseer. b.His works was emulated by other scholars up to the present time. c.Al-Askari took the Surah (chapter), commented on it, then took the Ayahs (verses) of that Surah and commented on the Ayahs, then took each word of that Ayah and gave its several possible meanings. d.a+b+c+ It is said that another Tafseer dictated by Al-Askari to one of his students consisted of 1,920 pages. Unfortunately this one is not in existence any more.

31 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah31 Who is Al-Kindi, the philosopher? a.Al-Kindi was the first great philosopher of pure Arab blood in the Ummah. b.He was renowned for his views, had a big following of students. c.Translations of the Greek philosophy to Arabic had progressed at a fast rate by then, and many people were taken by it. d.a+b+c+ Of all the philosophers of the period Al-Kindi was the most outstanding.

32 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah32 What was Al-Kindi’s book about? a.Al-Kindi invested a lot of time in writing a book he described as the contradictions in the Quran. b.Al-Askari heard about it and was quite disturbed, since some of the Al-Kindi’s views were quite erroneous. c.Al-Askari considered Al-Kindi’s work as damaging to the Ummah. d.a+b+c+ One day some of the students of Al-Kindi attended Imam Al-Askari's discourses and told him about the views.

33 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah33 How did Imam Al-Askari correct Al- Kindi, the philosopher? a.It was about some select verses of the Quran which carry several meanings. b.When the students asked Al-Kindi about meaning of the Ayah, he could elucidate only one explanation, c.But when the students explained it otherwise, [as told by Al-Askari] Al-Kindi was taken aback, he was stunned. d.a+b+c+ He said: “Yes, this high knowledge belongs to none but to the heritage of Ahlul Bayt.” Al-Kindi then burned his book before publishing it, for he knew he was in error.

34 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah34 Discuss Al-Bukhari, and the plethora of the Hadiths. a.Within one year of Al-Askari's Imamah, the 62 year old Al-Bukhari [of Sahih Bukhari] died. b.Al-Bukhari was very active working to verify the authenticity of plethora of Hadiths circulating. c.There were 600,000 Hadiths in circulation, and only one out of 200 was authentic. d.a+b+c+ In other words, out of the 600,000 Hadiths Al-Bukhari recognized 2,762 Hadiths as authentic according to his criteria.

35 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah35 Discuss Muslim Al-Nishaapori and the plethora of the Hadiths. a.Muslim Al-Nishaapori [of Sahih Muslim] was also with the same aim as Al-Bukhari. b.Muslim was student of Bukhari and 8 years younger, but his criteria were slightly different. c.Muslim claimed of 300,000 Hadiths, only about 4,000 could be authentic according to his criteria. d.a+b+c+ A large number of the authentic Hadiths in their books [of Al-Sihaah Al-Sittah] were referenced to the Golden Chain of Narration.

36 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah36 Quote some sayings of Imam Al-Askari. a.Worship is not simply performing plenty of Salat or Saum, but true worship is plenty of reflection about Allah's Amr [Allah's works of creation]. b.Anger is the key to what is vile and base. c.Of the people the spiteful has the least comfort. d.a+b+c+ Among qualities which break one's back is a neighbor who when he sees a good deed he conceals it, and when he sees an evil one he broadcasts it.

37 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah37 Quote more sayings of Imam Al-Askari. a.When the mighty man acts unjustly he will become lowly. And when the lowly man acts justly he becomes mighty. b.A child's audacity —in early age— toward his parents leads to his recalcitrance when he grows up. c.It is not a good manner to express joy in the presence of a grieved person. d.a+b+c+ The person who admonishes his friend in private will have honored him, and the person who admonishes him publicly will have slighted him.

38 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah38 Discuss the age and manner of death of Imam Al-Askari. a.The 28 year old Al-Askari was sick, he grew weak, and the weakness was progressive, and within 8 days he died. b.It is claimed his condition was caused by poisoning during the Khilaafah of Al-Mu'tamid. c.a+b+ He was buried in the house in which his father was buried. He left behind his son, Al-Mahdi the awaited one [to bring about] the State of Truth. d.He was buried in Baghdad by the side of Imam Al- Kadhim.

39 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah39 What did Ibn Khaqaan, the Minister of Aw'qaaf report? a.When Al-Askari got sick, my father as Prime Minister rode to the Khalifa then returned with 5 trusted servants, who were ordered to stay in Al-Askari's house and be informed about his condition. b.He sent a number of physicians to supervise him day and night. c.a+b+ After 2-3 days Al-Askari's condition worsened, so the physicians were ordered to stay at his home day and night. In addition several judges were sent to attend the assembly....... d.They all left after Al-Askari recuperated from his sickness.

40 Click for the answer Questions, Al-Askari's Imamah40 What else did Ahmad Ibn Khaqaan report? a.When Al-Askari died the news of his death spread around, Samurra became one uproar. The markets were empty. b.Benu Hashim, the military leaders, the secretaries, the judges, and the attestators and the rest of the people (all) rode to his funeral. c.a+b+ On that day Samurra seemed like the Day of Judgment........” d.Ibn Khaqaan knew that Al-Askari was buried after his son Al- Mahdi had performed a private Janaaza Salat in conjunction with a large number of relatives and Al-Khaassah, Imamiyah- Shi'a attending. He kept it secret.

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