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The Aquatic Bedroom Elements of Design By: Arden and Isabelle.

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1 The Aquatic Bedroom Elements of Design By: Arden and Isabelle

2 In this presentation you will learn about how we incorparated the elements of design into a bedroom we designed. We will be showing you the five elements of design: o Line o Shape o Colour o Texture o Value We decided to use an underwater theme because the waves and the sound of the ocean are calming and peaceful. Also, blue is a very soothing colour.

3 The bedroom we designed has many curved and horizontal lines. The curved lines of the bed, window, lamps, table, and the chair make the room look comfortable. The bed and carpet are horizontal to make the room peaceful and calm. The diagonal lines of the carpet give a feeling of gentle movement like at the bottom of the ocean. With the chair we used many different lines to create a bit of excitement and fun. The diagonal lines of the room help lead your eyes into the room and give it perspective. The vertical lines of the chandelier and lamp help bring your eyes down into the room.

4 The bedroom is symmetrical to make it pleasing to the eye. We used a combination of geometric and natural shapes. The geometric shapes we used were circles and rectangles. Circles are curved giving a wavy effect and the rectangles had horizontal lines like the sunset on the horizon over the ocean. We used many natural shapes including a jelly fish, manta ray, sea fan, and coral. All of these shapes give the room an underwater, ocean feeling. By combining these different shapes we have created a comfortable and relaxing environment.

5 The room is mainly blue and white because these are the colours of the ocean and they create an environment that is soothing, calming, and sleepy. The orange of the window is a complimentary colour to the blue room and these colours look good together. In the room we have small accents of colour like yellow and red coral which add excitement and help make the small details pop.

6 There are many textures in the room we designed. The carpet looks like the ocean floor and its smooth pattern has a calming effect. The shelves have rough edges, but are smooth on top. The desk has a texture like waves to help brighten it up. The drawers of the dresser are smooth and shiny and they reflect light. The bubble windows add a fun detail to the piece of furniture. The pattern on the ceiling resembles a sea fan found at the bottom of the ocean. This adds excitement and interest to an area that is usually boring. The coral on the shelves have different textures which adds interest to the room. The texture and pattern of the mantra ray bed make it look sleek.

7 For value, we used different shades of blue on the walls and ceiling to give the room perspective and shadows. The different blues on the carpet create texture and movement.

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