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Introductory Remarks UNC Board of Visitors Meeting April 8, 2011.

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1 Introductory Remarks UNC Board of Visitors Meeting April 8, 2011

2 Welcome

3 Agenda Welcome and Remarks Bob Winston Key University Issues The Generations of Students — Winston Crisp Voices of Carolina Students — Panel discussion led by Hogan Medlin and Mary Cooper

4 Agenda (Continued) Reports from BOV Committees Carolina Counts — Courtney Cavatoni State Relations — Dana Simpson/Erin Schuettpelz Communications Benchmarking – Michael Smith Special Reports Japan –

5 2010-2011 Initiatives — Progress Report Primary Initiatives State and Local Relations Recruiting Competitiveness Carolina Counts Membership Involvement Communications Benchmarking

6 Student Recruitment Situation ….. Expanded enrollment at other universities challenges Carolina's ability to maintain/improve the degree of excellence among our student body Challenge …. Continue helping the University implement a recruitment plan to improve Carolina’s competitive edge Progress …. Report today from committee co-chairs, David Broughton and Bill Fuller

7 Carolina Counts Committee Situation ….. Bain and Company conducted a comprehensive review of the University’s administrative areas Challenge …. Continue assisting the Carolina Counts program in the implementation of the Bain Study Progress …. Report today from Courtney Cavatoni, Carolina Counts Committee Chair

8 Communications Benchmarking Task Force Situation ….. The University is continually exploring ways to enhance its communications effectiveness Challenge …. Create a communications benchmarking task force to benchmark the communications strategies of the various schools and units Progress …. Report today from Michael Smith

9 Membership Involvement Situation ….. BOV Members want more ways to remain meaningfully involved with Carolina, both during and after their term Challenge …. Continue the work of the Membership Involvement Committee to identify and implement additional avenues for involvement by members and former members of the BOV

10 State Relations Situation ….. BOV has done great job "answering the bell" … but State level has been too "reactive" Challenge …. Create a systematic and sustainable grass roots organization proactively focused on promoting the interests of UNC at the State level Progress …. Report today from State Relations chair, Dana Simpson and Erin Schuettpelz, director of State Relations and Communications

11 Thank You to the Class of 2011 Douglas Anderson Christian Avery* Mary Lou Booth* Charles Brindell Jr. David Broughton* Jan Capps* Donald Caudle Jr.* Courtney Cavatoni* Amy Conlee* Anthony Cummings* Fred Davenport Ronald Day J. “Mac” Dubose Jr.* William Farmer Jill Olson Michael Painter Carter Pope Anne Powell* Alfred Randolph* Deborah Ross Elizabeth Saye* Moyer Smith Jr.* Ann Sullivan* Gwen Waddell-Schultz* Jane Whilden Edith Wiggins *in attendance Neal Fowler* William Fuller III* Howard Godwin Jr. Jean Grainger* Jeffrey Gray Phillip Haire William Hawkins Jr.* Pamela Heavner* Kenneth Howard* Joseph Jenkins* Michael Kennedy* Hugh McAllister Jr. Gregory Nelson*

12 Hold the Date University Day October 12, 2011 Fall 2011 Meeting Dates October 13-15, 2011 UNC v. Miami football on Saturday Hotel room information coming soon

13 UNC Board of Visitors Meeting April 8, 2011

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