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The Office of Human Resources

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1 The Office of Human Resources
KRONOS A Summary of the Most Common Timekeeper & Approver Tasks Presented by: Adicia Waddell The Office of Human Resources

2 Getting Started With KRONOS (Timekeepers/Approvers)
Go to Internet Explorer Enter in the address box of the browser and press enter Select Online Resources from the XU homepage

3 Getting Started With KRONOS (Timekeepers/Approvers)
Select KRONOS Time Management from the list of Online Resources

4 Getting Started With KRONOS (Timekeepers/Approvers)
NOTE: Enter the same user name and password that you use for your XU Enter user name and password

5 KRONOS Timecard Overview
Workspace Header Launch Buttons Navigation Bar John Doe ######### Pay period Totals Schedule

6 Description of Workforce Timekeeper Page
Header – located at the top underneath the Web browser menus and icons. This area identifies which employees and what time period is currently selected. Launch buttons – quick ways to access the Timecard, Schedule, People Record and Reports. Launch available to you are based on access. Navigation Bar – located on the left side of the page, your features depend upon your access. Workspace – contains information regarding employees timecard for a specific pay period.

7 Viewing & Selecting Employee Timecards
(3.) Select Timecard, employee pay period data will appear (1.) Click on Reconcile Timecard, Your approval list of employees will appear (2.) Right click on the employee of your choice

8 Timecard Review & Approval
(3.) Enter any exception time Select appropriate pay code based on employee schedule Jane Doe ########## (1.) Ensure that there are no missed punches for days worked (including lunch) (4.) Approve timecard for the appropriate pay period (a message appears confirming your approval) Jane Doe ######### (2.) Verify requested exception time is available

Dial the KRONOS system Extension 3100 It will respond with an announcement of the time. You will be prompted to enter your employee ID (your SSN) Then you will be asked for a "clock code" 1 = Clock in for the day 3 = Clock out for lunch 4 = Return from lunch 9 = Clock out Then hang up - your "punch" will be recorded. KRONOS PAYCODES VAC- Vacation Pay code for Exempt Employees VA7- Vacation Pay code used for 7 hour Non Exempt Employees VAC8- Vacation Pay code used for 8 hour Non Exempt Employees SICK- Sick Pay code used for Exempt Employees SC7- Sick Pay code Non Exempt 7 Hour SC8- Sick Pay code Non Exempt 8 Hour ADM – Administrative Pay code used for Off –Campus Meetings, Seminars and Emergency Closings BRV- Bereavement Pay code (see Employee Handbook for more details) JUR - Jury Duty DOC - Docked Pay code used to record unpaid absences for Exempt Employees REG - Regular Hours worked OT- Overtime HOL – Holiday Pay code

10 Questions?? Any questions regarding the KRONOS Timekeeping System please call The Office of Human Resources at 520 – 7537

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