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Linen System Edition Presented by: Barbara Williams June 11, 2007.

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2 Linen System Edition Presented by: Barbara Williams June 11, 2007

3 Let’s get started……………..

4 Agenda Linen Specifications & Quality Assurance Par Levels/Standards Linen Distribution Methods Linen Room Organization External/Internal Distribution Soiled Linen Retrieval MeasurementsEducation

5 What is Linen Management? An organized, systematic approach to managing the laundry / linen system in an efficient and cost effective manner.

6 Affect the Critical Success Factors 1.Reduce activity based costs 2.Increase service quality. Objective……...

7 The foundation of an effective linen system The Four RIGHTS of Linen Management ProductQuantityPlaceTime

8 Right Product Product specification Product standardization Quality Assurance - Clean functional product Lowest cost/use

9 Quality Assurance... Discard Program Set Quality Standards Educate staff Unacceptable linen retrieval process Discard records After life (ER, rags, sales)

10 Right Quantity Procurement – Balance Supply & Demand Unit Par Standards

11 Procurement... Planned Purchasing Program Systematic and logical approach to linen procurement Even flow of goods into the system On-time delivery Elimination of panic buying Elimination of storeroom inventory

12 Procurement... Linen Orders from Laundry Realistic Quantities –Linen Room Par –Usage-based –Standards-based

13 INDICATORS: 1) Shortages 2) Excess Linen 3) Fluctuating Census/Occupancy 4) Over 12 months since reviewed Unit Par Standards

14 GOALS: 1) Better product utilization 2) Eliminate hoarding 3) Eliminate oversupply Unit Par Standards

15 ACTION STEPS: 1) Complete Usage Study 2) Develop New Linen Standards 3) Post and Communicate Unit Par Standards

16 Right Place No incorrect cart deliveries –Laundry to customer –To floors Cart Location –Clean utility room –Nurses station –Secured area

17 Linen Distribution Methods Exchange carts Floor Closet Stock Nurse Server Dispensing Machines

18 Exchange Carts  Each area allotted two carts  Each cart holds 24 hr. supply  Common on inpatient & high volume outpatient areas

19 Exchange Carts  Minimizes linen handling  Reduced FTE time for linen distribution  Better distribution supervision  Maximizes nursing floor space  Ease in monitoring linen usage

20 Exchange Carts  Limited space on exchange cart  Large cart stocking space required  Often accessible to public  Requires investment in maintenance of exchange carts

21 Floor Closet Stock  Stationary closet with shelves  Filled to pre-established levels  Commonly found where distribution space is limited or in lower-use outpatient areas  Hospitality

22 Floor Closet Stock  Less space required in linen room  No incorrect cart deliveries  Less accessible to public

23 Floor Closet Stock  Easier to hoard  Requires nursing floor space  May necessitate rotating of stock

24 Right Time

25 Linen Room Organization Linen Distribution

26 Who’s on your team? Linen Room Organization



29 Clearly mark linen storage shelves Designate area for bulk and exchange carts –Label proper location on floor, walls, or ceiling Organize exchange carts to match sequence of deliveries to floor Dedicate space to linen activities and keep clear of clutter Linen Room Organization

30 Visio Layout of New Room

31 Linen Room Design Project Positive Results -Consistent Work Flow -Exchange Carts Are Being Completed Daily -Daily Assignments Are Being Completed Due to Proper Staff Scheduling -Consistent Linen Delivery Schedule -All Soiled Linen Is Being Picked Up / Sufficient Return of Clean Linen

32 Security Restrict access to Linen Room Establish procedure to obtain linen after hours Store soiled linen in a secure location Linen Room Organization

33 Right Time Clean linen delivery schedule –Consistent, on-time deliveries Soiled linen collection schedule –Allow for maximum amount of soiled linen to be ready for processing Communicate schedule to end user –Scripting Staff Accountability Linen Distribution

34 External Linen Delivery Success Factors: Communication! Consistent, timely deliveries (30 min.) –Driver accountability Establish delivery routes

35 External Linen Delivery Success Factors: Accountability –Tracking clean out/soiled in Clear shipping documents –pieces shipped, # carts, weight Clearly marked carts –Items & weight

36 Internal Linen Delivery Scheduling Considerations –Days/week –Frequency per day –#Carts/unit –Elevator availability –Timing of Delivery/Pickups

37 Internal Linen Delivery Success Factors: Develop clean linen delivery schedule –Prioritize based on customer requirements –Establish delivery routes –Post schedule at distribution point –Consistent, timely deliveries (30 min.) Distribution staff accountability Communication!

38 Master Linen Delivery Schedule

39 Area Linen Delivery Monitoring Form

40 Success Factors: Develop soiled linen retrieval schedule –Maximize collection to coincide with laundry needs –Timely collection complete within one hour of laundry pick-up Soiled Linen Retrieval

41 Success Factors: Accountability Accountability – Staff accountability Monitor daily –Number of Carts –Total weight of soiled linen Soiled Linen Retrieval

42 Soiled Collection Schedule

43 Who’s on your team? Who’s on your team? Linen Distribution Staffing

44 Linen Distribution Staffing Planning Activity Time (Minutes/Cart) A. Receiving Time 5.5 B. Cart Preparation 12.0 C. Delivery Time 15.0 D. Re-stocking Store Room 2.0 E. Small Production Orders 3.0 F. Recording Daily Deliveries/Usage 0.7 G. Total Linen Staff Handling Time (Minutes/Cart) 38.2 H. Total Carts Processed Daily 53 I. Total Hours Required Annually (GxHx365/60) 12,316 J. Hours for 1 FTE 2,080 K. Required FTE’s 5.9

45 Measuring Progress

46 Customer Feedback Tools Benchmarking Customer Surveys Linen Distribution Report Card


48 Solicit the customers’ input regarding the laundry/linen operation –quality assurance –linen distribution –linen utilization –security loss prevention Open lines of communication Create linen awareness Customer Surveys

49 Linen Awareness / Linen Education Tools

50 All Linen can be laundered. Place all soiled linen in leak proof linen hamper bags. Trashing linen adds to Hospital expense.

51 Wednesday, May 1st, 2007 Will Your Linen Make It To The Next Round?

52 The Key to Success… “The time to repair the roof… is when the sun is shining.” is when the sun is shining.” John F. Kennedy

53 Quality Product Timely Delivery Location Sufficient Quantity Success Measurement Provide Education MOVE THAT BUS……….

54 Your customers and staff will applaud you !

55 Questions?

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