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Adolf Hitler and the Nazis

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1 Adolf Hitler and the Nazis

2 Who were Hitler’s Parents?
Hitler’s father was Alois Hitler(Schickelgruber) Hitler’s mother was Klara Polzl Hitler’s parents were related, they were uncle and niece.

3 So who was Hitler? Hitler was the first child to survive his parents marriage. Hitler was born on April 20,1889 C.E. Hitler was born in Brannau, Austria. This makes Hitler and Austrian and NOT a German! Hitler was a poor student in school

4 Hitler Continued: Hitler had great dreams of becoming an artist.
Hitler’s father wanted his son to have a job similar to his. He was very abusive to young Addie. Hitler’s mother constantly gave in to whatever her son wanted.

5 Hitler’s father dies suddenly of a stroke
Hitler eventually applies to art school in Vienna, he is rejected Hitler’s mother is diagnosed with breast cancer and dies a Painful death. Hitler applies to art school a second time. He is rejected again. This time he blames the Jews. Hitler supports himself in Vienna selling painted postcards. He lives in a hotel for men. Hitler is called up for the draft in the Austrian Army, he Believes the Austrian army is beneath him. Adolf escapes to Germany. He arrives in Munich on the eve of WWI. Adolf volunteers for The German army.

Hitler rises to the rank of Lance corporal. He earns the iron cross for bravery Hitler is wounded in a mustard gas attack and is temporarily blinded. He is recovering in the hospital when armistice is declared. He may well also have been shot in the groin

7 Hitler After WWI Hitler was to be discharged from the army.
He was approached with the job of a spy for the army---he accepted He began investigating the many political parties that had sprung up after the war and then reported to the military about their plans

8 Hitler after WWI, Continued
Hitler attended a meeting of the German Workers Party (DAP) Hitler later changed the name of the party to the NSDAP. The Nazis were loosely organized at this point. Mostly making speeches against the German Government. Hitler was an excellent speaker. He knew how to work the crowd!

9 Inflation, Versailles, Anti-Semitism
Between 1920 and 1924 prices in Germany were out of control The Treaty of Versailles had crippled Germany both militarily and economically Hitler and his Party used this to their advantage by BLAMING THE JEWS!

10 The Beer Hall Putsch The Nazis made an attempt to take over the local Bavarian government. In November 1923 at a Munich Beer Hall the plan was executed. The Nazis involved including Hitler were betrayed The Putsch failed. In an attempt to flee Hitler was wounded.

11 After the Putsch Hitler was jailed and then put on trial for treason
Hitler was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in prison, however, he only served 9 months While in prison he wrote his autobiography, Mein Kampf

12 Hitler’s Life After Prison
After his release Hitler went back as the main speaker for the NSDAP. He began an affair with a young woman, Geli Raubel who happened to be his niece. Their affair would continue until her death. After Geli’s death Hitler became a strict vegetarian

13 The Nazis Rise to Power As a result of the failed Putsch the Nazi Party realized the only way to get power was to be elected to government offices From the late 1920’s until 1933 the Nazi Party’s number of seats in the government Reichstag slowly grew. Eventually they held a majority and were ready to strike!

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