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Source From iki/Adolf_Hitler.

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2 Source From iki/Adolf_Hitler

3 I have chosen Adolf Hitler for my advantage. I always wanted to research about him. Some people tell me that what he did was right. Some say he was a evil leader I want to make this project a opportunity to find out more. Even though I don’t know a lot about Hitler, what I know is that he was a successful leader. I have watched many documentary's about him on discovery history channel. I found out that he fought in WW1. I think he was the most important person since 1900 because he changed how the world is know. He killed many Jews in the holocaust. I would recommend you to read The Diary of Anne frank because it shows a 15 year old girls struggle through the holocaust. I want to make the project to best standard I could offer.

4 All depends on me All depends on me As long as I live I shall only think of victory As long as I live I shall only think of victory I shall Annihilate everyone who is opposed to me I shall Annihilate everyone who is opposed to me

5 Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau-am-Inn ( This was on Austria’s and Germany's border) on 20 th April 1889.Hitlers mum worked as a maid in a Jewish family's house. Hitler's dad worked as a custom officer on the border of Austria. Hitler left school aged 16 with no qualification. He applied for admission at Vienna academy of fine arts but failed to get into the academy. Because of this he had had to eat in soup kitchens and had to sell his paintings so that he could earn some money. His mum was thinking he was studying in the academy because Hitler never informed his parents about him not being accepted in the academy.

6 Later on he moved to Munich where he joined the German army during world war 1. Hitler was awarded the iron cross second class and first class. In the war he was wounded. Hitler was blinded. In the hospital he refused to talk to anyone because Germany surrendered in World War 1. in December 1918 he returned back to his position in the German army. In 1919 he joined the DAP. In 1920 he was given the responsibility for propaganda. 2 years later he became the leader of NSDAP, which was also known as the Nazi Party.


8 In 1923 he was arrested for 9 month for, where he wrote the book called ‘Mein Kampf’. This made him stand out in public. Hitler started using new techniques to make the Nazi party rise. He always came to speech’s late which created tension in German’s. He did not allow people to photograph him so as soon as the speech was finished, he would disappear from people’s eyesight 2

9 It took Hitler ten years(1932) to make Nazi party the strongest party in the election. He was declared as the chancellor of a coalition government. He took this as a advantage to make anti Jewish laws (Basically against Jews ). He prepared Germany for WW2 by extending Germany's military and Germans territory.


11 Hitler became an alia with Japan and Italy. World War started when Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939. After repeated success in wars with European country's, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union (Country's like Russia). Millions of Jews where killed in the invasion. In 1941 Hitler declared war on USA(United States of America).In 1944 Germany ran out off resources due to fighting the eastern front. American forces and British forces landed in France. The soviet troops where determined to capture berlin. So they did. Hitler’s wife bit into a cyanide capsule and Hitler shot himself so that enemy's do not torture them and they also did not want to surrender. Many people still don’t agree that Hitler died in berlin. Some say he escaped and he died in Argentina.


13 » /GERhitler.htm /GERhitler.htm /GERhitler.htm » /adolf_hitler /adolf_hitler /adolf_hitler » » 5zvP1ZuNlA 5zvP1ZuNlA 5zvP1ZuNlA » hp/biography-of-adolf-hitler/48-hitler- biography-part-1 hp/biography-of-adolf-hitler/48-hitler- biography-part-1 hp/biography-of-adolf-hitler/48-hitler- biography-part-1



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