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PCOT “ For the love of the game For the good of the community”

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1 PCOT “ For the love of the game For the good of the community”

2 Information WWW.PCOT.CA Annual booklet Any member of the Board of Directors Your Coach

3 The Principles of the Pointe-Claire Oldtimers Hockey Club Inc. Providing for the physical fitness of its members in a highly developed and socially interactive association committed to our community……

4 Club History Started in 66/67 with 4 teams “No lifters above the knees” Has grown over the years and currently has 16 teams with 3 divisions Spare list of 100 players Giving back to the community has been a primary mission since its inception

5 Administration ■ Board of Directors (18 directors) ■ Max of 7 consecutive years ■ Must be permanent member ■ Executive Committee ■ President (1 year term) ■ 2 Vice Presidents ■ Treasurer ■ Secretary

6 Social Events ■Opening mini tournament (Sept) ■Donation night (Nov) ■Blood drive (Nov) ■Food donation drive (Dec) ■Christmas mini tournament (Dec) ■Annual Dance (April) ■Annual tournament (April) ■AGM ( May) ■Golf tournament (June)

7 Annual Tournament 2012 will be the 43 rd annual tournament Primary fund raising activity of the club Allows us to support 50+ charitable organizations providing a variety of services to our greater community Approximately $1 Million in donations made through 2010

8 Key Rules Residents of Pointe-Claire Non-contact league Approved helmet, full face protector and neck protector required Slap shots permitted in Beliveau Division only Icing – play continues unless defending team is not permitted to obtain its blue line before pressuring the puck carrier. Icing is waived off if the goalie leaves his crease and attempts to play the puck regardless of whether he touches the puck or not Delayed penalty on a goal still results in a penalty

9 Key rule (continued) Respect your opponents! Respect the refs, they are volunteers! Respect the coaches! We are guests at the arena, observe the rules and regulations and the instructions of the arena staff

10 Be Aware! Fair Play Rule Behaviour on and off the ice can lead to suspensions, expulsion from the league Visit the website and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations

11 Get Involved! PCOT is a volunteer organization Various committees, board of directors, volunteer at the annual tournament Rather than yell at the refs, become a ref if you think you can do a better job or can help train our refs (See Don Cudmore – Referee in Chief) We cannot give back to the community without your help

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