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States in the Shopping Malls Observe how the states of matter are used to decorate and make shopping more pleasant. By Daryl Wang Jiale (2A128)

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1 States in the Shopping Malls Observe how the states of matter are used to decorate and make shopping more pleasant. By Daryl Wang Jiale (2A128)

2 1 st mall: Jurong Point

3 Marble Floors  Marble is metamorphosed limestone, composed of fairly pure calcite (a crystalline form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3).  It is extensively used as a building material, and can be normal seen in our marble tiles.  Marble tiles have a beautiful and unique look. Each tile has a slightly different pattern.  The tiles help to boost the shopping environment to make it more pleasant.

4 Trees and Bushes  Trees keep the air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen through photosynthesis. They also help lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves. They can also cut down noise pollution by acting as sound barriers.  From this we can see the reason why trees are extensively placed in shopping malls so as the improve shopping experience.

5 Shades and Shelters  Even though enclosed, harmful UV rays from the sun would still be able to penetrate through the glass top of the building into the mall, posing health risks to shoppers.  To prevent that, shades and shelters are being used to reduce the amount of UV rays shining into the mall, ensuring the safety of the shoppers.

6 The Market Place  There is a range of retail zones in Jurong Point such as this one called The Market Place. With themed places such as this one (Chinatown theme), the shoppers are provided with all the decorations that relate to the theme, such as lanterns (often used in Chinese culture/tradition), oriental doors (used in the past for the emperor’s palace), sepia lighting (orange to provide warmth), black-coated ceiling (provide the ‘night’ feeling people get when they visit Chinatown).

7 2 nd mall: JCube

8 Video Panel  This outdoor LED display panel makes use of the technology of brightest LED display panel available. This is because the screens must be able to project the images clearly when direct sunlight makes contact with the panels.  The sound has also got to be amplified with a high voltage to be able to project to faraway places so as to attract people’s attention.

9 Helium Balloons  Children are fascinated by the fact that helium balloons float. Helium is an element with less atomic mass than nitrogen (can relate to surrounding air, since 80% of gas on earth is nitrogen). Therefore helium would be able to float in the air (also because of density, and buoyancy)  Hydrogen can also do that, but it is highly flammable so it is not safe to use it in a shopping mall.  These balloons help attract children customers.

10 Winter-themed restaurant  According to psychology research, a person’s mood can be affected by the environment (colours). For example, the colour green gives a sense of restfulness. This is because because the eye focuses the color green directly on the retina, it is said to be less strainful on your eye muscles.  Likewise this restaurant, using a winter theme, is trying to paint the environment white, which gives a sense of cleanliness and space, as well as orange with gives a sense of warmth, improving diners’ mood.

11 Orange Lights  With relation to the previous slide, orange/yellow light are often associated with food and can cause our tummy to growl a little. So many restaurants are using this colour, as orange light can stimulate a person’s appetite.  Orange and yellow light also provides a happy, energetic, and exciting mood to diners’ so they can enjoy their meals better.  However yellow (paint) is seldom used as it reflects more light and excessively stimulate a person’s eyes which can lead to irritation.

12 The Ice Rink  JCube – as the name suggests, it is a mall with six-sided development with façade walls designed to resemble an ice cube.  That is why they like to have the ice rink. It is the first Olympic- sized ice rink in Singapore, and being the center of attention of the shopping mall, shoppers would be enticed to just pop by the rink and take a look at the skaters while shopping.

13 Sky Garden  The Sky Garden is a cool and shady place for shoppers to rest and relax themselves, away from the noisy and busy environment in the mall.  There is also an evaporative cooling system in the sky garden which harnessed the coolness from the melted ice and condensate water from the dehumidifier to discharge cool air over the garden.  This environmentally-friendly technology has won the mall a Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Award under the BCA Green Mark for Buildings award category. This is sure to attract shoppers to the mall. For best results, see full screen for this slide.

14 3 rd mall: The Clementi Mall

15 Coloured Tiles  These tiles actually adopt the concept of a polished porcelain tile. Their smooth shiny surface and minimal grout lines present a look that no other tile can match. However a lot of work has to be done to polish such fine tiles.  Also they would be faced with the problem of ‘optical hazing’, which is a phenomenon achieved by these tiles where they LOOK shiny but actually they aren’t. It actually depends on the angle of the light reflected, therefore sometimes it may look quite hazy.  These tiles are aesthetically pleasing and would make shopping pleasant.

16 Children Rides  According to the study by consumer researchers Claus Ebster and Udo Wagner, twice as many purchases in supermarkets are triggered by children than their parents are aware of.  Therefore to attract children to follow their parents to shopping, the mall provides all these kiddie rides for children to play in. They would also influence their parents when they purchase things, so the mall is hoping that they will purchase more under the influence of the children.

17 4 th mall: West Mall

18 LED Lights – Display Shelf  Shelf lighting can make a shelving unit look a little more attractive while providing pleasant accent lighting to the contents of the unit.  Shelf lights may use xenon, halogen, fluorescent, or traditional incandescent light sources.  However in this case they are using LED light to light up the display to attract attention of shoppers.

19 Water Fountains  It is well known that water has a calming effect on one’s surroundings, which is one of the reasons many workplaces install cheap water fountains. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they have a calming and soothing effect on the overall workplace environment.  Research has shown that taking a moment to close your eyes and prop your feet up with the restful sound of water gurgling in the background vastly improves mood while also relieving tension.  In this case of a massage shop, the shop owner placed the water fixture in the shop to help relieve some stress that the shoppers who visit their shop to get a massage are having.

20 Conclusion From fresh air to reduced UV rays, to relieving stress, to environmentally friendly places, to aesthetically pleasant decorations, all have helped make shopping more pleasant.

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22 Thank You.

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