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Leadership Development and Succession Planning

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1 Leadership Development and Succession Planning
Developing your Strategy NCURA Region VI & VII Spring Meeting Denver, Colorado April 2011 Presented By: Rosemary Madnick Assistant Vice President, Research Administration Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute Christine Pacheco Sr. Contract & Grant Administrator, Department of Internal Medicine University of New Mexico Title: Leadership Succession Planning: Developing a Strategy Description: The session will focus on developing a leadership succession strategy. Having a strategy is a valuable tool to grow future leaders and to ensure continuous development within a shifting market. Success by succession planning is an investment that leaders are recognizing as an important strategy with long term benefits. The following topics will be covered: 1)    Assessment of Key Positions 2)    Identification of Key Talent 3)    Assessment of Key Talent 4)    Generation of Development Plans 5)    Development of Monitoring & Review Presenters: Christine Pacheco, Sr. Contract & Grant Administrator, University of New Mexico Rosemary Madnick, Assistant Vice President, Research Administration, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute

2 “We put good people in big jobs before they are ready”.
Pepsi Co

3 What is succession planning?
Systematic process for identifying, assessing and developing staff Vital to future success of an organization Strategic Planning for Human Capital Investment in your future leaders Succession Planning is proactive and not reactive Sustainability that creates motivated and capable employees Succession planning is nothing more than having a systematic process where managers identify, assess and develop their staff to make sure they are ready to assume key roles within the organization. 3

4 Key Issues: Support and backing of Senior Management
Part of integrated HR process Identify skills needed by the organization Critical positions must be identified and included in the planning Identify high performers Identify soon to be retirees Identify skills, responsibilities and competencies Establish a system of communication • The succession planning program must have the support and backing of the company's senior level management • Succession planning must be part of an integrated HR process that includes training, development and performance appraisal • Identify what skills the organization will need in 5, 10 or 15 years • Critical positions must be identified and included in the Company's succession planning program • Identify high-performers that are almost ready to step into those critical positions • Analyze the workforce and identify who will be eligible for retirement within the next five years • Managers need to identify the responsibilities, skills and competencies that will be needed by their replacements • A system for communicating succession planning information to managers must be established • A systematic approach for identifying, nominating and selecting potential successors must be established • Background information on potential successors, such as education, experience, skills, appraisals and potential should be reviewed • The training and development requirements of potential successors needs to be determined • The skills of potential successors must be developed through work experiences, job rotation, projects and other challenging assignments • A system for monitoring candidate's development plan progress by senior management should be established • Succession planning must include a system for providing feedback and encouragement to potential successors • Succession planning is basically a "numbers game" that requires good organizational skills and the ability to pay attention to details • Finally, the succession plan must belong "to the organization" and not to the HR department in order to make sure it has the attention it deserves 4

5 Leadership Development = V+C+L
Variety of Experiences + Challenging Assignments Ability & Willingness to Learn Center for Creative Leadership

6 Succession Planning: Key Elements
Assessment of Key Positions Identification of Key Talent Key Elements Development Monitoring & Review Assessment of Key Talent Generation of Development Plans

7 Succession Planning: Key Elements
Assessment of Key Positions Identification of Key Talent Assessment of Key Talent Generation of Development Plans Development of Monitoring & Review Assessment of Key Positions: What are the competencies and experiences needed to qualify for each key position? Identification of Key Talent: Typically people at the top two levels of the organization and high potential employees one level below. Identified by their management’s assessment of their performance and potential for advancement Assessment of Key Talent: For each person on the radar screen, primary development needs are identified focusing on what they need in order to be ready for the next level. Generation of Development Plans: A development plan is prepared for how we will help the person develop over the next year. Development Monitoring & Review: Annual or semi-annual succession planning review is held to review progress of key talent and to refresh or revise their development plan. 7

KEY POSITION TITLE ________________________ Backup Candidate Name: ______________________ Current Title: ________________________________ Div: ______________ Level of Readiness (Circle One): Within 1 Yr –3 Yrs –5 Yrs. __________________________________________________ Strengths for this position: Developmental needs for this position: Comments: Date: FY: Completed by: Division: Sample assessment form

Key Position Title Incumbent Name Position Vulnerability Succession Candidate Names Open in < 1 Yr 1–3 Yrs 3 + Yrs Ready in Succession Plan Summary

Overall Performance Summary: (Indicate recent performance including major accomplishments or performance issues.)                  Key Strengths: (List Indicate key technical or professional competencies, skills, or knowledge the person has.)                 Development Needs: (List 2 or 3. Indicate key experiences, skills, or knowledge the person lacks in order to move to the next level.) Development Actions: 1. On The Job: (What new responsibilities do you plan to assign to help this person develop this year?) EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT PLAN NAME: ________________ TITLE: ________________ 2. Special Assignment: (What task force, projects, or special assignments will be given this year to aid development?)                 3. Training: (What specific training or seminars are recommended this year for his/her development?)               Potential For Promotion: (Indicate this persons readiness to be promoted to the next organizational level.) Ready now for the next level. Ready in the next 24 months. Ready in 2 to 3 years. Recommended Next Position: (List the next assignment that would most benefit the individual in his/her development.) Executive Development Plan

11 Development Toolbox Highest Return…
 Full Job Change Focused On Development Needs  Job Restructuring Based On Development Needs  Mini Assignments  Cross Divisional Project Leadership Or Assignment  Focused Coaching & Counseling  Industry Representation  Visits Accompanying Senior Executives  Formalized Education Programs  Full 360 Degree Feedback and Evaluation  Motivated Self Development  Seminars and Conferences … Lowest Return

12 Toolbox for Succession Development
On the Job: Job Enrichment Special Projects Committee Assignments Task Force Participation Giving Presentations Leading a New Project Temporary Job Assignments Full Job Change 12

13 Toolbox for Succession Development
Learning From Others: Working with a Mentor Teaming with an Expert 360 Feedback Focused Interviews Training & Education Seminars and Conferences Continuing Education Cross Training 13

14 Semi-Annual Succession Planning Review
Review of succession candidates and development plans in each organizational unit/area Report development progress and make necessary adjustments to the plan Orchestrate moves for the next 6 months 14

15 Pitfalls of Succession Planning
Underestimating or overlooking employees Not considering lateral moves Not offering training and development opportunities Not tailoring a developmental plan specifically to the position Not holding managers and leaders accountable Not sharing the data with employees Focusing only on the "technical competencies" and failing to consider the team-building and leadership development requirements • Underestimating people within the organization or overlooking employees that don't appear to fit your standard "company template" • Implementing a program that is designed for upward mobility only - lateral succession moves should also be included in the plan • Failing to offer the appropriate training and developmental opportunities • Creating a development program that only offers generic "leadership" training programs And the two biggest errors made regarding succession planning efforts: • Not holding managers & leaders accountable for succession planning • Not sharing the data with employees - you run the risk of losing promising employees if they don't feel the company has a plan for their development 15

16 "The domain of leaders is the future
"The domain of leaders is the future. The leader's unique legacy is the creation of valued institutions that survive over time. The most significant contribution leaders make is not simply to today's bottom line; it is to the long- term development of people and institutions so they can adapt, change, prosper, and grow."  Source: The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes & Posner (4th ed. 2007) 16

17 Contact Information Rosemary Madnick Assistant Vice President, Research Administration Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute 1124 West Carson Street Torrance, CA 90502 Christine Pacheco Department of Internal Medicine MSC 1 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM

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