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What Lies Beneath Based on a True Story

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1 What Lies Beneath Based on a True Story
Jamie Kramer and Molly Krotick

2 The University of Vermont prides itself on its well-rounded and scholarly student body. Located in the green mountains of Vermont, this university is home to approximately 10,000 undergraduate students, all of whom display the utmost qualities of outstanding citizens.

3 The typical University of Vermont student is well-bred, well-fed, and of course…well-read. Each day, with the help of Speeder and Earl, the students flock to Bailey Howe library, where they are eager to further their academic careers.

4 Paul Cooley, son of world renowned art connoisseur Jeffrey Cooley, grew up in Old Lyme Connecticut, where he attended the prestigious boarding school Pomfret Academy. After graduating at the top of his class, Paul was accepted to the University of Vermont early decision, where he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and study under the prominent art history department.

5 Always an active participant in all of his courses, Paul attained a grade point average of 4.0 and managed to make the Dean's List each of his eight semesters.

6 Sarah Teddy, daughter of corporate lawyers Susan and Philip Teddy of the esteemed Teddy and Goldberg associates of law, grew up in Newton, Massachusetts. This wealthy suburb of Boston was named the safest city in America, and its renowned educational system has made this city especially desirable for the all American family.

7 President of her graduating class at Newton South High School, Sarah too, was accepted early decision, where she continued to engage in extracurricular activities, ranging from student government to the outdoors club. With a double major in molecular biology and biochemistry, Sarah was a high achieving pre-medical student, graduating with a 3.9 cumulative GPA.

8 Yet underneath this seemingly-utopian society, lies a dark, disturbing secret…

9 Every evening, when the sun sets over Lake Champlain, a new face of the university is revealed. This face is not pretty, nor is it sane, but it is an inevitable truth that has become as equally prevalent as the celebrated academia.

10 Just as a ware-wolf takes its true form when the moon is illuminated, these seemingly-utopian citizens take their own true form.

11 It may come rapidly, or the process may be slow and steady, but the ultimate outcome is always the same…


13 …Blackout

14 Beer, wine, liquor--any shape or form, UVM students, liberal as they are, do not discriminate.



17 And Thus begins a typical evening at the University of Vermont…







24 Sometimes, the evening’s results are not always pleasant, but that is a risk these dangerous souls are willing to take…





29 When the belligerence has come to an end, and the sun begins to rise, these students slowly morph back into their seemingly-utopian forms, and trek up the hill for another day with Speeder, Earl, and Bailey Howe.

30 “Education is not preparation for Life. Education is Life itself”
After all, as the influential John Dewey once said… “Education is not preparation for Life. Education is Life itself”

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