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5S Workplace Ancillary Testing Inventory storage BB120 April 2009.

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1 5S Workplace Ancillary Testing Inventory storage BB120 April 2009

2 Objectives Going through all the supplies, materials, etc., in the cabinet and work area and keeping only essential items. Everything else is stored or discarded. Focuses on efficiency. For every thing there should be a place and every thing should be in its place. Standardized work practices or operating in a consistent and standardized fashion. Everyone knows exactly what his or her responsibilities are to keep above 3S's… Systematic Cleaning or the need to keep the workplace clean as well as neat. Everything is restored to its place. Sustaining the discipline: Refers to maintaining and reviewing standards. Once the previous 4S's have been established, they become the new way to operate.

3 Site Selection Criteria: – Establish the Laboratory as a LSS leader that can coach/mentor/teach by doing. – Activity must have some level of financial impact. – Project size will allow for a quick ROI. – Use a common skill set that can easily bridge to other applications and projects. – Select a shared resource supporting multiple staff. – Area will allow ATC to be the sustaining owner. “ATC Supply Closet”

4 Current State View from doorway entrance into room

5 Current State It is difficult to obtain items and see the inventory on hand

6 Planning the 5S event

7 Future State View from doorway entering room Created a training supply shelf Organized shelves to function as a CBOC supply cabinet

8 Future State Storage behind door now isolated to one function Inventory signal “kanban” version 1 created to signal low volume or expiration of product Functional space created for CBOC transport

9 Expense Time 8 hrs Cost of labor Supplies – Organizers obtained from SPD – Label maker and tape – Re-purposed existing carts StaffRateHoursTotal 2$388$608

10 Results Completed project in ≈8hrs (planning time included) Items removed? – Diabetic cart, glucose meter set up boxes, bone marrow slides—still in progress, Moved administrative supplies to admin side, unpacked packing supplies for transparency and organization Organization achieved? – A search for 5 CBOC requested items: Unorganized supply closetaverage 25 min Approx 5 minutes to each area of main lab to fill order requesting items from all departments 5S supply closetaverage 5min 20 min advantage per visit

11 Results Inventory made functional – (In progress, measuring inventory usage, waste and distribution to CBOC sites) – Cost of inventory--Goal: To accurately determine the distribution of lab supplies to CBOC sites from the Mpls VA (TBD month of June—waste monitoring report and Misc. supplies budget allocation) Room layout – reduced motion– no longer need to go to 5 departments to obtain lab items for CBOCs Developed a transferable “5S” skill set to spread to CBOC sites

12 Lessons Learned Pre-planning: The pre-plan allowed the owner of the project and I to commit to a functional space in a timely manner. Since this 5S involved moving heavy items such as a refrigerator & wiring, removing casing & painting which needed to be coordinated across services, the commitment to the pre-plan was our commitment to the change. Task organization: Once the event was underway, some new ideas surfaced. The commitment to the pre-plan allowed us to focus on the space as a functional supply closet.

13 Lessons Learned Tools that enabled functional inventory space: I utilized an affinity diagram to come to a conclusion about the storage of bone marrow slides. Based on accreditation requirements and storage space, a disposal plan was implemented and the results are TBD. Sometimes, a problem is beyond the scope of the 5S event and requires additional time to proceed with the process. The 5S event can still proceed as planned as long as problem is identified and a process is implemented. Change is difficult: Metrics enabled us to answer the question: “How is this space most functional?”

14 Results to sustain and spread The results from this 5S will sustain with the posted “Future State” pictures on each cabinet. The 5S is intended to spread to other areas beginning in June 2009. Two LEADS participants will help with the next 5S event, then each LEADS participant will lead a 5S event to present as a project.

15 Pictures to sustain event Pictures placed of 5S shelves posted on shelf to sustain event

16 Questions?

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