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Friends of Hogar Rafael Ayau Foundation

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1 Friends of Hogar Rafael Ayau Foundation

2 History of the Hogar Rafael Ayau
Originally founded by Don Rafael Ayau in 1857. In 1996, after being closed under civil war in Guatemala, the newly named Hogar Rafael Ayau was placed under the responsibility of the Catholic Apostolic Antiochian Orthodox Church of Guatemala. October 13, 1997, the Hogar Rafael Ayau opened its doors to receive 115 orphaned boys and girls, under the care of the nuns of the Lavra Mambre. Today the orphanage continues to accept and fully care for abandoned children.

3 Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage
The Hogar provides a home to over 100 orphans received from birth to seven years old. Children remain at the Hogar until they are either adopted or established in their adult lives. The orphanage provides the children with a home, which includes an education, emotional care, spiritual guidance, athletics, medical care, job training… unconditional love.

4 Friends of Hogar Rafael Ayau
Friends of Hogar Rafael Ayau is a non-profit 501(c)-3 established for the sole purpose of supporting the children of the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage and raising funds for a new orphanage, San Miguel

5 FHRA Foundation Friends of Hogar Rafael Ayau Foundation (FHRA) was formed as a 501(c)-3 in October 2007 and became active in 2008. FHRA was created for individuals to make tax deductible donations that would directly benefit the Hogar. Capital campaign kick-off November 2009 to raise $1.6M for San Miguel. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and it is under the direction of Mother Ines.

6 FHRA Board of Directors
Mother Ines Ayau, Director Hogar Rafael Ayau Guatemala City, Guatemala Georgia Lipane, President Pearl River, NY Harriet Stratis, Treasurer Chicago, IL Laura Paulus, Secretary Thania Panopoulos, Director Andrew Morriss, Director Fisher, IL Carmen Ayau, Director Miami, FL Catherine Fuller, Director Lakewood, OH

7 Need for New Orphanage The Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage currently resides in Zone 1, the most dangerous section of Guatemala City and the children are in increasing danger. Over half the population of Guatemala lives below the poverty line. The country grapples with many challenges, including rampant crime and drug trafficking, upgrading government and private financial operations. Adoptions from Guatemala ceased in April 2008, leaving the Hogar the only hope of a permanent home for many children.

8 San Miguel Home San Miguel will provide a warm, wonderful home for needy children. San Miguel will provide accommodations, food, medical care, a nursery, a school, a gymnasium, and work-study programs for the children. In addition to being a home for the children, San Miguel strives to become financially self-sustaining through Tilapia ponds, raising rabbits, vegetable gardens, baking, coffee, arts and crafts, and woodworking.

9 Capital Campaign - Our Goal
Raise $1.6 million To construct the Orphanage San Miguel with capacity to care for 200 abandoned children How You Can Help Raise funds to contribute to capital campaign Raise awareness of the Hogar and our financial goal Sponsor a room or building of San Miguel Donate to the general San Miguel fund Donate to on-going operations of the orphanage

10 Construction Progress to Date
~30% of the complex has been completed. Much progress has been made on boys’ dormitory, nursery and infirmary. The retaining wall of the 3-story building is complete: first floor school, second floor dining hall and kitchen, third floor girls’ dormitory, medical clinics and covered play areas. Retaining walls and columns for the administration offices and the missionary living quarters are complete.

11 Hogar Rafael Ayau, Zone1 Guatemala City, Guatemala





















32 The Children Need Our Help!
Raise $1.6M to build San Miguel. Capital Campaign from Nov 2009-Nov 2012. Support the goal in various way: Provide a financial contribution Support fundraising events in your community Engage others to participate in achieving our goal Visit us at Thank you!


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