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World War II (1 st Global War- 1939-1945) fighting on 4 continents, 4 oceans 100 million fought (40-50 mil. Died, many civilians) How did it Start – Treaty.

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1 World War II (1 st Global War- 1939-1945) fighting on 4 continents, 4 oceans 100 million fought (40-50 mil. Died, many civilians) How did it Start – Treaty of Versailles- Germany destroyed, embarrassed, forced to take full blame for WWI Reparations- Ger. Forced to pay France for WWI European Depression- Germany becomes the poorest country in Europe – How would an environment like this lead to a country supporting a leader like Hitler? Think of the emotions Germans share?

2 Rise of Fascism- duty to the state is more important than individual freedom, strong leader, limit on freedoms Why would people be willing to give up rights in exchange for strong leadership? Three Axis/Fascist Nations – Italy/ Benito Mussolini- promises Italy a new Roman Empire – Germany/ Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf (My Struggle) outlines Hitler’s beliefs – Aryan Supremacy- German’s are the supreme race – Jews- racially inferior » How did these ideas allow Germans to feel that they had the right to invade and kill other people? » Why is Hitler bad and US good? -Japan/ Tojo- felt only way to gain world respect was by force (ex. US banned all Jap. Imm. In 1924) Japan wants to be dominant power in Asia

3 ID-The Wages of Despair, Adolf Hitler Reviewing the Troops (803) Summary 1-Why did many Germans support Hitler? Seen as a last hope to help in their despair (poverty, unemployment) What caused Germany to become so broke and depressed? Summary 2- When did WWII begin and what event ignited the war? 1939, invasion of Poland OI-Storm-Cellar Isolation 1) Who were the three Totalitarians in Europe? Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Stalin (Russia/Soviet Union)

4 2) Why did Germans turn to Hitler? – He was a talented speaker and leader (gave hope to Germans) 3) How did Japan try to make it’s unhappiness with the world known? – Built up a naval force and joined the Triparte Act (alliance w. Germany and Italy) Why would Japan want to ally themselves w. Germany? What is the purpose of this alliance?

5 4) What country did Italy attack? What could the League of Nations have done to slow Italy? Ethiopia (LofN could have stopped selling oil to Italy) 5) Identify two reasons the US stayed out of these affairs (other than Isolationism)? Safe from Europe due to the Atlantic Ocean Great Depression- US had it’s own problems Anti-war sentiment

6 ID- What Next? 1938 (807) Summary 3-What countries did Hitler swallow up in 1938? Why should Hitler taking over these countries cause alarm to the world in 1938? (Look at Sum 2) Austria and Czechoslovakia (war has not begun yet, but will if Hitler is allowed to take over other countries) OI- Appeasing Japan and Germany/ Hitler’s Belligerency and US Neutrality 6) What was the Sudetenland? Why did the European democracies allow Hitler to annex it? German speaking area of CZ Appeasement- Hitler allowed to annex the Sudetenland… (Promises not to take any more land) Avoid war Seen as a part of Germany (lost in WWI) Hitler is not seen as a bad guy yet, why not? Who is the bad guy in Europe? Hitler lied and invaded rest of Cz.

7 7) What did the Non-Aggression Pact between Hitler and Stalin allow? German invasion of Poland (Ger. And Russia will split Poland) Peace b/t Russia and Germany Why are these two countries promising to get along? Why is this pact unsettling? (Think- whose side are the Soviets on?)

8 8) What event caused England and France to declare war on Germany? German invasion of Poland 9) How did the US try to help the Allies with the Neutrality Act of 1937? Cash and Carry- Allies could buy US war materials if they paid cash up front What is the limitation of Cash and Carry?

9 ID- Main Flow of Lend-Lease Aid (816) Summary 4- Where did the majority of aid (continent?) Why do you feel the aid was sent there? Europe (Germany was the major threat, took over almost all of Eur.) OI- Congress Passes the Landmark Lend-Lease Law 10) How did Lend-Lease propose to keep America out of the war? “Send guns, not sons” the US to help Allies (Eng.) without fighting 11) What did Lend-Lease provide? $50 bil. of weapons and supplies (food, aid)

10 12) How did Lend-Lease change the nature of the war, short of America declaring war? US was no longer neutral but doing everything, short of fighting, to help allies 13) How did Hitler react to Lend-Lease? As an unofficial declaration of war by US against Germany Is Hitler right? Would England have lost to Germany w/out US aid? Explain

11 ID- The Battleship West Virginia (819) Summary 5-Why are these ships on fire? Who attacked? Attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese PLANES OI- Surprise Assault on Pearl Harbor 14) How did the US try to hurt Japan’s war making ability? Embargo (US stopped selling oil and steel to Japan b/c it invaded China) 15) Where did the US think Japan would attack the US? Philippines (US colony) Why did the US feel Hawaii would not be attacked?

12 16) What priceless piece of naval hardware was not at Pearl Harbor? Aircraft carriers Why are aircraft carriers so important in the Pacific? 17) What was FDR’s reaction to Pearl Harbor? “A Day of Infamy” (declaration of war against Japan) How will the attack on the Pearl Harbor change US attitudes towards going to war? Vs. Germany, vs. Japan

13 ID- Enemy Aliens (823) Summary 6- What three countries were the US at war with? Germany, Japan, Italy Summary 7- Which group of immigrants was targeted by the US government? Why do believe that group was targeted and not the other two? Japanese (Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor) Racially different ( smaller numbers) Too many Italian and Germans (blended into US society- fought for US, so did Jap/Am)

14 OI- The Shock of War 18) Why were so many Americans supportive of US entry into WWII? Attack on Pearl Harbor 19) Why were Japanese-Americans targeted by the US? How did Jap.-Am. React? Fear they might be spies (put in Internment camps), fought bravely for US (442 combat unit most decorated unit of war) Why do you feel the Japanese accepted their situation? What could they have done to change it? 20) 20) What was the importance of Korematsu v. US Allowed the government to arrest the Japanese (violation of Jap./Am. civil rights and among worst court decisions ever!!!)

15 ID- War Workers (827) Summary 8- What group of Americans did the country rely on to build war goods/ Why them? WOMEN (and Af/Am and Mex/Am.), men are off fighting (15 mil served) Summary 9- What do you think motivated those workers? Do their part (protect their son, husband, brother overseas) Prove they could do the job that men did!!! (“Rosie the Riveter” OI- Building the War Machine, Manpower and Womenpower 21) How did the War Production alter what was made in the US? (Think what was no longer made?) No more non-essential consumer products (cars), rationing (gasoline, rubber, food/meat)

16 22) What type of regulating was the Office of Price Administration in charge of? (Think how civilian lives were changed?) Prices (controlling inflation due to limited goods and black market) 23) What was the Bracero program? Allowed Mexicans to move to American and work on farms (exempt from draft) 24) Why were women so eager to work for the war effort? 6 mil worked (beginning of the women’s’ liberation movement)

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