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Kenya 2014 Our Building Project. It started with digging.

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1 Kenya 2014 Our Building Project


3 It started with digging

4 Building the foundations


6 Our first team finished up to the slab

7 Our second team arrived to build the walls

8 and they did just that!

9 The walls got higher…

10 and higher!


12 Our third team helped lift the many trusses

13 They plastered…

14 …and plastered…

15 …and plastered !

16 They painted the windows and doors many times

17 and tried their hardest to get a lot of the work completed

18 Special thanks to John and his great team of fundis!

19 However your teams trips wouldn’t have been complete without all the wonderful stories you heard, and the visits you made to our amazing partners.....

20 Message from Pastor Ben – “The work on the above subject has been going on very well and is about to end this week so as to embark on the roofing of the walkway. If the walkway roofing was done before, then the plastering of the pillars wouldn't have been possible. The workers had a break of a week and a half, they would have finished but coming week they will. Say hi to the teams.”

21 Our Partners

22 We met David Kereto & heard his story

23 We met Lasoi & heard her story

24 We met the Community Health Workers at Home Based Care

25 and visited families in Narok & Mulot

26 Donations You left a total of £496.09 to Home Based Care, for medical care for individuals, school fees for clients and Community Health Workers and general donations plus mattresses for some of the families.

27 We met Helen and heard her story

28 Donations for individuals You left a total of £371.13 which helped to pay school fees for one of Pastor Ben’s children, school fees for one of Helen’s children and for one of the Chambai waiters to pursue further education at evening college.

29 We visited Naisoya nursery school

30 …and Olmarum nursery school

31 We visited Nairasirasa community medical centre

32 Donations: £336.96 was given by volunteers.

33 We showed the Jesus film

34 On Sundays we went to Church

35 We went for a walk on the Loita Plains


37 We visited Patrick & Josephine at Mission with a Vision.


39 and did activities with the girls

40 Donations You left £739.88 to help with feeding and general provisions. Patrick has written to tell us of the 10 new girls still awaiting sponsors.

41 We visited Nkapilili school

42 and their dormitories

43 We visited the Kijabe clinic

44 Sylvia & her family provided each team with a meal at her house

45 We met families from Jesus Power Gospel Ministries

46 Played games with the children…

47 …and provided over 100 of them with a meal!

48 Donations You left a total of £702.81 for accommodation and food for 5 street boys for a month, 30 women from the feeding programme to join the micro finance project and school fees for 3 street boys. Mattresses were also donated.

49 We did activities with the girls at the MEA Refuge


51 Donations A total of £907.95 was left for furniture for the dormitories, curtains and tiling for the bathroom block.

52 We visited the hostel for disabled children in Bomet

53 And played games with them

54 We also painted the dormitories

55 Donations £631.59 was donated to Bomet for general on going cost.

56 Thanks Team 2

57 Thanks Team 3

58 Thanks Team 4

59 Special thanks to Rachel

60 and to Benj

61 Thank you all for helping us make this summers campaign such a great success!

62 What’s next for the staff team? Penny will be going to Brazil in October and Cambodia in January 2015 Benj is starting his Masters degree on Monday, and then “seeing what God has in store for me”! Rachel is aiming “to combine my journalism skills and experiences in Kenya to help further the people I met while there, and get a job so I can pay the mortgage”!

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