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Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (Jafar Ibn Muhammad) Part 1

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1 Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (Jafar Ibn Muhammad) Part 1
Advanced Religion

2 Birth Born in Medina the year 83 H
His Father Muhammad Al-Baqir was 26 yrs and his Grandfather Zainul Abideen was 45 yrs His Grandfather was greatly attached to HIM Saw signs of a Genius in the Baby


4 Age 4 Attached with his Grandfather
Enjoyed going with Imam Zainul Abideen to the Prophet’s Masjid Saw his Grandfather praying, saying du’aa and crying more so when in the Prophet’s Mosque Grew indelible impression Grew up and became a questioner, investigator, researcher whose questions increased in complexity

5 Age 7 Memorized the Holy Quran
Learned the meanings of various parts of the Quran Asked increasingly complex questions and received answers according to his level

6 Age 9 Reflected backto the enormous material he learned, be it from his father Al‑Baaqir or Grandpa Zainul Abideen.  Even his grandfather on his mother's side, Al‑Qasim, was a scholar who also taught. His brilliance was far above any other, he could absorb an enormous amount of knowledge. Noticed by this time many schools of thought had developed, but the School of Ahlul Bayt was the very one everyone was after. Was sought after by the deeply religious and those who wanted to learn as much as possible.

7 Age 11 Started to question who were the good saahaba (companions) and were those who caused constrictions also considered the Companions of the Prophet.

8 Al-Saadiq and Zainul Abideen
Al‑Saadiq has often wondered about many things, among them were personal questions, such as why Grandpa Zainul Abideen had developed the callosity on his forehead or arching of his back.  So Al‑Saadiq decided to investigate.  He found out that the callosity was caused by the numerous long Sujoods Zainul Abideen performed;  that the arching of his back was due to lifting of heavy sacs of food material to the poor; that Grandpa went in disguise at night to help these poor people.  Grandpa's frequent crying was also to actively involve the people to participate in the cause of Islam as Al‑Husain did in Karbala.

9 Beyond that, however, Al‑Saadiq took special notice of the educational effort of Grandfather Zainul Abideen.  He saw the steady increase in the number of scholars attending, the increase in the subject matter of teaching, be it Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, or other Jurisprudent matters.  The Institute had become quite popular, and Al‑Baaqir was an active participant.  Al‑Saadiq observed the steady growth of the Institute despite an active effort of Benu Umayya to deal against it, to discourage participating in it, and put unscrupulous undercover agents for surveillance.

10 Age 12 Imam Zainul Abideen died and by now Imam Muhammad Al-Baaqir was 38 and was appointed as the next Imam to follow.

11 Age 16 Long since memorized the Quran and Hadiths
Knew enormous Jurisprudence Attended the Institute of Ahlul Bayt regularly Had a superior mind

12 In His Mid Twenties Extremely busy with affairs of Institute and was appointed as the Manager of Affairs along with his Brothers and etc… Under guidance of His Father was actively discussing numerous Islamic Issues Marries His cousin, the granddaughter of Imam Zainul Abideen Had several of children, the oldest by the name of Isma’eel

13 Knowledge of Corpus By Imam Ali
The Holy Quran in chronological order of Ayah Revelations Tafseer of the Holy Quran consisting of three large volumes, called Mus'haf Fatima. Written in her honor. The books of Hadith, as Imam Ali had recorded them, called Saheefa of Ali. The books about Al‑Ah'kaam, detailing the rules and regulations of the Shari'ah. (Halal and Haram, Ethics, Mu'aamalaat, among other important Islamic subjects.) The books about the Jafr:  The White Jafr (About knowledge of the Prophets, life happenings, and other Mystic matters.  The Red Jafr, comprising rules and matters about and involving wars.       

14   Al‑Saadiq's thoughts took him to the works he was doing with his father, Al‑Baaqir.  Ever since he was very young, Al‑Saadiq had held the highest reverence for his father and his endeavor to deliver the genuine Islamic information, since his father was the representative of the Prophet (pbuh).  Al‑Saadiq knew well that: he spent much of his teen years in the company of his father, participated in the Institute's group discussions of various subjects, worked at the orchard to earn their living, and was frequently at the Masjid Al‑Nabawi performing Salat and reading Du'aa. 

15 Age 31 Imam Al‑Baaqir was 57 years old when he died.
Before his death Al‑Baaqir gave a will of recommendations emphasizing the service of Allah, piety and perfection of character.  Imam Al‑Baaqir's body was buried at Al‑Baqii, near the burial site of his father, Zainul Abideen, great uncle, Al‑Hasan, and great-grandmother, Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah's peace and blessings be with them. When Imam Al‑Baaqir died Al‑Saadiq was 31 years old, and that was the start of his Imamah. When Ja'far Al‑Saadiq was named to be the Imam, Al‑Baaqir gave him the trust of the Corpus of Knowledge that came from Ali down to each Imam.

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